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Re: pkg/36656: amanda-client will fail to backup the requested filesystem

Hi - sorry for the delay ..

Setting the stat-buffers to zero will not solve the problem.
It just reduces the possibility that the problem is triggered!
It may happen still for all entries in /etc/fstab where stat() returns -1 as st_dev.

I've just checked that with 2.5.2p1.

The code in amanda is nonsence and broken - from my opinion.
There cannot be any reason to consult /etc/fstab and replace the path send from the server to be backed up!
So the best sollution is to eleminate this lookup.

The following patch disables the lookup.

*** client-src/getfsent.h.orig  Tue Jul 10 15:30:03 2007
--- client-src/getfsent.h       Tue Jul 10 15:31:22 2007
*** 62,65 ****
--- 62,73 ----

  char *amname_to_fstype(char *str);

+ /*
+ * never look into fstab for filesystem directories - this is nonesence and will fail sometimes
+  * and results in backing up e.g. /proc instead ...
+  */
+ #ifndef IGNORE_FSTAB
+ #define IGNORE_FSTAB 1
+ #endif
  #endif /* ! GETFSENT_H */

W. Stukenbrock

Klaus Heinz wrote:

The following reply was made to PR pkg/36656; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Klaus Heinz <>
Cc: Subject: Re: pkg/36656: amanda-client will fail to backup the requested filesystem
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2007 02:19:48 +0200

 Wolfgang Stukenbrock wrote:
> remark: I've didn't send fix bug-report to the amanda developpers,
 >           because I don't know a way to do it and there are lots of fixed
 >           in the pkgsrc-tree for amanda. I think that one shoul be an
 >           addirional fix to original distribution.
You can file bugs at Sourceforge, see A comparison between 2.4.4p4, 2.4.5p1 and 2.5.2p1 (latest stable version)
 shows that the bug is probably fixed in the latter by using
memset(stats, 0, SIZEOF(stats)); on the structure array "stats". Personally, I would tend to do the following: Prepare a patch based on
 the differences between 2.4.4p4 and 2.5.2p1 and ask on the amanda
 mailing list for comments about your analysis of the problem and that patch.
 If the resulting patch fixes the problem, pkgsrc could probably incorporate

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