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Re: pkg/43969: graphics/cairo does not build on netbsd-4

> It involves tweaking the x11/renderproto to include a
> new x11/renderproto9,
> and specifically patching renderproto9's render.h to report
> RENDER_MINOR of 9 rather than 10.

I wonder what package actually require partially updated x11/Xrender,
not native /usr/X11R6/lib/ with RENDER_MINOR=8.

If it has been added only for pkg-config file,
it's better to create faked renderproto.pc file
as libXau and libxdmcp does.
(XFree doesn't have independent *proto package?)

If we still need renderproto package, I think
it's better to use the latest Xorg ones and
add faked x11.pc file to configure newer Xrender.
Izumi Tsutsui

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