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Re: pkg/46559 (bootstrapping pkgsrc on solaris 10 / sparc64 fails in shells/pdksh)

> > I am running another bootstrapping-attempt, now, with
> > SUNWSPROBASE=/opt/solaris-studio-12.3
> Actually that seemed to solve the previous problems with -xarch=v9,
> that message is gone now.
> I do have a new error, though, please see the attached file. It looks
> s if a system-lib is in the "wrong" format, though that might probably
> just be a symptom.

From the looks of it, the proper libs might be in 


not every lib in /usr/sfw/lib is mirrored in that directory, but among
those that are is a .

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I am a bit lost here...

- Volkmar


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