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Re: pkg/36656: amanda-client will fail to backup the requested filesystem

Hi, again.

I'm still getting a reminder to send some feedback.
I thought I've already done this a long time ago.

Neverless, I've checked the sources from 2.5.2p1 again: (last check done at 2.5.2p1)

Result: the problem is still in there!

If a special mountpoint will return dev==-1 and ino==0 the wrong
filesystem will be backed up!
Only the access to uninitialized data has been removed so that the
fault is no longer triggered by random. It is now fixed to ino==0.

The main problem here is, that amanda assumes that dev==-1 can never be a valid return of the stat() call - stat() returns 0.
But in NetBSD tdev==-1 is a valid return value!
So this code can never be secure for a NetBSD system.

W. Stukenbrock

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