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installing subversion (svn) on netbsd 5.1 reqired perl with threads support

i'm new to NetBSD, i did install NetBSD v5.1 on Virtualbox (Host OS :Vista, Arch ;i386), and it's working fine, and i was able intsall subversion using "pkg_add -v subversion"
But, when i did the same process on and old Dell machine (no Virtualbox ) it is (Pentium  4, 2.4 cpu, 500 MG memory), i was not able to install the svn it gives the following error
"p5-subversion-1.6.16 requires a Perl that supports threads"
Current Perl version on both systems  "Perl -v | grep v" results in
Perl 5, version 12 (v5.12.2)
 how i can resolve this??
Best Regards

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