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Re: pkg/45278: bootstrap fails in libfetch NetBSD -current (gcc4.5)


> >  half of the network code. So let us try with -fno-strict-aliasing on 
> >  ftp.c then. Other suggestions besides turning to another compiler ? ;-)
> *sigh* What I am telling you is that this is not about strict aliasing.

Ok, but our default compiler thinks so and fails on an important part
of pkgsrc infrastructure. But this works on NetBSD current i386:

export CFLAGS=-fno-strict-aliasing 

I will try to check the gcc bug lists and otherwise create a small test
example to get this resolved in gcc. Otherwise this will hit us again.
I stumbled over this kind of problem before and suitable aligning shorts
and ints made all compilers happy. But I apologize for too quickly
blaiming the code. Anyway, using -fno-strict-aliasing somewhere in the
Makefiles for gcc solves this problem. 

Have a nice day,


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