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Re: pkg/46559 (bootstrapping pkgsrc on solaris 10 / sparc64 fails in shells/pdksh)

>  In pkgsrc/mk/compiler/
>  SUNWSPROBASE?=       /opt/SUNWspro
>  Do you have SUNWSPROBASE settings for your environment
> (/opt/solaris-studio-12.3)?

Not yet, because I was a bit confused which directory to take, and if
it's really ok, to substitute the SUNWspro base-directory with the
sol-studio directory. I have read the readme, and know about that
option, but as there was no reference to SUNWspro to be found anywhere
in sol-studio, I was a bit hesitant about what/how to do this part.

I am running another bootstrapping-attempt, now, with

- Volkmar


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