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Re: pkg/39341 (Multiple problems building synergy on IRIX)

On Mon, Dec 29, 2014 at 10:25:00PM +0000, Staffan Thom?n wrote:
 >  > The current version of synergy (1.4.14) seems to have been reorganized
 >  > enough that none of this applies any more, e.g. CArchConsoleUnix.cpp
 >  > contains nothing in any namespace now, just two empty member functions.
 >  > And there seem to be ifdefs for the keysyms, although it's not obvious
 >  > if they'll work on Irix.
 >  > 
 >  > As for the ar issue... that is something that needs a general solution
 >  > via wrappers, if nothing's been done about it in the last N years.
 >  > 
 >  > Are you still using Irix? Do you have an updated version of this patch,
 >  > or can you confirm that it's no longer needed?
 >  Indeed, synergy has had a surge in code lately and I haven't been able
 >  to keep up. The last time I tried to build it on IRIX (yes, still using
 >  it) lots of things failed, and I haven't had the time/inclination to try
 >  to re-port it.
 >  I would be perfectly ok with marking this as not for irix, if any of the
 >  three of us left who use synergy and irix need it we can build it for
 >  ourselves, I'm sure.

Well... part of the purpose of pkgsrc is to make the build available,
so if any one of you sorts it out then it's available to the other two :-)

My inclination at the moment is to close this PR, as the patch in it
isn't useful any more; but if you get around to trying it again and
have new patches, please send them along in new PRs, and hopefully
this time they won't rot in gnats for six years.

If the thing with ar is still an issue and affects packages other than
this one, please file a PR on that too. (Preferably, using a small and
well-understood package as a demonstration case...) It should be
possible to have the pkgsrc wrapper for ar run cc -ar instead if
that's the best thing to do. (Or translate ar -cru into equivalent ar
-cq operations, or whatever.)

David A. Holland

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