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pkg/43750: Update lang/vala to 0.9.5

>Number:         43750
>Category:       pkg
>Synopsis:       Update lang/vala to 0.9.5
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       low
>Responsible:    pkg-manager
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   net
>Arrival-Date:   Thu Aug 12 13:10:00 +0000 2010
>Originator:     Derouiche
>Release:        NetBSD 5.0.2
Algerie Motors company
NetBSD ToraboraServer 5.0.2 NetBSD 5.0.2 (GENERIC) #0: Sat Feb  6 17:53:27 UTC 

amont change:

2010-08-09  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Release 0.9.5

2010-08-09  Florian Brosch  <>

        Allow overriding content property in Comment class

        Remove trailing whitespace from content in markup reader

        Fix line and column counter in markup reader

2010-08-09  Luca Bruno  <>

        GAsync: Fix array parameters without length
        Fixes bug 626053.

2010-08-09  Jürg Billeter  <>

        valac: Enable version header by default
        Keep it disabled when building vala itself for bootstrapping reasons.

2010-08-09  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Add vala.m4 with VALA_CHECK_PACKAGES macro
        Fixes bug 626321.

2010-08-09  Michal Hruby  <>

        glib-2.0: Add g_node_unlink binding

2010-08-09  Stef Walter  <>

        glib-2.0: Add GNode bindings
        Fixes bug 543454.

        Automatically free GNode data when appropriate

2010-08-07  Andrea Del Signore  <>

        Add gedit-2.20 bindings

2010-08-07  Evan Nemerson  <>

        tokyocabinet: Various type and name fixes, add tchdbsetdfunit

2010-08-07  Andrea Del Signore  <>

        gtksourceview-2.0: Various fixes for GtkSourceCompletion.

2010-08-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Support string literals without allocation

2010-08-06  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Fix default values for boolean and numeric types

        dova: Do not emit empty arrays for empty lists, sets, or maps

        dova: Do not generate empty type structs for delegates

2010-08-06  Evan Nemerson  <>

        libsoup-2.4: Use length for array length.

        gdk-pixbuf-2.0: Remove custom.vala file, use metadata instead.

2010-08-06  Ryan Lortie  <>

        finish removing dconf vapi
        oops :)

        drop dconf vapi
        dconf ships it for itself

2010-08-05  Florian Brosch  <>

        Process &amp; &gt; &lt; &quot; &apos; in markup reader

2010-08-05  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add version suffix to installed files to allow parallel installation

        Define VALA_X_Y according to compiler version

        dova: Do not generate empty structs

2010-08-05  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix gst_init_check arguments

2010-08-05  Frederik Zipp  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix GIConv binding.

2010-08-05  Evan Nemerson  <>

        liboobs-1: Update to 2.30.1

        vte: Update to 0.24.3

        gstreamer-*-0.10: Add missing type arguments

2010-08-04  Evan Nemerson  <>

        tokyocabinet: Add Tokyo Cabinet bindings.

        glib-2.0: Add property

        clutter-1.0: Move Stage.event to avoid conflict with inherited signal
        Fixes bug 624988.

2010-08-04  Frederik Zipp  <>

        hildon-1: Mark delegate arguments owned and hide DestroyNotify args
        Fixes bug 625010.

2010-08-04  Evan Nemerson  <>

        libxml-2.0: Make Doc.save_format_file return an int
        Fixes bug 625089.

2010-08-04  Rafael Monica  <>

        goocanvas: Several data type fixes.
        Fixes bug 625268.

2010-08-04  Evan Nemerson  <>

        clutter-1.0: Do not pass a length to Actor.get_abs_allocation_vertices
        Fixes bug 625859.

2010-08-04  Geert Jordaens  <>

        glib-2.0: Use GLib FORMAT where possible to fix format warnings
        Fixes bug #618404.

2010-08-04  Ryan Lortie  <>

        Don't emit extra temp variables in array dup funcs
        Reset the temp variables list back to empty at the start of emitting the
        array dup function and restore it at the end.

2010-08-04  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Better error message for invalid number of arguments
        Fixes bug 608187.

2010-08-04  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Support null source references in more places
        Fixes bug 617713.

2010-08-04  Vlad Grecescu  <>

        Fix writing of object creation expressions with --dump-tree
        Fixes bug 618784.

2010-08-04  Luca Bruno  <>

        Use the CCodeBlock generated for SwitchSection
        Fixes bug 610673.

2010-08-04  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Write CCode attributes for property accessors in VAPI files
        Fixes bug 614206.

        Fix default values of flag enums
        Fixes bug 605812.

2010-08-03  Evan Nemerson  <>

        pangocairo: Fix ango_cairo_context_{get,set}_shape_renderer bindings.

2010-08-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Append enum doc comments to generated C files

2010-08-03  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0, gtk+-3.0: Make Gtk.Border a compact class, not a struct.

2010-08-02  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0: Add g_logv binding.

2010-08-02  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        gstreamer-net-0.10: fix gst_net_time_provider_new binding

2010-07-31  Michael Terry  <>

        glib-2.0: Support bytestring Variants.
        Fixes bug 624986.

2010-07-31  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gio-2.0: Make g_settings_{get,set}_strv use arrays.
        Fixes bug 625689.

        gdk-2.0: Fix gdk_threads_add_* arguments.
        Fixes bug 625238.

2010-07-30  Rafael Monica  <>

        gtk+-2.0, gtk+-3.0: Don't use sentinel in and
        Fixes bug 625137.

2010-07-30  Maciej Piechotka  <>

        glib-2.0: Add vprintf to FileStream
        Fixes bug 625512.

2010-07-30  Luca Bruno  <>

        glib-2.0: Add exit, abort, raise, and signal bindings.

        glib-2.0: Add [NoReturn] to GLib.error.

2010-07-29  Ali Sabil  <>

        clutter-1.0: Fix the ClutterVertex binding

2010-07-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Release 0.9.4

        Append doc comments to generated C files

2010-07-27  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0, gtk+-3.0: Make gtk_text_buffer_set_text.len default to -1.

2010-07-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Simplify signal handler assignment check

        Simplify is_address_of_possible

        Add Variable class

        Derive EnumValue from Constant

        Rename Constant.initializer to Constant.value

        Remove Member class

        Remove visit_member

2010-07-27  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: add new upstream API's

2010-07-25  Evan Nemerson  <>

        cogl-1.0: Return value of Cogl.Matrix.get_array doesn't have a length.

2010-07-23  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Make methods equals, hash, and to_string null-safe

        dova: Fix cname of null type

2010-07-22  Evan Nemerson  <>

        sdl: Create wrapper method for SDL.Video.list_modes
        Fixes bug 624086.

2010-07-22  Rafael Monica  <>

        gstreamer-controller-0.10: Fix arguments of several methods.
        Fixes bug 624876.

2010-07-22  Frederik Zipp  <>

        clutter-1.0: Fix methods with owned delegate parameters.

2010-07-22  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Fix clutter_container_add and clutter_container_remove bindings.
        Fixes bug 623999.

        clutter-1.0: fix clutter_binding_pool_install_action binding
        Fixes bug 624165.

2010-07-21  Philip Withnall  <>

        girparser: Ensure interfaces have at least one instantiable prerequisite
        When parsing a GIR file, add a prerequisite on GLib.Object to interfaces
        which don't have an instantiable prerequisite specified in the GIR file,
        as g-ir-scanner considers this prerequisite to be implicit.

        Fixes bug 624923.

        girparser: Add mapping from GIR's gsize to Vala's size_t

        girparser: Completely ignore <doc> tags

2010-07-21  Michal Hruby  <>

        vapigen: Support shared finish methods

2010-07-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Fix use of interfaces in generics
        Fixes bug 613640.

        dova: Support string equality expressions

        dova: Disable assert handling
        It does not work well enough yet.

2010-07-21  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0, posix: Add g_stat, g_lstat, and lstat bindings.

        glib-2.0: Add g_file_error_from_errno binding.

2010-07-20  Michal Hruby  <>

        gtk+-2.0, gtk+-3.0: Fix gtk_recent_info_* bindings

2010-07-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

        vapigen: Support array_length_type for method return values

        GAsync: Fix extern async methods

2010-07-19  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Update several bindings to newer versions
        atk to 1.30.0, gconf-2.0 to 2.28.1, gdk-2.0 to 2.21.2, gdk-x11-2.0 to
        2.21.2, gio-2.0 to 2.25.11, gnome-vfs-2.0 to 2.24.3, json-glib-1.0 to
        0.11.1, libgnome-menu to 2.30.0, libnotify to 0.5.0, libsoup-2.4 to
        2.30.2, libwnck-1.0 to 2.30.0

        vapigen: do not remove all values from enums in custom.vala files

2010-07-19  Martin Olsson  <>

        zlib: include zlib.h when using crc32()

2010-07-19  Alexander Kojevnikov  <>

        cairo: Fix ScaledFont constructor binding
        Fixes bug 622353.

2010-07-19  BianShaoLei  <>

        zlib: Fix dest length argument for Utility.compress and uncompress.
        Fixes bug 623088.

2010-07-19  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtksourceview-2.0: Make argument to gtk_source_buffer_new nullable
        Fixes bug 623517.

2010-07-19  Frederik Zipp  <>

        clutter-gst-1.0: Fix return types and bind VideoTexture properties
        Fixes bug 624201.

2010-07-19  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0, gtk+-3.0: use delegates for relevant GClosure arguments
        Fixes bug 624481.

2010-07-18  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Improve support for any class

        dova: Drop checked exceptions
        Replace error parameter by global variable.

        dova: Do not let Value subclass Object

        dova: Fix code generated for instance casts

        Parse `sealed' declaration modifier

        dova: Use any as top-level class

2010-07-17  Lionel Landwerlin  <>

        posix: Add execlp method
        Fixes bug 623600.

2010-07-17  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Fix access to from outside dova-core

        dova: Do not change cname of basic types in code generator

2010-07-17  Simon Wenner  <>

        gdk-2.0: Add missing type arguments
        Fixes bug 624043.

2010-07-17  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0, gtk+-3.0: Make Gtk.Scale.add_mark's markup argument nullable
        Fixes bug 624442.

2010-07-17  Philip Withnall  <>

        glib-2.0: Add PrintfFormat annotation to GLib.Error constructor
        Fixes bug 622485.

        glib-2.0: Add bindings for GDebugKey and g_parse_debug_string()
        Fixes bug 623148.

2010-07-17  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gio-2.0: Add ellipsis to GLib.Settings.get and GLib.Settings.set
        Fixes bug 623551.

2010-07-17  Philip Withnall  <>

        glib-2.0: Add binding for g_test_log_set_fatal_handler()
        Fixes bug 623868.

2010-07-17  Martin Olsson  <>

        glib-2.0: Make return value of GLib.Dir.read_name() nullable
        Fixes bug 624096.

2010-07-17  Frederik Zipp  <>

        gobject-2.0: Bind G_TYPE_IS_ENUM and G_TYPE_IS_FLAGS
        Fixes bug 624194.

2010-07-17  Maciej Piechotka  <>

        glib-2.0: Add slice allocation bindings
        Fixes bug 624458.

2010-07-17  Evan Nemerson  <>

        libsoup-2.4: fixes for SoupMessageBody.flatten and SoupLoggerPrinter

2010-07-17  Joshua Simmons  <>

        lua: add bindings for lua reference system
        Fixes bug 624411.

2010-07-17  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Add support for [ThreadLocal] fields

        dova: Fix public fields in Dova.Object

2010-07-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Use decimal128 instead of _Decimal128

        dova: Include dova-base.h/dova-types.h

2010-07-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Release 0.9.3

        dova: Pass argc and argv to dova_init

        dova: Fix number literals while bootstrapping

2010-07-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Support public and protected instance fields in classes
        Internally handled as properties to avoid ABI issues.

        Fixes bug 623503.

        dova: Use unsigned hash codes

        Fix naming issue with abstract async methods
        Fixes bug 623943.

        dova: Add initial value boxing and unboxing support

2010-07-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix base access in generic classes
        Fixes bug 623685.

2010-07-12  Philip Withnall  <>

        Mark GObject *_get_type() functions as constant
        Add the G_GNUC_CONST attribute to the declarations of all *_get_type()
        functions, since they are constant functions.

        Fixes bug 622399.

2010-07-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Do not require GLib.EnumValue class in bindings
        Preparation to fix bug 624094.

        gobject-2.0: Fix EnumClass and FlagsClass bindings

        girwriter: Do not write generic type parameters
        Fixes bug 624109.

        girwriter: Write version 1.1

        Fix side effects in assertions
        Fixes bug 624129.

        gio-2.0: Fix g_content_type_* bindings

2010-07-11  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Fix inline allocated array fields in instances

        dova: Fix delegate declarations

        dova: Fix static field initialization

        dova: Add support for module init function

        dova: Write all C code to a single file
        This extends possibilities of internal members and enables global
        optimizations by the C compiler.

2010-07-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Require index setters to return void

        dova: Fix memory handling of elements in list, set, and map literals
        Fixes bug 624036.

        dova: Fix delegates with generic return types

        dova: Fix generic virtual methods

2010-07-10  Luca Bruno  <>

        glib-2.0: Add vprintf variant functions

2010-07-09  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Use simple . instead of -> for pointer member access

        dova: Fix nested generics

        dova: Fix memory handling of list, set, and map literals and tuples
        Fixes bug 623915.

        dova: Use static modifier for delegate wrappers

2010-07-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        girparser: Handle asynchronous methods
        Fixes bug 623255.

        girparser: Fix support for boxed types
        Fixes bug 623254.

        Add support for g_boxed_free / g_boxed_copy

2010-07-08  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Use generic delegates for the Gst.Iterator functions
        This fixes memory leaks among other things when using the iterators.

        vapigen: Add support for type_parameters for delegates
        Also add support for type_name for delegate parameters.

2010-07-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Reverse free order for local variables
        Last created should be destroyed first.

        dova: Fix generic delegates

2010-07-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Fix generic subclasses

        dova: Support calling equals on generic type parameters

        Write [NoReturn] in VAPI files

2010-07-04  Jürg Billeter  <>

        clutter-1.0: Fix clutter_score_append binding

2010-07-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Do not leak args array passed to main

        dova: Add missing include for Dova.Array

        dova: Fix symbol resolving in list, set, and map literals and tuples

        dova: Fix non-void lambda expressions

        Prepare support for generic delegates

        dova: Add support for object literals

2010-07-02  Michal Hruby  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix g_regex_replace_eval binding

2010-07-02  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Fix closures in constructors

        Add support for [Print] method attribute
        This stringifies and concatenates all arguments you pass to the method.

2010-07-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        girparser: Skip elements with introspectable="0"
        Fixes bug 623224.

2010-06-30  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add experimental vala tool for use with #!

        Ignore #! line at the top of source files

        Add experimental support for main blocks

        dova: Fix typing of character literals

2010-06-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Support newlines in double quoted string literals

        girparser: Support delegates with target
        Fixes bug 621834.

        girparser: Fix callback parameters with destroy_notify

        girparser: Fix parameter index calculation

        girparser: Fix callback parsing

2010-06-29  Evan Nemerson  <>

        girparser: Use the same code for parsing callbacks as methods
        Fixes part of bug 621834.

2010-06-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

        girparser: Fix critical warnings

2010-06-29  Abderrahim Kitouni  <>

        girwriter: Fix closure attribute for delegate targets
        The code was assuming that data_type would be a Delegate for a
        DelegateType while it is null.

        girparser: Add an exception for Atk.Implementor
        Atk.Implementor has a GType name of AtkImplementorIface and this is
        what gobject-introspection uses.

2010-06-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Allow using sizeof for element size in GLib.Array constructor

2010-06-29  Abderrahim Kitouni  <>

        girparser: StringBuilder is GLib.String not GObject.String

2010-06-29  Colin Walters  <>

        [] Support NOCONFIGURE, like gnome-common

2010-06-29  Ryan Lortie  <>

        D-Bus: fix function signature for object vtable
        Make the 'user_data' argument for the method call and property get/set
        functions for GDBus services have the proper 'gpointer' type instead of
        'gpointer*'.  Also the GDestroyNotify.

        D-Bus: emit casts to C code to squash warnings
        one more

        D-Bus: emit casts to C code to squash warnings

        GDBusConnection.emit_signal() takes null first arg

2010-06-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix error domain registration with GDBus

2010-06-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix error handling in GDBus servers

2010-06-28  Luca Bruno  <>

        Do not allow .begin() and .end() in yield statement
        Fixes bug 622707.

        Fix CCode generator to treat errors as reference types
        Fixes bug 622797.

        Support derived structs with no fields, report an error otherwise
        Fixes bug 622777.

2010-06-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix assigning null to GVariant variable

        gio-2.0: Fix g_bus_{own,watch}_name* bindings

        Support using GClosure for delegate parameters

        gio-2.0: Drop GSettingsBackend bindings
        The GSettingsBackend API is not considered stable.

        Fix error propagation in constructor chain up
        Fixes bug 623049.

2010-06-28  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gio-2.0: Add lots of default values, mostly for Cancellable parameters
        Fixes bug 613471.

        Copy default_expression in FormalParameter.copy

2010-06-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gio-2.0: Various fixes for g_dbus_* bindings

        Fix writing of async creation methods in VAPI files

2010-06-28  Evan Nemerson  <>

        vapigen: Hide async *_finish methods
        Fixes bug 614045.

2010-06-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Do not accept multi-dimensional arrays as they are not supported

2010-06-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Remove bindings for short-lived gdk-pixbuf-3.0

        dbus-glib-1: Add dbus_g_thread_init binding
        Fixes bug 622507.

        dova: Fix string size when using escaped characters

        glib-2.0: Skip ObjectPath class when using dbus-glib-1

        Fix operator string for inequality expression

        dova: Fix value_size for struct types

        dova: Fix struct variable initialization

2010-06-26  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Fix closures in static methods

        dova: Add support for closures

        dova: Support string element access

2010-06-24  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Let all ref methods return an unowned value
        Otherwise the return value will immediately be unreffed if
        it isn't stored somewhere, making the ref a no-op.

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix Gst.SystemClock bindings

        gstreamer-0.10: Mark Gst.Index and Gst.PluginFeature as abstract

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix Gst.Structure bindings

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix Gst.Registry bindings
        Some nullable and parameter ownership changes

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix Gst.Query bindings

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix Gst.Preset interface bindings

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix Gst.Poll and Gst.PollFD bindings

2010-06-24  Adrien Bustany  <>

        rest-0.6: Fix OAuthProxyCall
        This commit properly tags OAuthProxyCall as a subclass of Rest.ProxyCall

        rest-0.6: Fix XmlParser
        This commit properly tags XmlParser as a GObject

2010-06-23  Luca Bruno  <>

        Fix copying struct parameters for lambdas and async methods.
        Fixes bug 622422.

2010-06-23  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix Gst.Plugin and Gst.PluginFeature bindings
        Some ownership issues, return/parameter type issues, etc.

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix GstParse bindings
        Some ownership, return type and nullable fixes

        Use atomic ref/unref for closure data
        This prevents potential problems if it's used from
        multiple threads, which could happen with GStreamer
        for example.

        Fixes bug #622476.

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix Gst.Pipeline bindings
        Some ownership and nullable changes.

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix Gst.Pad bindings
        Many changes to ownerships, functions with callbacks, etc.

2010-06-22  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix Gst.Iterator.fold() binding
        The value should be an out parameter, which is initialized and
        set by the fold function.

2010-06-22  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix some missing source references for generated nodes

        Deny access to instance members from nullable references
        This only applies to the experimental strict non-null mode.

2010-06-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Add assert support

        dbus-glib-1: Readd ObjectPath class to restore backward compatibility

2010-06-21  Frederik Zipp  <>

        glib-2.0: add unichar.to_string method

2010-06-21  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0: add GenericArray.length, correct type for PtrArray.set_size

2010-06-21  Martin Olsson  <>

        libgvc: add subgraph functionality and add name attribute for Gvc.Node
        Fixes bug 622233.

2010-06-20  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0, gtk+-3.0: fix return value of Gtk.AccelGroup.find
        Fixes bug 617963.

2010-06-20  Andreas Obergrusberger  <>

        x11: add screensaver related functions
        Fixes bug 622185.

2010-06-20  Evan Nemerson  <>

        zlib: add crc32 and adler32 to ZLib.Utility
        Fixes bug 622200.

2010-06-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Release 0.9.2

        gtk+-3.0: Fix GtkRadioAction:group and GtkRadioButton:group bindings

2010-06-20  Luca Bruno  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix GtkRadioAction:group and GtkRadioButton:group bindings
        Fixes bug 621754.

2010-06-20  Simon Wenner  <>

        glib-2.0: Add g_utf8_collate_key* bindings
        Fixes bug 621151.

2010-06-20  Luca Bruno  <>

        Do not support assigning to `this'
        Fixes bug 620120.

2010-06-20  Ryan Lortie  <>

        GVariant parsing API

2010-06-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gtk+-3.0: Fix gtk_tree_path_get_indices_with_depth binding

        glib-2.0: Support GVariant as fundamental type
        This requires GLib 2.25.10.

        D-Bus: Support [DBus (signature = "...")] Variant
        This makes it possible to use GVariant in D-Bus clients and servers
        without automatic boxing/unboxing.

2010-06-20  Luca Bruno  <>

        Do not allow ++ or -- before regex literals in scanner
        Fixes bug 621923.

        D-Bus: Support no-reply methods in static libdbus clients
        Fixes bug 618892.

2010-06-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Report error when trying to create proxy for non-D-Bus interface
        Fixes bug 603494.

        D-Bus: Fix signal name mangling in dynamic dbus-glib clients
        Fixes bug 583207.

        D-Bus: Port tests to GDBus

        Support GVariant casts and GDBus clients and servers

        Move ObjectPath class from dbus-glib-1 to glib-2.0

        gio-2.0: Move g_bus_* bindings to GLib.Bus namespace

        gtk+-3.0: Fix gtk_application_new binding
        Fixes bug 621323.

        gio-2.0: Improve GApplication binding

        gtk+-3.0: Drop sealed fields
        Fixes bug 616127.

        D-Bus: Move D-Bus helpers to DBusModule

2010-06-19  Luke Benstead  <>

        libarchive: fix cname of Archive.Write.write_header
        Fixes bug 622056.

2010-06-19  Aaron Andersen  <>

        sdl-image: various nullability and type fixes, add some missing items
        Fixes bug 619319.

2010-06-19  Evan Nemerson  <>

        clutter-1.0: Text.position_to_coords float params are out and nullable
        Fixes bug 621491.

        girparser: handle scope="async" annotations
        Fixes bug 620387.

        girparser: add special case for GPtrArray and GArray
        Fixes bug 618660.

2010-06-18  Evan Nemerson  <>

        girparser: improve support for generic type arguments

2010-06-18  Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)  <>

        gststreamer-0.10: Revert some changes
        The following fields were transformed to methods to make them
        read-only for vala as they are macros for C:

        * Gst.Message.type
        * Gst.Message.src
        * Gst.Event.type
        * Gst.Event.src

        Reverting this change as it breaks the build for rygel (and any app 
        these APIs from vala 0.8.x) and its not so important anyways.

2010-06-18  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gtk+-3.0: Update to 2.90.3

        gio-2.0: Update to 2.25.9

2010-06-17  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Support overriding properties

        dova: Support internal fields

        dova: Fix flow analysis of error handling in non-void methods

        dova: Fix virtual methods throwing errors

2010-06-16  Jim Nelson  <>

        gdk-2.0: Add GDK_NONE binding
        Fixes bug 621318.

2010-06-16  Michael Terry  <>

        gtk+-3.0: Fix gtk_application_new binding
        Fixes bug 621323.

2010-06-16  Luca Bruno  <>

        Do not allow abstract properties in non-abstract classes
        Fixes bug 621184.

        Handle struct equality for simple types and opaque structures.
        Fixes bug 618217.

        GIR writer: Fix crash on struct creation methods
        Fixes bug 621495.

2010-06-16  Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen  <>

        D-Bus: Add missing casts for async server methods
        Fixes bug 621692.

2010-06-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Add missing string.h include

        GAsync: Fix virtual async methods returning structs
        Fixes bug 621768.

2010-06-16  Luca Bruno  <>

        GAsync: Support returning structs from async methods
        Fixes bug 620740.

2010-06-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Fix warning when throwing errors in constructors

        dova: Fix throwing errors in constructors

        dova: Rename equal method to equals

2010-06-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Support string arrays in variants
        Fixes bug 602003.

        glib-2.0: Fix memory leak in GenericArray.set
        Solution suggested by Evan Nemerson.

        D-Bus: Fix declaration of proxy_new functions when used in other files

2010-06-15  Evan Nemerson  <>

        vapigen: Add support for deprecated metadata attributes

        codegen: write G_GNUC_DEPRECATED in generated C where appropriate

        Add support for [Deprecated] attribute
        Fixes bug 614712.

2010-06-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Add GLib.GenericArray (generic version of GLib.PtrArray)
        Based on patch by Evan Nemerson.

        glib-2.0: Use simple generics for HashTable creation method

2010-06-15  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Support simple generics for creation methods

2010-06-13  Adrien Bustany  <>

        rest-0.6: Make Rest.ProxyCall a GObject
        The Rest.ProxyCall class was incorrectly detected as a Compact, non
        GObject class by vapigen.

2010-06-13  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gudev-1.0: fix Device.get_property_keys and Client.query_by_subsystem

2010-06-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add gdk-pixbuf-3.0, gdk-3.0, gdk-x11-3.0, and gtk+-3.0 bindings

        gio-2.0: Update to 2.25.8

2010-06-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Fix temporary variables used for throw statements

        dova: Add initial support for error handling

        dova: Unable to chain up to base constructor is fatal

2010-06-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Release 0.9.1

2010-06-07  Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen  <>

        dbus-glib-1: Add binding for dbus_g_connection_unregister_g_object
        Fixes bug 620543.

2010-06-07  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Never mark *_register_type functions as static
        *_register_type functions are called by the module init function,
        which might reside in a different file.

        Fixes bug 617850.

2010-06-07  Luca Bruno  <>

        Deprecate use of += and -= for signals
        The connect/disconnect methods should be used instead.

        Fixes bug 617571.

2010-06-07  Rémy Saissy  <>

        Create destination directory when writing C files
        Fixes bug 612336.

2010-06-07  Luca Bruno  <>

        gdk-pixbuf-2.0: add ellipsis to gdk_pixbuf_save_to_callback.
        Fixes bug 620667.

2010-06-06  Abderrahim Kitouni  <>

        Allow running the symbol resolver more than once
        Fixes bug 620753.

2010-06-06  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gio-2.0: return value of g_inet_address_to_bytes is an array

2010-06-05  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Do not depend on declaration order for constants
        Fixes bug 618890.

2010-06-05  Luca Bruno  <>

        D-Bus: Keep instance alive when calling dynamic async D-Bus methods

        Fix crash when passing method as argument to dynamic method
        Target type is not set for arguments of dynamic methods.

        Fixes bug 620037.

2010-06-05  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dova: Add experimental backend

        dova: Accept volatile modifier for fields and parameters

        dova: Do not use infix for creation methods of basic types

        dova: Support pointer arithmetic

        dova: Support list concatenation

        dova: Support string concatenation

        dova: Support delegates

        dova: Support tuples

        dova: Support calling hash on generic type parameters

        dova: Do not use gpointer for generic types

        dova: Support string templates

        dova: Prepare support for decimal floating point types

        dova: Use Dova.Array as type of arrays

        dova: Fix memory management of interfaces
        Fixes bug 609089.

        dova: Support inline allocated array parameters

        Fix ownership of inline allocated arrays

        Implement replace_expression for constant initializers

2010-06-04  Darren Warner  <>

        build: Use $(srcdir) instead of relative paths
        Fixes bug 620048.

2010-06-02  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        gstreamer0.10: Fix bindings for gst_clock_new_*_id
        Fix bindings for gst_clock_new_periodic_id and 

2010-05-30  Luca Bruno  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Gtk.Widget.get_allocation allocation parameter is out.
        Fixes bug 620050.

        gtk+-2.0: Tree move_after.iter and move_before.iter are ref parameters.
        Fixes bug 619357.

2010-05-29  Evan Nemerson  <>

        json-glib-1.0: hide user data arguments from two methods

2010-05-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Do not set error flag when using delegate prototype as argument

2010-05-27  Rémy Saissy  <>

        Fix crash when compiling empty .vala file
        Fixes bug 619422.

2010-05-27  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Update documentation
        Fixes bug 615710.

        Do not add extra argument to unref functions
        Fixes bug 615481.

2010-05-27  Tobias Mueller  <>

        gobject-introspection: Use proper format string for g_error
        g_error expects a format string as first argument which it is now
        given. This fixes a potential format string vulnerability.

        Fixes bug 615552.

        gobject-introspection: Free allocated memory and fix format strings
        g_markup_printf_escaped allocates memory which now is free()d. Also,
        move from g_string_append_printf to g_string_append because it has a
        clearer and easier semantic and is less error prone. In fact, this fixes
        potential format string vulnerabilties.

        Fixes bug 615552.

2010-05-27  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        linux: add non-posix sysconf(3) configuration names

        posix: add sysconf(3) and assorted constants

2010-05-27  Adrien Bustany  <>

        Add rest-extras bindings to

        Add bindings for rest-extras-0.6

        rest-0.6: Various fixes
        This commit cleans the .metadata file, and fixes the ProxyCall binding.

        The classes FacebookProxy and FlickrProxy are now part of the
        rest-extras-0.6 package, so information concerning them can be removed
        from the metadata file.
        ProxyCall was not marked as being a GObject.

2010-05-25  Adrien Bustany  <>

        libesmtp bindings: Fix sentinel in smtp_set_header

        Add libesmtp bindings

        libgdata bindings: Fix cprefix on PicasaWeb classes

        libgdata bindings: Fix type_id for PicasaWebFile

        vapi: update libgdata bindings

2010-05-24  Jamie McCracken  <jamie.mccrack gmail com>

        Genie: Added Regex literals

        Genie: Fix assertion failure on large rollback in parser

        Genie: Report error on duplicate constructor or destructor in class

        Genie: Support array and string slices

        Genie: Fix base access in async methods

        Genie: Support named arguments

        Genie: Support non-null casts

2010-05-24  Jamie McCracken  <>

        Genie: Added string templating

2010-05-22  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0: add GLib.IOChannel.win32_socket and win32_messages

2010-05-22  Luca Bruno  <>

        gnome-keyring-1: fix GetStringCallback.str and NETWORK_PASSWORD

2010-05-21  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Add mx-1.0 bindings

        gtk+-2.0: set default values for Gtk.Box.pack_start and end arguments

        glib-2.0: use g_strcmp0 instead of strcmp

2010-05-20  Jakob Westhoff  <>

        Fixed save_to_buffer methods inside the gdk-pixbuf bindings
        The gdk-pixbuf bindings were using the wrong method definiton for the
        methods gdk_pixbuf_save_to_buffer and gdk_pixbuf_save_to_bufferv, which
        made them unusable. This commit introduces a -custom.vala file to fix
        this problem and create usable method signatures.

2010-05-20  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gnutls: fix a couple cnames, and change a char* to a string

2010-05-17  Evan Nemerson  <>

        rest-0.6: rename rest to rest-0.6, update to version 0.6.1

2010-05-16  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0: add g_qsort_with_data binding

        libgda-4.0: add many type_arguments, several other small fixes

        libgda-4.0: fix vfunc names om Gda.DataModel and Gda.Lockable

        gconf-2.0: add several missing type arguments, some ownership fixes

        gnome-keyring-1: add missing type_arguments

2010-05-16  Nicolas Joseph  <>

        gdl-1.0: update to 2.30.0
        Fixes bug 615397.

2010-05-16  Evan Nemerson  <>

        x11: fix type mismatch warning in X.Display.get_window_property
        Fixes bug 609561.

2010-05-16  Fabian Deutsch  <>

        Add orc-0.4 binding
        Fixes bug 618570.

2010-05-16  Shawn Ferris  <>

        libgda-4.0: several small miscellaneous fixes
        Fixes bug 615421.

2010-05-14  Nicolas Joseph  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Gtk.AccelMap.lookup_entry key parameter is out
        Fixes bug 617962.

2010-05-14  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0: make Gtk.AccelKey a struct
        Fixes bug 617963.

2010-05-14  Gregor Burger  <>

        gtk+-2.0: gtk_icon_theme_choose_icon.icon_names does not have a length
        Fixes bug 618574.

        gio-2.0: make g_file_has_parent.parent nullable
        Fixes bug 618441.

2010-05-14  Derek Dai  <>

        glib-2.0: add binding for g_unichar_get_script and GUnicodeScript enum
        Fixes bug 618428.

2010-05-14  Julian Andres Klode  <>

        sqlite3: Add sqlite3_create_collation binding.
        Add the sqlite3_create_collation binding which makes it possible
        to define custom collation sequences.

        Fixes bug 618406.

        sqlite3: Cast errmsg to char** in C.
        Vala's string out arguments are const char**, but sqlite3_exec() and
        sqlite3_get_table() expect 'char**'. Add [CCode (type = "char**")] to
        cast them to the wanted type, thus avoiding a warning from the C

        Fixes bug 618457.

        sqlite3: Fix wrappers to not assign to invalid output parameter.
        Check that the output parameter is not null before assigning to
        it. Without this, passing null as errmsg results in segfaults since
        the function dereferences a null pointer.

        Fixes bug 61845.

2010-05-11  Michal Hruby  <>

        glib-2.0: Add g_strrstr and g_strrstr_len bindings

2010-05-11  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gstreamer-base-0.10: fix ownership of BaseTransform.transform_caps

2010-05-11  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        linux.vapi: bind sethostname(2) exposing both parameters

2010-05-10  Alexander Kojevnikov  <>

        gstreamer: Fix Gst.Structure.get_clock_time() binding

        gstreamer: Fix Gst.Pad.query_* bindings

2010-05-10  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        linux: add ioctl(2)
        ioctl(2) is also defined in Posix.vapi, however the POSIX XSR option
        (with stropts.h) is only supported on some Linux distributions.

2010-05-07  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        linux: add sethostname(2)

        posix: add gethostname(2)

2010-05-05  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gdk-2.0: buf argument of gdk_draw_*_image doesn't have an array length
        Fixes bug 617534.

        glib-2.0: add binding for GLib.HashTable.lookup_extended
        Fixes bug 617358.

        gio-2.0: fix callbacks for sources created with Socket.create_source
        Fixes bug 617069.

        sqlite3: add binding for sqlite3_update_hook

2010-05-01  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0: set default value of StringBuilder.truncate to 0

        sqlite3: add methods to get the source of data in a query result

2010-04-29  Travis Reitter  <>

        glib-2.0: fix argument type of several TestCase constructor arguments
        Fixes bug 617193.

2010-04-29  Mike Massonnet  <>

        glib-2.0: fix incompatible type warning in g_key_file_set_string_list
        Fixes bug 582092.

2010-04-29  Evan Nemerson  <>

        vapigen: support setting array_length_type for parameters

        glib-2.0: add GLib.FileUtils.get/set_data methods

        glib-2.0: set has_type_id = false for int16 and uint16

2010-04-29  Travis Reitter  <>

        vala-gen-introspect: Support packages without prefix
        Uninstalled packages may use an empty string as prefix. Do not ignore
        valid header files when PREFIX is an empty string and the header path
        starts with a dot.

        Fixes bug 615119.

2010-04-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Fix finish function for methods with value type out parameters
        Fixes bug 617087.

2010-04-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Report error on incorrect use of [ModuleInit]
        Fixes bug 616805.

2010-04-28  Michal Hruby  <>

        vapigen: Apply array attributes from finish method to async as well

        vapigen: Support finish_name attribute for async methods

2010-04-28  Jukka-Pekka Iivonen  <>

        Support regular expression literals after more tokens
        Fixes bug 615558.

        Fix regular expression literals when used in multiple source files
        Fixes part of bug 615558.

2010-04-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix crash when using type names as conditions

        Report error when using ellipsis without named parameter
        Fixes bug 615450.

2010-04-28  Luca Bruno  <>

        Fix delegate target usage in async methods
        Fixes bug 612641.

2010-04-28  Evan Nemerson  <>

        atk: make Atk.State inherit from uint64
        Fixes bug 613949.

2010-04-28  Luca Bruno  <>

        gtk+-2.0: make Gtk.init_with_args.translation_domain argument nullable
        Fixes bug 614517.

2010-04-28  Allison Barlow  <>

        gdk-2.0: mark gdk_gc_get_values.values as out
        Fixes bug 617000.

2010-04-27  Luca Bruno  <>

        Keep closure / instance alive when calling async methods with callbacks
        Fixes bug 616383.

2010-04-27  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        Use G_TYPE_ERROR instead of G_TYPE_POINTER for GLib >= 2.26
        Fixes bug 616588.

2010-04-27  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        build: INSTALL is updated by automake, remove it
        Fixes part of bug 615402.

        build: Delete .version in autogen to pick up new version
        This is recommended by git-version-gen script.

        Fixes part of bug 615402.

2010-04-27  Luca Bruno  <>

        Add GValue support for interfaces with non-GObject class prerequisite
        Fixes bug 615904.

        Fix struct initialization when the instance variable is captured
        Fixes bug 615940.

2010-04-27  Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal  <>

        vapigen: Support type_id attribute for classes
        Fixes bug 615633.

2010-04-27  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        GRegex is available only in the GObject profile
        Fixes bug 615321.

2010-04-27  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Support array_length_type for method parameters
        Fixes bug 529866.

2010-04-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix generated code when mixing closures and simple lambda expressions
        Fixes bug 615444.

2010-04-27  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gnutls: fix numerous errors preventing gnutls from being usable.

2010-04-26  Evan Nemerson  <>

        clutter-1.0: fix Stage.read_pixels binding
        Fixes bug 616448.

        mysql: mark Database.fetch_row as null terminated, several other fixes
        Fixes bug 615925.

        gio-2.0: GLib.Converter.convert bytes_read and bytes_written are out

        gio-2.0: set default value of g_zlib_compressor_new.level to -1

        gtk+-2.0: expose Gtk.CellEditable.start_editing

2010-04-22  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        libnl-2.0: bind attribute as compact class; bind dump infrastructure

        linux: rtnetlink routing / discovery messages

2010-04-20  Travis Reitter  <>

        vapigen: Support is_array attribute for delegate parameters
        Fixes bug 615971.

2010-04-19  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        linux: add reboot(2) and assorted commands

2010-04-19  Michal Hruby  <>

        glib-2.0: add several additional gettext related bindings

2010-04-19  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        vapigen: support type_arguments for signal/delegate return types
        Fixes bug 615837.

2010-04-19  Evan Nemerson  <>

        libxml-2.0: correct cname for Xml.Node.ns_def
        Fixes bug 616037.

        glib-2.0: mark return value of GLib.MappedFile.get_contents as unowned

        sqlite3: add many missing bindings

2010-04-17  Ali Sabil  <>

        posix: Fix posix_fadvise binding
        Fixes bug 615418.

        Add clutter-gst-1.0 bindings
        Fixes bug 608336.

2010-04-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        vapigen: Support instance_pos attribute for delegates

2010-04-16  Luca Bruno  <>

        Make C code modules and declaration space public
        Fixes bug 615775.

2010-04-15  Evan Nemerson  <>

        vapigen: add support for type_arguments on signal parameters

2010-04-11  Ole André Vadla Ravnås  <>

        glib-2.0: fix binding of g_variant_get_string

2010-04-11  Ali Sabil  <>

        Fix code generation for destroy_notify calls for delegate targets
        Fixes bug 615440.

2010-04-10  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gnome-vfs-2.0: fix ownership and type arguments on several methods

        sqlite3: add wrapper methods for sqlite3_exec and sqlite3_get_table
        Fixes bug 579364.

        sqlite3: add binding for user defined function API

2010-04-10  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        alsa: fix SimpleChannelId enum

2010-04-09  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        alsa: bind simple mixer API

2010-04-09  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Set D-Bus type signature for uchar
        Fixes bug 615282.

2010-04-09  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        gstreamer: Use generic Gst.Iterator with correct type arguments 

2010-04-09  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: make GstIterator a generic

        vapigen: add support for type_parameters attribute

        vapigen: fix a crash if type_name is used for pointer arguments
        Fixes bug 614348.

        Make argument of NullType constructor nullable

        libsoup-2.4: update to 2.30.0
        Fixes bug 615047.

2010-04-09  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix crash on valid recursive struct usage
        Fixes bug 614417.

        Fix assignment to array fields using array_length_type
        Fixes bug 614919.

2010-04-08  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        gstreamer: Fix and clean up Gst.Object bindings

        gstreamer: Fix and cleanup Gst.MiniObject bindings

        gstreamer: Fix and clean up Gst.Message bindings

2010-04-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix type declaration order for captured variables and parameters

2010-04-08  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        gstreamer: The Gst.Bin and Gst.Pipeline constructors can take 
null-strings as parameter

        gstreamer: Enable all the enum methods/constants after vapigen was fixed

        gstreamer: First go at fixing Gst.Iterator bindings
        This has to be converted to simple generics later once
        generic delegates are supported. See bug #615040.

        gstreamer: Gst.IndexFactory binding fixes

        gstreamer: Fix Gst.IndexFactory bindings

        gstreamer: Fix Gst.Index and related types

        gstreamer: Fix Gst.ImplementsInterface bindings

        gstreamer: Fix Gst.GhostPad bindings

        gstreamer: Fix GstFormat bindings, needs bug #614543 fixed first

        gstreamer: gst_filter_run() return value is owned by the caller

        gstreamer: Add some more (uncommented) enum methods for later use

        gstreamer: Add some more macro bindings for Gst.Buffer

        gstreamer: Fix some random ownership/nullable problems

        gstreamer: Add copy() methods for all MiniObject subclasses

        gstreamer: Fix Gst.Event bindings
        Ownership of parameters/returns, nullability, etc.

        gstreamer: Fix gst_error_get_message() return ownership

        gstreamer: Add Gst.DebugCategory.get() to get a previously registered 
debug category by name

        gstreamer: Fix Gst.ElementFactory bindings
        Use correct ownership of returns/parameters, correct
        generic types and hide private API.

        gstreamer: Fix Gst.Element bindings
        Set correct nullable attributes and ownership information on
        parameters/returns and hide private API.

        gstreamer: Hide private fields from Gst.DebugCategory

        gstreamer: Fix Gst.Clock bindings
        This fixes parameter/return ownership, hiding of private fields,
        correct assigning of functions to classes, etc.

        gstreamer: Add ref/unref/ref_sink/sink methods to all relevant types 
and correctly bind the replace functions

        gstreamer: Properly inherit Event/Query/Message from MiniObject
        ...and add ref/unref functions for them to prevent compiler warnings.

        gstreamer: Fix ownerships and static-ness of Gst.ChildProxy methods

        gstreamer: Fix ownerships in Gst.Caps bindings and remove private API

        gstreamer: Fix ownerships and nullablility of parameters/return types 
in Gst.Bus bindings
        Also mark all fields as hidden, they're private!

        gstreamer: Fix ownerships parameters/returns of Gst.BufferList bindings

        gstreamer: Fix Gst.Bin parameter/return ownerships and generic type

        gstreamer: Fix AllocTrace bindings

        gstreamer: Remove unneeded entries in the metadata file

        gstreamer: Fix and cleanup Gst.Buffer bindings

        tests: Add a test for enum methods and constants

        Add support for constant members inside enums

2010-04-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        vapigen: Support declaration of enum methods in -custom.vala
        Based on patch by Sebastian Drög, fixes bug 614543.

        dbus-glib-1: Add stub DBusGMethodInvocation binding

2010-04-07  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        gstreamer: Gst.AppSrc.push_buffer() takes ownership of the buffer

2010-04-07  Nicolas Bruguier  <>

        libxml-2.0: assorted SAX-related fixes
        Fixes bug 613953.

2010-04-07  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtksourceview-2.0: update to 2.10.0

2010-04-03  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Add gdu and gdu-gtk bindings to the build system.

        libsoup-2.4: add many missing type_arguments
        Partially fixes bug 609875.

2010-04-02  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gdk-2.0: add many missing type_arguments
        Partially fixes bug 609875.

        clutter-1.0: add missing type_arguments for several new methods
        Partially fixes bug 609875.

        gtk+-2.0: Make Gtk.Window's arg default value Gtk.WindowType.TOPLEVEL

        vapigen: add support for member access based default values

        gsl: Do not use `weak' modifier where it is not applicable

2010-04-02  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add gdu and gdu-gtk bindings

2010-04-02  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        linux: bind console ioctls, structs, and enums

        linux: bind virtual terminal ioctls, structs, and constants

2010-04-02  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gstreamer-cdda,dataprotocol-0.10: fix some invalid enum values

        libnl-2.0: add linux as a dependency

        fuse: fix reference to Posix.mode_t in Fuse.Create

2010-04-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix string array properties in client interfaces

        Fix virtual write-only properties

        Fix construct properties in interfaces

2010-03-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Release 0.8.0

        valac: Do not enable experimental-non-null with --enable-experimental

2010-03-31  Jukka-Pekka Iivonen  <>

        Use thread-safe initialization for regular expression literals
        Fixes bug 613943.

2010-03-31  Sergey Nizovtsev  <>

        Fix memory management with g_object_get and struct properties
        Fixes bug 613918.

2010-03-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Update to 2.20.0

        gio-2.0: Update to 2.24.0

2010-03-31  Luca Bruno  <>

        Support string[] (G_TYPE_STRV) properties for GObject
        Fixes bug 614355.

2010-03-31  Gordon Allott  <>

        Add clutter-gtk-0.10 bindings
        Fixes bug 614376.

2010-03-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix code generation for unreachable declaration statements

2010-03-31  René Post  <>

        cogl-1.0: fix cogl_path_polygon and cogl_path_polyline bindings

2010-03-31  Ali Sabil  <>

        cogl-1.0: update to 1.2.4

2010-03-30  Nicolas Bruguier  <>

        gdk-2.0: mark Gdk.Window.input_shape_combine_mask as nullable
        Fixes bug 613952.

        dbus-glib-1: various enhancements
        Fixes bug 613951.

2010-03-30  &#321;ukasz Pankowski  <>

        dbus-glib-1: Fix Connection.get_connection, other small changes
        Fixes bug 611270.

2010-03-30  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        gstreamer: Don't use the accessor method when accessing Gst.Pad:caps 
        Gst.Pad.get_caps() returns something completely different than the caps

        Fixes bug #608005.

2010-03-29  Evan Nemerson  <>

        clutter-1.0: update to 1.2.4
        Fixes bug 614268.

2010-03-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix invalid has_type_id attributes in bindings

2010-03-28  Ryan Lortie  <>

        Add missing args to Variant.new_from_data
        and fix argument order.

        update GVariant bindings

2010-03-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add [CCode (destroy_notify_pos = ...)] attribute for simple generics

2010-03-28  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        readline: s/weak/unowned/

2010-03-27  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        gstreamer: Gst.ByteWriter is a subclass of Gst.ByteReader

        gstreamer: Add gstreamer-cdda-0.10 bindings

        gstreamer: Add gstreamer-app-0.10 bindings

        gstreamer: Regenerate vapi files and update metadata files to use the 
correct headers

        gstreamer: Update GStreamer introspection files to 0.10.28
        ...and also remove lots of unstable API which was included here, most
        probably because the introspection files were generated with a patch
        GStreamer version (e.g. on Maemo).

2010-03-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        vapigen: Support pointer type for type arguments and field types

        D-Bus: Support [DBus (timeout = ...)] attribute in static clients
        The attribute can be applied to D-Bus methods, properties, and parent
        declarations. The timeout is specified in milliseconds.

2010-03-27  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gio-2.0: various ownership and type_arguments fixes for generics

2010-03-27  Julian Andres Klode  <>

        gio-2.0: several GLib.VolumeMonitor methods falsely marked as unowned
        Fixes bug 614044.

2010-03-26  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix criticals when using generic errors

        valac: Fix C warning in add_package method
        Fixes bug 532902.

        Do not use thread-safe type registration in plugins
        Plugin types are registered when module is being initialized.

        Never try to use GValue take functions for primitive types

2010-03-25  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        glib-2.0.vapi: Fix stupid typo in the GByteArray type ID

        compiler: Automatically define GLIB_2_XX if --target-glib is used

        glib-2.0.vapi: Add some more type ids

        gobject-2.0.vapi: Add free function for GValueArray

        glib-2.0.vapi: Add some more unref/ref functions when using newer GLib

2010-03-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gio-unix-2.0: Fix header filenames for some classes

2010-03-25  Luca Bruno  <>

        Support adding modules in derived code generators

2010-03-25  Jukka-Pekka Iivonen  <>

        Add experimental support for regular expression literals
        Fixes bug 607702.

2010-03-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Require and target GLib >= 2.14
        Regular expression literals will require GLib 2.14. Thread-safe
        get_type functions also require GLib 2.14. Generating code for
        GLib 2.12 is still possible by using --target-glib=2.12.

        Eliminate unnecessary error check after try statements
        This fixes a C warning about missing return in non-void function.

2010-03-25  Jim Nelson  <>

        gdk-pixbuf-2.0: metadata fix to make Gdk.PixbufError an errordomain
        Fixes bug 613861.

2010-03-25  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gdk-pixbuf-2.0: GdkPixbufDestroyNotify doesn't have a length parameter
        Fixes bug 613855.

        vapigen: support no_array_length for delegate parameters

2010-03-24  Luca Bruno  <>

        Add support for generic array duplication
        Fixes bug 613745.

2010-03-24  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix struct initialization with member initializers
        Fixes bug 613825.

2010-03-24  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0: add byte order swap macros
        Fixes bug 613473.

        glib-2.0: add g_date_set_time_t binding

2010-03-24  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Update THANKS from git log

        dova: Do not require @"..." for string templates
        Support string interpolation in normal "..." strings.

        Fix passing delegate field without target as method argument
        Fixes bug 592769.

2010-03-24  Ji&#345;í Zárevúcky  <>

        Fix lock statement
        This patch converts lock statements into try finally statements to
        ensure that unlock is always called.

        Fixes bug 582553.

2010-03-23  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix temporary variable handling for class field initializers

        Use BOXED marshaller for compact classes with type id

2010-03-23  Toma? Vajngerl  <>

        libxml-2.0: add support for TextWriter
        Fixes bug 610573.

2010-03-23  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Add libgda-report-4.0 bindings, based on patch by Shawn Ferris
        Fixes bug 604208.

2010-03-23  Shawn Ferris  <>

        libgda-4.0: add ellipsis to gda_data_model_array_new_with_g_types
        Partially fixes bug 604208.

2010-03-23  Evan Nemerson  <>

        libgda-4.0: update to 4.0.8, regenerate

        gdk-2.0: GdkEvent* structs do not have a type id
        Fixes bug 585476.

        gudev-1.0: make GUdev.DeviceNumber inherit from Posix.dev_t

        libxml-2.0: remove superfluous (and deprecated) static from delegates

2010-03-23  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix assertion failure on large rollback in parser
        Fixes bug 573080.

2010-03-22  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gdk-2.0: Fix gdk_property_get binding
        Fixes bug 611250.

        Fix automatic property access in structs
        Fixes bug 609142.

        Fix crash on invalid field initializer
        Fixes bug 608635.

        Fix public array fields with initializers
        Fixes bug 609066.

        Fix private fixed-length array fields
        Fixes bug 609171.

        Report error when using instance method as argument in static methods
        Fixes bug 598839.

        Generate dummy return statement to avoid C warning

        Do not generate C code for unreachable Vala code
        Fixes bug 598190.

        Avoid conflicts for internal array size variables
        Fixes bug 570547.

        Improve error message on duplicate definition
        Display location of previous definition.

        Fixes bug 591977.

        Fix code generation for large integer literals
        Fixes bug 583669.

        Fix error message on duplicate definition in root namespace
        Fixes bug 601349.

        Simplify for statements whose condition is false
        Fixes bug 601351.

        Fix declaration of free function for compact classes
        Fixes bug 605495.

        Fix instance access check for static lambda expressions
        Fixes bug 612139.

        Report error when using instance member as initializer in static method

        Visit all expressions in flow analyzer

2010-03-22  Toma? Vajngerl  <>

        libxml-2.0: Add XmlIO callbacks
        Fixes bug 600295.

2010-03-22  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Simplify while statements whose condition is false
        Fixes bug 601339.

2010-03-22  Jim Nelson  <>

        Add gudev-1.0 bindings.
        Fixes bug 606172.

2010-03-22  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Set error field when detecting duplicate switch label

2010-03-22  Michal Hruby  <>

        Fix compatibility with GLib 2.16 for D-Bus and GAsync support
        Fixes bug 598546.

2010-03-22  Adam Folmert  <>

        Capture array size variable in closures as well
        Fixes bug 599951.

        Fix protected member access in interfaces
        Fixes bug 609726.

2010-03-22  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        Use g_type_class_add_private() when targeting GLib >= 2.24
        Fixes bug 592942.

2010-03-22  Adam Folmert  <>

        Fix postconditions for methods returning structs
        Fixes bug 602927.

2010-03-21  Luca Bruno  <>

        Separate async state switch from the code using goto and labels
        Fixes bug 602200.

2010-03-21  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Use TypeRegisterFunction for enum/flags
        Fixes bug 592904.

2010-03-21  Luca Bruno  <>

        Report error on duplicate switch label
        Fixes bug 572556.

2010-03-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix code generated for interface implementations with error mismatch
        Fixes bug 598862.

        Fix struct initialization in async methods

2010-03-21  Luca Bruno  <>

        Rename _main to _vala_main to avoid conflicts
        Fixes bug 582540.

2010-03-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add experimental support for chained relational expressions
        Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 606480.

        D-Bus: Add simple signal test

        Fix implicit GValue conversion from owned values

        Fix crash when unable to infer generic type arguments

        Fix crash with owned property getters and interfaces

        Fix memory leak with owned property getters and g_object_get
        Fixes bug 576152.

        Fix struct initialization when temporary variables are used
        Fixes bug 613513.

        GAsync: Fix async methods with struct parameters
        Fixes bug 613484.

2010-03-21  Michal Hruby  <>

        D-Bus: Fix methods returning GLib.Value in dynamic clients

2010-03-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix closures in property accessors
        Fixes bug 613483.

        Fix member access for derived generic types
        Fixes bug 613486.

        Fix variable shadowing check with implicit result variable in properties

        Do not warn when internal member is unused with --internal-header
        Fixes bug 613035.

        gtk+-2.0: Fix GtkRadioToolButton:group binding

        vapigen: Report error when omitting --library option
        Fixes bug 611322.

        Do not allow access to members using generic types without type args
        Fixes bug 604649.

        Report error when number of type arguments does not match

        Fix fixed-length array fields
        Fixes bug 603293.

        Fix printf format in GIRWriter

        Avoid generating unused temporary variables with out arguments

        Avoic C warnings for some possibly unused functions

        Use exact pointer type in CodeContext.push to fix C warning

        Use default in switch to fix C warning

2010-03-21  julien  <>

        libxml-2.0: add several missing free_functions
        Fixes bug 604321.

2010-03-21  Evan Nemerson  <>

        libsoup-2.4: fix arguments to several methods which take delegates

        Do not use `weak' modifier in *-custom.vala where it is not applicable

2010-03-21  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        build: Enable silent rules by default

2010-03-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

        valac: Add --enable-version-header option
        Writes Vala version in generated files. Disabled by default for
        bootstrapping reasons.

        Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 608371.

2010-03-21  Frederik Zipp  <>

        sdl, tiff: Do not use `weak' modifier where it is not applicable
        Fixes bug 613426.

2010-03-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Hide gtk_tree_iter_{copy,free} bindings
        Current bindings are broken, however, these functions should never be
        used from Vala anyway.

        Fixes bug 595697.

        Check rank when checking array type compatibility
        Fixes bug 577222.

        Report error when using `construct' with incompatible properties
        Fixes bug 574146.

        Use generics for g_object_*_{,q}data bindings
        Fixes bug 531043.

        Fix memory management with inferred generic type arguments

        Avoid GPOINTER_TO_* macros with va_arg

        Add va_list support
        Based on patch by Michael Lauer, fixes bug 573337.

        Avoid temporary variable on struct initialization

        Fix constructor chain up within the same class
        Fixes bug 603375.

        Infer type arguments when calling generic methods
        Fixes bug 611235.

        Fix double free with owned named arguments
        Fixes bug 601930.

        Report error on invalid array creation expressions for stacked arrays
        Fixes bug 540730.

        libusb: Do not use `weak' modifier where it is not applicable

        sqlite3: Do not use `weak' modifier where it is not applicable

        gmodule-2.0: Do not use `weak' modifier where it is not applicable

        gstreamer-0.10: Do not hide GstBuffer.size to retain compatibility

        Support explicit constructors for boolean, integer, and floating types

        Improve error reporting for local variable initializers

        Do not support constructors for boolean, integer, and floating types
        Fixes bug 578968.

        Do not warn on assignment to same variable of different instance

        Fix constructor chain up to generic compact classes
        Fixes bug 594063.

        gobject-2.0: Remove Object.finalize binding
        Overriding Object.finalize conflicts with destructors.

        Fixes bug 592265.

        Do not allow access to instance members of outer classes
        Fixes bug 595216.

2010-03-20  Luca Bruno  <>

        GType: Do not allow 'type' properties
        Generated get_type function would cause conflicts.

        Fixes bug 586817.

2010-03-20  Jens Georg  <>

        Add Signal attribute for signal declarations
        This supports the following arguments:
          - detailed (bool) -> G_SIGNAL_DETAILED
          - run (string) ["first", "last", "cleanup"] -> G_SIGNAL_RUN_*
          - no_recurse (bool) -> G_SIGNAL_NO_RECURSE
          - action (bool) -> G_SIGNAL_ACTION
          - no_hooks (bool) -> G_SIGNAL_NO_HOOKS

        The default is unchanged (G_SIGNAL_RUN_LAST and nothing else).

        Fixes bug 577623.

2010-03-20  Luca Bruno  <>

        Support .connect() and .connect_after() for dynamic signals
        Fixes bug 607936.

2010-03-20  Jonathan Conder  <>

        Fix disconnecting from detailed signal
        Fixes bug 602293.

2010-03-20  Frederik Zipp  <>

        D-Bus: Fix C warning with array return values in dynamic clients
        Fixes bug 612997.

2010-03-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix critical when accessing implicit result variable
        The implicit result variable is used in postconditions and in the
        dova profile.

        Fixes bug 601346.

        Report error when using reference parameters in async methods
        Fixes bug 610624.

        Drop ReadOnly* collection classes
        They are not very useful in the compiler as they are not immutable,
        which means that they do not allow iteration while modifying the
        underlying collection.

2010-03-20  pancake  <>

        glib-2.0: Drop unused PlusOperator attribute
        Fixes bug 611164.

2010-03-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Warn when using `weak' modifier where it is not applicable
        Based on patch by Ji&#345;í Zárevúcky.

        Do not use `weak' modifier where it is not applicable

2010-03-20  Luca Bruno  <>

        Use switch instead of do-while for string switch statements
        Fixes bug 541229.

2010-03-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Warn on assignment to same variable

2010-03-19  Luca Bruno  <>

        Return NULL in to_string() for invalid enum values
        Fixes bug 612141.

        Use fmod/fmodf for modulo operation between floating point values
        Fixes bug 610660.

2010-03-17  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        linux: add framebuffer constants, structs, and ioctls

2010-03-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix Gst.Buffer subclassing

2010-03-14  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0: GLib.static_assert returns void

        json-glib-1.0: Make json_parser_load_from_data.length default to -1
        Fixes bug 612601.

        vapigen: Support default_value for arguments

        Make all Literal constructors accept null SourceReferences

        Regenerate all bindings

2010-03-14  Adrien Bustany  <>

        Purple bindings: fix excludes and add GI file

2010-03-14  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0: Use strtol instead of atol for string.to_long

2010-03-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Split large string literals into multiple lines
        Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 606838.

2010-03-14  Evan Nemerson  <>

        json-glib-1.0: Use metadata instead of json-glib-1.0-custom.vala

        libgnomeui-2.0: Update to 2.24.2.

        librsvg-2.0: Update to 2.26.0, remove librsvg-2.0-custom.vala

        gtk+-2.0: Hide many unwanted user data and destroy notify arguments
        Fixes bug 611021.

2010-03-14  Diego Escalante Urrelo  <>

        webkit-1.0: Update webkit bindings to 1.1.22
        Fixes bug 610569.

2010-03-14  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Make GtkContainer::set_focus_child's argument nullable
        Fixes bug 611492.

        gtk+-2.0: Fix several GtkIMContext-related bindings
        Fixes bug 611533.

        gdk-2.0: Mark Gdk.Region.get_rectangles rectangles param as out
        Fixes bug 612632.

        gtk+-2.0: Add many missing type arguments
        Partially fixes bug 609875.

        vapigen: Improve support for type_arguments
        Fixes bug 609693.

        gstreamer-video-0.10: don't hide Gst.VideoFormat members

        gstreamer-netbuffer-0.10: Hide Gst.NetBufferClass

2010-03-13  Evan Nemerson  <>

        sdl: Remove unnecessary argument to SDL.Key.get_keys

2010-03-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix instance_pos attribute writing in VAPI files
        Fixes bug 609088.

        dova: Do not write `owned' in VAPI files

        dova: Do not support foreach without iterator

        dova: Add implicit result variable

        dova: Do not accept `owned' for property get accessors

        dova: Pass structs by value by default

        dova: Use long/ulong for 64-bit integer literals

        dova: Classes derive from Object by default

        dova: Accept list, set, and map literals and tuples

        Drop support for bootstrapping with vala < 0.7.6

        dova: Do not support array or object member initializers

        dova: Do not accept `unowned' or `owned' in dova profile
        This also changes property get accessors to return owned values.

        dova: Do not require types uchar and int8 in dova profile

        valac: Add --nostdpkg option
        Do not include standard packages.

        Add stub dova profile

        Do not use static modifier for extern methods
        Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 584105.

2010-03-13  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Fix nested struct expression as method argument
        Fixes bug 580046.

2010-03-13  Luca Bruno  <>

        Support connect_after for signals
        Fixes bug 560773. will ref_sink() the returned instance if it is floating
        Fixes bug 555006.

2010-03-13  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Support array_length_type for fields
        Fixes part of bug 529866.

2010-03-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Report error on use of tuples
        Tuples are not supported as primary expressions.

        Based on patch by Adam Folmert, fixes bug 597955.

        build: Use git-version-gen
        Add git-version-gen script from gnulib.

        Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau.

2010-03-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

        build: Use separate directory for auxiliary build tools

2010-03-12  Jörn Magens  <>

        Fix use of memory profiler in multithreaded applications
        Fixes bug 607973.

2010-03-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix memory leak of method arguments in error case
        Fixes bug 611242.

2010-03-11  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix retrieving array length from constants in other source files
        Fixes bug 612315.

2010-03-10  Evan Nemerson  <>

        libsoup-2.4: Make Soup.Session.queue_message callback nullable
        Fixes bug 612050.

        goocanvas: Correct cname of Goo.CanvasImage.create
        Fixes bug 612221.

2010-03-10  Adrien Bustany  <>

        rest bindings: Mark parameter as nullable
        This commit marks the weak_object parameter of 
rest_proxy_call_run_async as

        rest bindings: Mark nullable parameters as such
        This commit marks the weak_object parameter of 
RestProxyCallAsyncCallback and
        OAuthProxyCallAuthCallback as nullable

        Update libdata bindings

2010-03-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix flow analysis for catch clauses with specific error types

        Mark return type of `as` operator as nullable
        Fixes bug 612382.

        Fix (!) non-null cast for structs
        Fixes bug 612380.

2010-03-10  Ryan Lortie  <>

        posix: Use __compar_fn_t as cname for compar_fn_t
        There is no standard name in the ISO C specification for this type.
        compar_fn_t isn't defined anywhere.  comparison_fn_t is a glibc
        extension that is only defined with _GNU_SOURCE.

        __compar_fn_t at least has the advantage of always working on glibc.

        more GVariant vapi updates

        fix typo in posix vapi ([CCOde] -> [CCode])

2010-03-09  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Make BinaryExpression.get_operator_string public

        Fix generated destroy function wrappers
        The function declaration was missing the static modifier.

        Use correct marshaller for fundamental classes
        Fixes bug 611845.

        Fix constants used in multiple source files
        Fixes bug 611246.

2010-03-07  Sandino Flores  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix arguments for Gst.Pad.start_task
        Fixes bug 612061.

2010-03-05  Martin Olsson  <>

        libgvc: add Gvc.Graph.read_string and Gvc.Context.render_data
        Based on a patch by pancake <>

        Fixes bug 611007.

2010-03-05  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gio-2.0: nullability fixes for g_file_replace_contents
        Fixes bug 611282.

        gstreamer-0.10: Clean up binding
        Fixes bug 610330.

        vapigen: fix changing the type_name of an array field via metadata

2010-03-05  Adrien Bustany  <>

        twitter-glib bindings: Mark TwitterError as errordomain

        twitter-glib bindings: Fix signal param nullability
        This commit marks the status param of the 
TwitterClient::status-received signal
        as being nullable.

2010-03-03  Adrien Bustany  <>

        POSIX binding: add sigaction function

2010-03-03  Ryan Lortie  <>

        Dehackify GVariantBuilder bindings

2010-03-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix memory management of captured variables in error handlers
        Fixes bug 611624.

        Support returns_floating_reference attribute for methods

2010-03-02  Adrien Bustany  <>

        Twitter-glib bindings: Fix error types
        Errors in the TwitterClient signals were typed as gpointer. This commit 
        their type to GError.

2010-03-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix expression type of new GLib.Error (...)
        Fixes bug 610584.

2010-03-01  Evan Nemerson  <>

        vapigen: Add support for array_length_cname for fields

2010-02-28  Rob Taylor  <>

        fuse: Various fixes

2010-02-28  Luca Bruno  <>

        Add CharacterLiteral.to_string() to fix writing vapi file

2010-02-26  Jürg Billeter  <>

        posix: Fix timespec binding

2010-02-25  Patrick Dignan  <>

        avahi-gobject: Fix typo in COLLISION constant
        Fixes bug 611037.

2010-02-25  Luca Bruno  <>

        gobject-2.0: Use instance_pos=0 in WeakNotify delegate.
        Fixes bug 609834.

2010-02-25  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0: locale arguments to KeyFile methods should be nullable
        Fixes bug 609145.

        gio-unix-2.0: update to 2.22.4
        Fixes bug 610074.

2010-02-24  Ryan Lortie  <>

        glib vapi: add new GVariant binding

        glib vapi: rip out old GVariant bindings

2010-02-24  Luca Bruno  <>

        Do not support instance field initializers in structs
        Fixes bug 567711.

2010-02-24  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix coverage-report Makefile rule

2010-02-24  Ryan Lortie  <>

        GAsync: Hold refcount on 'self' while waiting
        Fixes bug 610912.

2010-02-23  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Clear array ouptut parameters

2010-02-19  Luca Bruno  <>

        gobject-2.0: Add convenience method Object.disconnect()

2010-02-19  Adam Folmert  <>

        Fix error message for 'incompatible operand' - added line number
        Fixes bug 610414.

2010-02-19  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0: Make GLib.String.erase erase the entire string by default

2010-02-19  Martin Olsson  <>

        Add libgvc (graphviz) bindings.
        Fixes bug 596656.

2010-02-19  Luca Bruno  <>

        gio-2.0: Nullability fix fro GSocketService incoming signal, regenerate

2010-02-18  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Support nullable error types in VAPI files

2010-02-17  Sandino Flores  <>

        Fix arguments of FileStream read write
        Fixes 610218

2010-02-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix public struct constants
        Fixes bug 610067.

2010-02-16  Sandino Flores  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Gst.PluginDesc is a structure
        Gst.PluginDesc must be binded as structure and not a class.

        Fixes bug 610065

2010-02-15  Ryan Lortie  <>

        Add alternative iterator protocol for foreach
        If the iterator object has a .next_value() function that returns a
        nullable type then we iterate by calling this function until it returns

        Fixes bug 609812.

2010-02-14  Adrien Bustany  <>

        libxml bindings: Improve coverage
        This commit adds the following functions:
        - xmlNextElementSibling
        - xmlFirstElementChild
        - xmlChildElementCount

        libxml binding: Fix static delegates
        The syntax has changed from static delegate to [CCode 
        This commit fixes the libxml binding.

2010-02-14  Evan Nemerson  <>

        libxml-2.0: Fix instance position in several methods
        Fixes bug 609814.

2010-02-13  Nicolas Joseph  <>

        Add GDL bindings
        Fixes bug 609294.

2010-02-13  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        glib-2.0: add likely, unlikely and static_assert
        Fixes bug 608935.

2010-02-13  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        readline: various fixes to delegates and attributes
        It's now possible to do readline completion.

2010-02-12  Sandino Flores  <>

        glib-2.0: add bindings for fread and fwrite
        Fixes bug 609496.

2010-02-12  Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal  <>

        Put the instance_pos attribute in delegates in code writer
        Fixes bug 609591.

        gstreamer-0.10: regenerate gi and vapi files

        gstreamer-0.10: hide the members of the GstIterator structure
        The members of the GstIterator structure are private, so they should
        be hidden, instead of the accesor functions. Also, the parameter elem
        in gst_iterator_next outs a value.

        gstreamer-0.10: Add Gst.TagSetter interface

2010-02-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Add DBus.Object.get_all method

        GAsync: Declare functions for abstract async methods
        Fixes bug 598266.

2010-02-12  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gdk-2.0: update to 2.18.6
        Fixes bug 609293.

2010-02-12  Simon Wenner  <>

        gnome-keyring-1: Add out to some parameters of *_sync methods.
        Fixes bug 609261.

2010-02-12  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Update delegate has_target syntax in *-custom.vala

2010-02-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Handle errors on property access in static clients

2010-02-11  Adrien Bustany  <>

        GIR parser: Always add the cname attribute to generated methods

2010-02-11  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Fix unsafe C generated when copying array property
        Argument evaluation order is not guaranteed in C.

        Fixes bug 607280.

2010-02-11  Robin Sonefors  <>

        Support `in' operator for arrays
        This is already supported for some non-array types, so this patch
        merely extends it.

        Fixes bug 602511.

2010-02-11  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix g_utf8_validate binding

2010-02-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix closures in constructors
        Fixes bug 602138.

        Fix error handling checks in switch statements

        D-Bus: Fix memory leaks when handling signals in static clients

        D-Bus: Fix memory leaks when calling async methods in static clients

        GObject: Fix invalid code with string-derived properties
        Fixes bug 609475.

        Allow using array element access as ref and out method arguments
        Fixes bug 609388.

2010-02-08  Adrien Bustany  <>

        purple bindings: Add files to

        purple bindings: Put the .deps file in the right folder

        Add bindings for libpurple

2010-02-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        linux: Do not use doc comment for file header comment

        dbus-glib-1: Add bindings for constants from libdbus
        Fixes bug 598629.

        D-Bus: Move DataType.get_type_signature to D-Bus modules
        Fixes bug 607558.

        glib-2.0: Add g_main_context_*_thread_default bindings

2010-02-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix crash when opening file fails
        Based on patch by pancake, fixes bug 606837.

2010-02-05  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Do not use string.replace
        GRegex requires GLib 2.14.

2010-02-04  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Post-release version bump

        Release 0.7.10

        Do not check unexpected errors if there is a general catch clause
        Fixes bug 608553.

        Do not check unexpected errors within finally blocks
        Jump out of finally block is not supported.

        glib-2.0: Include stdlib.h when using abs function family

        Include string.h when using strcmp

        Fix symbol resolving in enums

        Fix crash on invalid field initializer
        Fixes bug 595725.

        GAsync: Support async callback from closure
        Fixes bug 608184.

        Fix symbol resolving for base types of structs
        Fixes bug 607955.

2010-02-04  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        linux: bind mount(2) and friends as well as the rest of net/if.h, 

2010-02-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix crash on properties without set accessors

        dbus-glib-1: Fix type id of BusName

        dbus-glib-1: Fix marshalling of ObjectPath

2010-02-03  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Use intermediate variables to initialize static structs
        Fixes bug 608250.

2010-02-03  Rob Taylor  <>

        Fix GIR writing to only add <include> lines for API dependencies
        This refactors GIRWriter quite a bit so we can collect the GIR
        namespace dependencies when writing the type names, so only
        namespaces that are actually used get <include> lines.

2010-02-03  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        posix: bind struct sockaddr_in

2010-02-03  Evan Nemerson  <>

        libsoup-2.4: nullability fixes for Soup.MessageHeaders methods
        Fixes bug 604907.

2010-02-03  Luca Bruno  <>

        libxml-2.0: many binding improvements, add Html namespace
        Fixes bug 606633.

2010-02-03  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Change many static delegates to has_target = false

        cairo: Use closure param to ReadFunc and WriteFunc for delegate target

        tracker-indexer-module-1.0: regenerate

2010-02-02  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        dbus-glib-1: bind more lowlevel (raw) dbus entities from libdbus
        This allows us to do more advanced things such as constructing
        or inspecting method calls part by part.

2010-02-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Support calling async methods that finish immediately
        Fixes bug 608708.

        Fix protected member access check in inner classes

2010-02-01  Rob Taylor  <>

        GIR Namespace support
        This patch introduces two new CCode annotations for use in VAPI files,
        gir_namespace and gir_version. This allows us to correctly map vala
        namespaces to gobject-introspection namespaces when generating GIR

        The mapping is actually done on a SourceFile level. This allows us to
        work around cases where one vala namespace maps into multiple GIR
        namespaces (in particular, GLib vs GLib and GObject).

        In the absense of annotations, the old 'guess it' method will be

        This commit also adds annotations to some core vapis.

        Fixes bug 584683.

2010-02-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Do not consider struct creation as chain-up
        Fixes bug 608548.

2010-01-31  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        posix: use new syntax for delegates without target

2010-01-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix foreach for inline-allocated arrays
        Fixes bug 607547.

2010-01-29  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Initialize array_size in init_fragment
        Fixes bug 607714.

        D-Bus: Fix access to array structs members in static clients
        Fixes bug 607799.

        Perform flow analysis on lambda expressions
        Fixes bug 606478.

2010-01-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Report error for instance methods used as delegates without target

        Implement coalescing operator ??
        Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 580816.

2010-01-29  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Enforce protected member restrictions
        Fixes bug 592577.

        Error on usage of protected outside classes and interfaces
        Fixes bug 601347.

2010-01-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix output array parameters in servers

        Fix relational operations involving nullable types
        Fixes bug 600652.

        Support equality checking on nullable boolean and numeric types
        Fixes bug 608434.

2010-01-29  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Respect signal accessibility
        This is at the vala level. GObject signals are somewhat public,
        if you get the name or signal id, by introspection for example.

        Fixes bug 592579.

2010-01-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Support chaining up to constructors in structs
        Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 606482.

2010-01-29  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Do not put new in front of struct creation in code writer
        Fixes bug 607937.

        Remove traces of NoArrayLength, and warn on its usage
        Fixes bug 607567.

2010-01-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Convert conditions in if statements to bool if necessary
        Fixes part of bug 608434.

2010-01-29  Luca Bruno  <>

        Fix generic type resolution for arrays of generic types
        Arrays of generic types are still only supported for pointer-based
        element types.

        Fixes bug 568972.

2010-01-29  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Initialize DelegateType local variables
        Fixes bug 607902.

2010-01-29  Adrien Bustany  <>

        Update rest.vapi file

        Fix cheader_filename in rest-custom.vala
        Automatic generation generates the wrong header filename for RestProxy

2010-01-28  Adrien Bustany  <>

        Restore missing function in rest.vapi
        The last commit on rest.vapi removed rest_proxy_new_call, probably 
        the -custom file was omitted during generation. This commit restores it.

2010-01-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix bug number used in test for bug 567181

2010-01-27  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        GError: Fix leak when throwing an error in the constructor
        Fixes bug 567818.

2010-01-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Do not generate unnecessary error check after throw statement
        Fixes bug 589942.

        Distinguish between unhandled and unexpected errors
        This fixes C warnings due to unexpected error handling.

2010-01-26  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0: revert previous patch against MarkupParser callbacks.
        The new version sacrificed usability for theoretical correctness, and
        was not well received.

2010-01-26  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Warn when using deprecated static modifier on delegates

2010-01-26  Ji&#345;í Zárevúcky  <>

        glib-2.0: fix MarkupParser callbacks.
        Fixes bug 607195.

2010-01-26  Jamie McCracken  <jamiemcc gnome org>

        Genie: Removed unused FOREACH keyword Patch from Sandino Flores Moreno 

2010-01-25  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_combo_box_set_row_separator_func binding
        Fixes bug 606919.

2010-01-25  Sandino Flores  <>

        gtk+-2.0: add missing type list for gtk_icon_view_get_selected_items
        Fixes bug 607279.

2010-01-25  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gdk-2.0: Fix types of several Gdk.Event*.state fields
        Fixes bug 607337.

        json-glib-1.0: always include json-glib.h
        Fixes bug 605924.

2010-01-25  Luca Bruno  <>

        glib-2.0: Add G_KEY_FILE_DESKTOP_* declarations.
        Fixes bug 607676.

2010-01-25  Evan Nemerson  <>

        vapigen: Add support for base types and ranks in structs
        Fixes bug 605039.

2010-01-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

        vapigen: Support base_class attribute for boxed types

2010-01-25  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Gtk.MessageDialog:buttons does not have an accessor method
        Fixes bug 607992.

        libsoup-2.4: should be uing8[], not string.
        Fixes bug 605862.

2010-01-25  Luca Bruno  <>

        gio-2.0: source_object of SimpleAsyncResult constructor is nullable.
        Fixes bug 607149.

2010-01-25  Eric Alber  <>

        goocanvas: update to version 0.15
        Fixes bug 607236.

2010-01-24  Ali Sabil  <>

        clutter-1.0: Fix clutter_container_raise/lower_child bindings

2010-01-21  Ali Sabil  <>

        clutter-1.0: Fix clutter_actor_get_stage binding

        clutter-1.0: Fix clutter_actor_transform_stage_point binding

2010-01-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix return without value for preconditions in constructors

2010-01-20  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Accept pre- and postconditions for constructors
        Fixes bug 607110.

2010-01-19  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        GValue: Fix boxing and unboxing structs
        Fixes bug 590987.

2010-01-18  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Do not allow assignment with incompatible pointers
        That patch makes type check with pointer more strict.

        Fixes bug 574486.

2010-01-18  Luca Bruno  <>

        Support casting nullable structs to non-nullable structs
        Fixes bug 588832.

2010-01-17  Jordan Yelloz  <>

        GIR parser: Add support for parsing callback types

2010-01-17  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix constructor of markup reader

2010-01-17  Abderrahim Kitouni  <>

        GIR writer: Write user_data parameter for delegates

        GIR writer: Write parent_instace and priv fields

        GIR writer: Write virtual signal handlers

        GIR writer: Fix cname for vfunc <callback> element

        GIR writer: Embed <callback> inside <field> for virtual methods
        See gobject-introspection commit f8693bda.

        GIR writer: Add parent_class to the class struct

        GIR writer: Always include GLib and GObject

2010-01-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix has_type_id attribute writing in VAPI files

        Write has_type_id attribute for structs in VAPI files
        Make sure we don't lose has_type_id if it's false.

        Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 606580.

        Fix freeing ThreadPool
        Adds special case for g_thread_pool_free, which takes 3 arguments.

        Based on patch by Evan Nemerson, fixes bug 542725.

2010-01-16  Luca Bruno  <>

        Return handler id when connecting signal handlers
        Fixes bug 537146.

        GAsync: Fix .end instance argument
        Fixes bug 606780.

2010-01-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        libsoup-2.4: Fix soup_message_headers_get_content_disposition binding

        libsoup-2.4: Fix SoupBuffer binding

        vapigen: Support ref_function attribute for boxed types

2010-01-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix order dependency in type resolution with derived integer types

2010-01-14  Evan Nemerson  <>

        dbus-glib-1: Add bindings for DBusGProxy::destroy signal.

2010-01-13  Evan Nemerson  <>

        mysql: Fix mysql_init binding.
        Fixes bug 603085.

2010-01-13  Make Massonnet  <>

        gtk+-2.0: parent argument to Gtk.show_about_dialog is nullable.
        Fixes bug 605051.

2010-01-13  Michael B. Trausch  <>

        glib-2.0: Add GLib.Log.set_always_fatal and GLib.Log.set_fatal_mask.
        Fixes bug 605179.

2010-01-13  Eric Alber  <>

        gobject-2.0: add many missing GParamSpec related bindings
        Fixes bug 605969.

2010-01-13  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gio-2.0: argument to BufferedInputStream.peek_buffer should be out
        Fixes bug 606627.

2010-01-13  Simon Wenner  <>

        libsoup-2.4: SessionSync and Async.with_options require ellipsis
        Fixes bug 605383.

2010-01-13  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gconf-2.0: several ownership and nullability fixes.
        Based on patch by Michal Hruby, fixes bug 605449.

2010-01-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

        json-glib-1.0: Fix json_gobject_to_data binding

2010-01-11  Ali Sabil  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix array length for g_base64_decode

        clutter-1.0: Fixed the clutter_texture_set_from_rgb_data and 
clutter_texture_set_from_yuv_data bindings

2010-01-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix crash on array creation expressions throwing errors
        Fixes bug 606503.

2010-01-10  Raffaele Sandrini  <>

        json-glib-1.0: Fix parameter ownership

2010-01-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

        json-glib-1.0: Update to 0.10.0

2010-01-09  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Bind GPid as integer type

        Fix assignment to captured array variables

2010-01-09  Jörn Magens  <>

        valac: Add --enable-mem-profiler option
        Enables the GLib memory profiler.

        Fixes bug 530627.

2010-01-09  Yu Feng  <>

        Run destructor code before member destruction in compact classes
        Fixes bug 600285.

2010-01-09  Ji&#345;í Zárevúcky  <>

        Report error for non-automatic properties with default value
        Fixes bug 584065.

2010-01-09  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Use unmangled value_name in to_string for enums

        Fix cast expressions in string templates
        Fixes bug 598659.

        Support multiple variable declarators in for initializer
        Fixes bug 601350.

        Support bitwise complement with enums
        Fixes bug 597542.

        Support to_string for enums

2010-01-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Report error on duplicate constructor or destructor in class
        Fixes bug 600581.

2010-01-08  pancake  <>

        Improve display name of creation methods
        Fixes bug 601803.

2010-01-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Consider negative literals constant
        Fixes bug 605158.

        Fix type declaration for constants
        Fixes bug 605813.

        Fix nullable struct properties
        Fixes bug 606202.

2010-01-08  Ji&#345;í Zárevúcky  <>

        Write catch clauses and lambda expressions with --dump-tree
        Fixes bug 605887.

2010-01-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix type resolution with derived integer types

2010-01-07  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        GValue: Support implicit cast in equality check
        Fixes bug 585063.

        GValue: Move explicit cast support to separate function

2010-01-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Support struct comparison
        Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 530605.

2010-01-07  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        GValue: Fix cast from nullable GLib.Value
        Fixes bug 585050.

2010-01-06  Rob Powell  <>

        Fix interfaces in GTypeModule-based plugins
        Fixes bug 601343.

2010-01-06  Jamie McCracken  <jamiemcc gnome org>

        Genie: support automatic line continuations

2010-01-05  pancake  <>

        curses: Add wresize binding and basic mouse support

2010-01-05  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        libnl-2.0: fix RouteAddress include header

2010-01-03  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        libnl-2.0: bind attributes, message headers, callbacks

        linux: add syscall(2), gettid(2), and add more netlink constants

2010-01-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        poppler-glib: Fix poppler_page_get_crop_box binding

2010-01-01  Jakob Westhoff  <>

        poppler-glib: Fix PopplerRectangle binding
        Fixes bug 605853.

2009-12-24  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Add type_id for Gst.Structure.

2009-12-23  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix virtual methods returning structs

        GAsync: Struct return value fix

        D-Bus: More struct return value fixes in static clients and servers
        Fixes bug 602510.

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_rc_style_create_style binding

        vapigen: Fix crash in parse_signal

        Use dominance algorithm by Cooper, Harvey, and Kennedy
        Improves performance of flow analysis.

        Generate reverse postorder instead of preorder list in flow analyzer

        Only generate depth-first list once per method in flow analyzer
        Improves performance.

        Add FlowAnalyzer.analyze_body to simplify code

2009-12-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gio-2.0: Fix g_data_input_stream_read_* bindings
        Fixes bug 605066.

        Update slice syntax in code writer

2009-12-20  Evan Nemerson  <>

        cogl-1.0: Cogl.Texture.from_data data does not provide array length.
        Fixes bug 604108.

        libsoup-2.4: Fix soup_message_headers_get_content_type binding.
        Fixes bug 604907.

        gio-2.0: Several ownership fixes, mostly in GResolver.
        Fixes bug 604969.

2009-12-19  Xavier Bestel  <>

        glib-2.0: Add some missing GLib.Scanner methods.
        Fixes bug 603796.

2009-12-19  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Gst.Value.get/set_date expect a GLib.Date.
        Fixes bug 601766.

        gstreamer-controller-0.10: Fix Gst.LFOWaveform enum.
        Fixes bug 603725.

        gtk+-2.0: Gtk.get_current_event_state's argument should be out.
        Fixes bug 603751.

        gtk+-2.0: Fix Gtk.Notebook.switch_page signal binding.
        Fixes bug 604746.

2009-12-19  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Post-release version bump

        Release 0.7.9

        Fix crash on invalid cast expressions
        Fixes bug 601614.

        D-Bus: Support struct return values in dynamic clients
        Fixes bug 603493.

        D-Bus: Support struct return values in static clients and servers

        Fix calling methods that have out parameters and return structs

        Do not allow assigning to construct-only properties of foreign objects
        Fixes bug 604590.

        Fix type declaration for sizeof expressions

        Fix crash with unsupported use of multi-dimensional array length
        Fixes bug 604589.

        Initial support for array slices
        Add support for slice expressions such as array[1:5] to retrieve a
        slice of length 4 starting at the second element of the array. Slice
        expressions are also supported for strings and other types that provide
        an appropriate slice method.

        Based on patch by Robin Sonefors, fixes bug 571352.

        glib-2.0: Add string.splice method

        glib-2.0: Add string.slice method

2009-12-17  Arun Raghavan  <>

        vala-gen-introspect: Allow absolute path in .files
        This allows one to specify absolute paths to headers and libraries in
        .files. This will make it possible to generate the VAPI as part of the
        library's build process.

2009-12-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Print error domain and code of uncaught errors

        valac: Add --symbols option
        Writes the name of each exported function to the specified file.

        Based on patch by Haakon Sporsheim, fixes bug 586494.

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix GstCoreError binding
        Fixes bug 604601.

2009-12-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Report error when field initializers may throw errors

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix gst_bus_add_watch binding
        Use gst_bus_add_watch_full to accept owned delegates.

        Write parameter positions in VAPI files

        NULL-terminate array copies

2009-12-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix vapi/

2009-12-06  Jürg Billeter  <>

        valac: Require --header when using --use-header

2009-12-03  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gio-2.0: Fix many async functions which don't end in _async.
        Fixes bug 598657.

2009-12-02  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Fix some typos in CCode attributes.

        clutter-1.0: Clutter.get_option_group* functions transfer ownership.
        Fixes bug 602688.

2009-12-02  Julian Andres Klode  <>

        Add libarchive bindings.
        Bind libarchive(3) to a large extent; excluding the ACL functions
        which are severely underdocumented.

2009-12-02  Evan Nemerson  <>

        unique-1.0: update to unique-1.1.6.
        Fixes bug 603609.

2009-11-28  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        linux: add rfkill event structure, flags, and constants

2009-11-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Do not use size_t for GString.len
        GString methods are not size_t safe and binding the len field as
        size_t is inconvenient for application developers due to the
        inconsistent handling in GLib.

2009-11-25  Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Don't expose class structures
        Hide the class structs from metadata file and custom bind the virtual

2009-11-25  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        linux: fix InotifyMaskFlags enum and add missing values CLOSE and MOVE

2009-11-24  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Gtk.SelectionData.get_data does not return an array length.
        Fixes bug 602776.

2009-11-24  Eric Alber  <>

        glib-2.0: Add missing g_ptr_array_index() binding.
        Fixes bug 595781.

2009-11-24  Philipp Zabel  <>

        sqlite3: add progress_handler method and ProgressCallback delegate
        Fixes bug 602702.

2009-11-23  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        linux: add adjtime(2) and adjtimex(2) with assorted flags and constants

2009-11-21  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0: nullability fixes for GtkToolButton and descendants.
        Fixes bug 602273.

2009-11-20  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix GLib.ValueArray.values binding.

        posix: Fix FILE bindings (copy from GLib.FileStream), and add popen.
        Fixes bug 595880.

2009-11-20  Jukka-Pekka Iivonen  <>

        Add readline bindings.
        Fixes bug 563057.

2009-11-16  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gdk-pixbuf-2.0: Allow Gdk.PixbufLoader.write to specify array length.
        Fixes bug 597870.

2009-11-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Fix base access in async methods
        Fixes bug 601558.

2009-11-16  Nicolas Bruguier  <>

        x11: Add drawable, pixmap and RECTANGLE structs.
        Fixes bug 598174.

2009-11-16  James Campos  <>

        gtksourceview-2.0: Fix gtksourceview's guess_language method.
        Fixes bug 601934.

2009-11-16  Sebastian Noack  <>

        Add avahi-gobject bindings.
        Fixes bug 601777.

2009-11-15  pancake  <>

        valac: Do not check for an entry point when using C source files

2009-11-14  Ali Sabil  <>

        clutter-1.0: use the specialized Cogl.Handle classes for the 
Clutter.Texture Cogl properties

2009-11-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix invalid memory access in scanner on unbalanced parentheses
        Fixes bug 601789.

2009-11-13  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Mark adjustment argument to GtkV/HScrollbar as nullable.
        Fixes bug 597622.

        gtk+-2.0: Mark Gtk.Widget.can_focus as not having an accessor method, 
to preserve compatibility with GTK+ < 2.18.
        Fixes bug 601221.

2009-11-13  Adrien Bustany  <>

        rest: Convert ProxyError and ProxyCallError to errordomain.
        Fixes bug 601737.

2009-11-13  Johann Prieur  <>

        vapigen: Support hidden attribute for enum values

2009-11-13  Florian Brosch  <>

        glib-2.0: Add g_build_path binding

2009-11-13  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0: make several Gtk.Entry.set_icon_* parameters nullable.
        Fixes bug 600597.

        libgsf-1: Update to 1.14.16, regenerate.
        Partially fixes bug 600295.

2009-11-12  Ali Sabil  <>

        clutter-1.0: fixed the Stage.color property accessors

2009-11-11  Ali Sabil  <>

        clutter-1.0: use the specialized Cogl.Handle classes for the 
Clutter.Shader.get_cogl_*() methods

        clutter-1.0: changed the return value of Clutter.Stage.get_default() to 

        gobject-2.0: add GLib.ParamSpec.set_value_default ().

        glib-2.0: add GLib.Scanner.config binding.

2009-11-11  Adrien Bustany  <>

        Add twitter-glib-1.0 bindings.
        Fixes bug 593033.

2009-11-11  Levi Bard  <>

        sdl-ttf: add missing SDL namespace to SDL.RWops arguments.

2009-11-11  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Add ccss-1 and remove gl-1.0 from vapi/

        Don't use "using" in *.vapi.
        Fixes bug 593195.

2009-11-11  Ali Sabil  <>

        Add initial ccss-1 bindings

2009-11-10  Ali Sabil  <>

        clutter-1.0: Replaced the clutter-1.0 bindings with generated ones
        Based on patch from Frederik Zipp

        cogl-1.0: Replaced the cogl-1.0 bindings with generated ones

2009-11-10  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0: replace many (u)long variables with (s)size_t and time_t
        Fixes bug 592188.

2009-11-10  Sebastian Noack  <>

        gnutls, zlib: Use array_length_cname, not array_length_name.
        Fixes bug 601256.

2009-11-10  Levi Bard  <>

        sdl-net: fix incorrect IPAddress.from_host binding.
        Fixes bug 601296.

2009-11-09  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        linux: bind backtrace(3), backtrace_symbols(3), and 
        support for application self-debugging as found in glibc since version 

        linux: add DirEntType for the d_type extension of struct dirent

        libnl fixes
        bind libnl-2.0 and fix libnl-1 to compile with the old version of libnl,
        libnl-1 was actually developed against libnl-2.0, which is fixed with 
this commit.

2009-11-07  Philipp Zabel  <>

        glib-2.0: fix GLib.MarkupParseContext.pop binding
        This method does not take a GLib.MarkupParser parameter.

        Fixes bug 599053.

        pango: fix Pango.Attribute constructors' transfer of ownership and 
        The Pango.attr_*_new constructors return owned Pango.Attribute 
        Pango.Scale is not an enum. Turn it into a namespace with double 
        The latter is needed so for Pango.attr_scale_new, because it is 
        to convert from enum Pango.Scale to double.

        Fixes bug 600993.

2009-11-07  Evan Nemerson  <>

        libgdata: Fix query_all_albums, several type check functions, 
        Fixes bug 597191.

2009-11-07  Philipp Zabel  <>

        hildon-1: fix Hildon.gtk_init binding
        Finishes fixing bug 598656.

        hildon-1: un-hide Hildon.Note.note_type property
        This needs to be visible if one wants to subclass Hildon.Note.

        Partially fixes bug 598656.

        hildon-1: update to Fremantle bindings
        Partially fixes bug 598656.

        hildon-1: add Hildon specific gtk+-2.0 modifications in 
        Hildon depends on a modified GTK. Instead of polluting gtk+-2.0.vapi 
        Hildon specific modifications, add those bindings here.

        Partially fixes bug 598656.

2009-11-07  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gdk-2.0: Fix Gdk.Device.get_axis binding.
        Fixes bug 598834.

        libosso: Use tabs instead of spaces, do not spread methods across 
multiple lines.

2009-11-07  Philipp Zabel  <>

        libosso: fix struct Rpc bindings
        osso_rpc_free_val should be destroy_function instead of unref_function.
        The value union contained in osso_rpc_t is not a GLib.Value

        Fixes bug 599052.

2009-11-07  Evan Nemerson  <>

        libgnome-2.0: Fix gnome_execute_* bindings.
        Fixes bug 599346.

2009-11-07  Jens Georg  <>

        Add libmagic bindings.
        Fixes bug 599811.

2009-11-06  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: gst_caps_to_string transfers ownership

2009-11-05  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        posix: bind InAddr as SimpleType since functions do actually require 
this to be passed by value

2009-11-05  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Fix virtual async methods
        Fixes bug 600827.

2009-11-04  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Post-release version bump

        Release 0.7.8

2009-11-02  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_icon_info_load_icon binding

        Support enums as generic type arguments

2009-10-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gdk-2.0: Fix gdk_window_set_back_pixmap binding

2009-10-31  Colomban Wendling  <>

        posix: Add the three waitpid() flags

        Fixes bug 597020.

2009-10-31  &#321;ukasz Pankowski  <>

        posix: Add SIG_DFL, SIG_ERR, and SIG_IGN
        Fixes bug 595872.

2009-10-31  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        Documentation fixes

2009-10-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix critical warnings when using signals in interfaces

2009-10-31  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        linux.vapi: add more posix extensions and BSDisms: * inet_aton(3) * 
openpty(3) * forkpty(3) * login_tty(3)

        posix.vapi: add accept(2), connect(2), and listen(2)

        posix.vapi: add inet_addr(3), inet_ntoa(3), htonl(3), htons(3), 
ntohl(3), ntohs(3), and InAddr

        posix.vapi: add {get|set}priority(2) and PRIO_ constants from resource.h

        posix.vapi: add nice(2)

2009-10-31  Ryan Lortie  <>

        posix: fix qsort binding

2009-10-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Fix temporary variable initialization in loops
        Fixes bug 599568.

        Fix static property access in instance methods
        Fixes bug 599892.

        Fix delegates returning structs
        Fixes bug 595610.

2009-10-27  Shawn Ferris  <>

        libgda-4.0: Fix gda_data_model_get_*value_at bindings
        Fixes bug 599523.

2009-10-27  Matias De la Puente  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Update to GTK+ 2.18
        Fixes bug 599607.

2009-10-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix GtkScale::format-value binding
        Fixes bug 599727.

        GASync: Do not declare async data struct too early
        Async data struct declaration depends on declarations of local
        variable types and thus must be appended after visiting the method

        Fixes bug 599767.

2009-10-27  Alexander Bokovoy  <>

        Clean up unused GError in case of catch statement without arguments
        When catch statement has no arguments, no access to a GError is possible
        from Vala source code. Therefore, do not create temporary variable which
        is not used. Also, clear error object as it is not passed upwards then.

2009-10-26  Jürg Billeter  <>

        x11: Add XGrabKey and XKeysymToKeycode bindings

        libwnck-1.0: Fix WnckScreen and WnckWindow bindings

2009-10-22  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix signals with string array parameters in dynamic clients
        Fixes bug 599071.

2009-10-22  Jörn Magens  <>

        zlib: Various improvements
        Fixes bug 599014.

2009-10-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Deprecate assigning to construct-only properties
        Object (property: value) constructor chain up is recommended to set
        construct-only properties.

        GObject: Check arguments of Object constructor chain up

        Support named arguments with ellipsis parameters

        Support (!) non-null casts

        Support constructor chain up to GObject using Object (...)

2009-10-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Check number of generic type arguments of base types
        Fixes bug 598658.

        Register all types when using [ModuleInit]
        Fixes bug 553928.

        Fix error messages for unsupported signal parameters
        Fixes bug 598865.

        glib-2.0: Fix GMarkupParser binding
        As the GMarkupParser struct only stores function pointers and no
        targets, no destroy function is necessary.

        Fixes bug 595925.

2009-10-19  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix error handling in static async clients

2009-10-18  Ryan Lortie  <>

        Allow use of .gir directly from valac
          - add a --girdir parameter to the compiler
          - make --pkg fall back to searching for a .gir file if it can't find
            a .vapi file


          - change the search order for .vapi files: XDG dirs are searched
            before the compiled-in (--prefix) data directory, now.

        Fixes bug 598817.

2009-10-18  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Use strict non-null types with --enable-experimental-non-null
        Do not consider local variables nullable or nullable types compatible
        to non-null types when using --enable-experimental-non-null.

        Do not split conditional expressions in asserts
        Fixes bug 577619.

2009-10-17  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix capturing arrays and delegates
        Fixes bug 598738.

2009-10-17  Ryan Lortie  <>

        vapigen: Don't emit ".@new" on default constructor
        Special-case a constructor name of "new" appearing in a .gir file to be
        the default constructor.

2009-10-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Fix non-closure lambda expressions in instance methods
        Fixes bug 598697.

        GAsync: Fix abstract interface implementations
        Fixes bug 598698.

2009-10-16  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        Visit type parameters of generic methods

2009-10-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Fix object creation expressions throwing errors
        Fixes bug 598677.

2009-10-15  Frederik 'playya' Sdun  <>

        Check signature of overriding methods for async

2009-10-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_tree_view_set_row_separator_func binding
        Fixes bug 596913.

        Report error when signal exists more than once in type hierarchy

        Warn if signal hides member in base class

2009-10-14  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        D-Bus: dynamic wrapper functions are always static

2009-10-13  Philipp Zabel  <>

        Add to_uint64 to string class

2009-10-13  Nicolas Bruguier  <>

        cairo: Add cairo_rectangle struct and set cairo_matrix_t has not type id

2009-10-12  pancake  <>

        posix: Add atoi/atol/atoll/strlen bindings

        posix: Add FILE bindings

2009-10-12  Jamie McCracken  <>

        Genie: Handle casts involving arrays/lists/dicts correctly

2009-10-12  pancake  <>

        posix: Support string concatenation in POSIX profile

2009-10-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

        posix: Fix dup0 wrappers in POSIX profile

        posix: Fix array creation and destruction in POSIX profile
        Based on patch by pancake.

2009-10-12  pancake  <>

        Add `asm` to the list of C99 keywords
        Fixes bug 597354.

2009-10-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Do not use Gee namespace to avoid conflict with libgee

        D-Bus: Support D-Bus interfaces with prerequisites
        Fixes bug 598073.

2009-10-11  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix generic type resolution with nested generic types in base types

        Fix memory management of string templates

2009-10-11  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Allow recursive structs when nullable
        That way:

        struct S {
               S? nullable;

2009-10-11  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix type declaration for cast expressions

        Generate class struct when using member initializers for fields
        Fixes bug 598060.

2009-10-10  John Carr  <>

        gobject-2.0.vapi: Add get_class method that returns an ObjectClass

2009-10-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Insert "%s" argument in printf calls with non-literal format string

        Add support for string templates

2009-10-09  Julian Andres Klode  <>

        glib-2.0: Add ScannerMsgFunc and Scanner.msg_handler

2009-10-09  Jürg Billeter  <>

        valac: Add --use-header command-line option

2009-10-09  Sebastian Pölsterl  <>

        Use g_set_error_literal in dbus proxy methods
        This fixes a compiler warning about invalid format string.

2009-10-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gio-2.0: Fix g_vfs_get_* bindings

2009-10-08  Frederik Sdun  <>

        Fix verbatim strings ending with `"`

2009-10-06  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Add g_ascii_strcasecmp binding

2009-10-05  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Fix async methods with delegate parameters
        Fixes bug 597294.

        Fix owned default arguments
        Fixes bug 597426.

2009-10-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix return statements in creation methods
        Fixes bug 597161.

2009-10-02  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix generated code for stack-allocated arrays
        Fixes bug 595751.

2009-10-02  Michael B. Trausch  <>

        x11: Fix XWindowAttributes
        Fixes bug 597068.

2009-10-02  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Fix connecting signal handlers in async methods
        Fixes bug 595755.

        Fix memory management for closures used as signal handlers
        Fixes bug 597155.

2009-10-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Report error on unexpected closing brace at end of file

        glib-2.0: Add default arguments for g_main_loop_new binding

2009-10-01  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix g_regex_get_pattern binding

2009-10-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Use enum for ByteOrder

        gstreamer-0.10: Update to GStreamer 0.10.24

2009-09-30  David Binderman  <>

        gobject-introspection: Fix memory leak in GIdlWriter
        Fixes bug 596806.

2009-09-30  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GError: Fix error propagation in creation methods

        vapicheck: Fix unhandled error

        Fix detection of unhandled errors in blocks

2009-09-30  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        Update gobject-introspection/grealpath.h from gobject-introspectio
        This fixes the build on Windows and GNU/Hurd

2009-09-30  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix marshalling of GLib.Value parameters
        Fixes bug 596862.

        Report error when trying to capture ref or out parameter

        Add test for bug 579101

2009-09-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Do not use char for non-ASCII character literals
        Fixes bug 596785.

        Fix memory management when returning captured variables
        Fixes bug 596726.

        Fix return type of closure unref function

        Support postfix operator on array members
        Fixes bug 596637.

2009-09-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix delegate variables in GObject creation methods
        Fixes bug 596621.

2009-09-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Post-release version bump

        Release 0.7.7

2009-09-27  Gordon Allott  <>

        x11: Add XMoveWindow binding

2009-09-27  Philipp Zabel  <>

        gio-2.0: Fix g_file_mount_enclosing_volume binding

        vapigen: Support async attribute for methods

2009-09-27  Michael B. Trausch  <>

        Add `do not modify' note at the top of generated C files
        Fixes bug 595797.

2009-09-27  Mark Lee  <>

        gobject-2.0: Add g_object_notify binding
        Adds a binding for g_object_notify(), named Object.notify_property. It
        is named differently because of the pre-existing "notify" signal, which
        has a different signature.

        Fixes bug 562486.

2009-09-27  Jamie McCracken  <jamiemcc gnome org>

        Genie: Fixed comments for copyright statements
        Copyright comments at top of genie files now have those
        comments propgated to the generated c files

2009-09-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Free temporary variables used in instance field initializers

2009-09-27  Jamie McCracken  <jamiemcc gnome org>

        Genie: Briought Genie up to date with Vala
        Added Async support
        Added bug fixes
        Added improved warnings
        Added improved array handling code
        Added support for constants in interfaces

2009-09-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Do not use const with GtkTreePath
        Fixes bug 593567.

        Only use const for immutable structs

        Fix crash in CCodeVariableDeclarator without initializer

2009-09-27  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        Fix CCodeNode.line for variable initializers and return statements

2009-09-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GIR writer: Fix name and c:type written for delegate parameters

2009-09-27  Jan Hudec  <>

        GIR writer: Fix generation of array and delegate parameters
        Array and delegate parameters correspond to multiple parameters at the
        C level. GObject-introspection expects them them to be written
        separately, with special attributes refering to the main ones.

        Since implicit output arguments must be generated for return values,
        writing params and return values was combined to common methods. They
        were always used together, so the main downside is the method now takes
        long list of arguments to cover all the cases.

        Note that only default argument positions are supported.

        GIR writer: Fix generation of async methods
        GObject-Introspection does not have any special support for async
        methods, so we need to write them out as two entries corresponding to
        the .begin and .end submethods respectively.

        To avoid code duplication, the Vala.GirWriter.write_signature method is
        split in two. The inner one takes all attributes that differ between
        sync and async.begin/end methods as additional arguments and is called
        twice for the async methods.

2009-09-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Only move initializer to declaration when reordering is safe
        In general it is not safe to move non-constant initializer lists
        to the variable declaration at the beginning of the block.

        Fix non-constant struct initializer lists
        Fixes bug 583603.

2009-09-27  Mark Lee  <>

        glib-2.0: add binding for g_get_language_names()
        Adding to the Intl namespace, as its documentation is listed in the
        "Internationalization" section of the GLib docs.

        Fixes GNOME bug #596456.

2009-09-27  Shawn Ferris  <>

        Add libgda-4.0 bindings
        Fixes bug 570372.

2009-09-26  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add support for coverage analysis using gcov and lcov

2009-09-26  Travis Watkins  <>

        webkit-1.0: Update to WebKitGTK+ 1.1.14
        Fixes bug 595585.

2009-09-26  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        D-Bus: Support marshalling enumerations as strings
        Fixes bug 580984.

2009-09-26  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add test for bug 595538

        Add test for bug 595639

        Add test for bug 595735

        Add test for bug 595587

        Add test for bug 596177

        Add test for bug 593260

        Fix calling methods returning structs and throwing errors
        Argument order was incorrect, fixes bug 596228.

        Speed up test infrastructure
        The updated test runner builds all tests at once to speed up testing.

        valac: Add --disable-warnings command-line option

        valac: Add --main command-line option
        This enables selecting a specific method as entry point.

        Support using directives inside namespaces

2009-09-26  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix g_test_create_case binding

2009-09-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Support CCode type attribute for parameters of creation methods

        Fix critical on invalid chain up

2009-09-25  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        Fixed string to char* casts in Scanner and SourceFile

        GType: Fix C warnings for methods in interface_init

2009-09-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GType: Fix C warnings for properties in interface_init
        Based on patch by Didier 'Ptitjes.

        Fix missing const with virtual properties

2009-09-25  Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)  <>

        glib-2.0: Bind g_log_default_handler()

2009-09-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Add default arguments to g_option_context_new binding

        Fix static owned delegate fields

        Fix parsing array creation expressions using nested namespaces
        Fixes bug 596246.

        Fix calling generic instance methods
        Fixes bug 596246.

2009-09-24  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix use of generics in async methods in generic types
        Fixes bug 596177.

        glib-2.0: Fix g_log binding

        gtk+-2.0: Hide private GtkLabel.text

2009-09-23  Jens Georg  <>

        glib-2.0: Support owned delegates with Timeout.add_seconds
        Fixes bug 595933.

2009-09-22  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Simplify &(*foo) and *(&foo) to foo

        Fix nullable struct properties
        Fixes bug 595587.

        Fix virtual methods returning structs
        Fixes bug 595954.

        GAsync: Fix closures in instance async methods

2009-09-22  Adam Dingle  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix Idle.add default argument
        Fixes bug 595885.

2009-09-22  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix leak when calling methods with unowned delegate parameters
        Fixes bug 595879.

2009-09-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Fix return type declaration in header files
        Fixes bug 595613.

        D-Bus: Support name attribute for members in clients and servers
        Fixes bug 595587.

        Fix C code name for types nested in interfaces

        Fix abstract async methods
        Fixes bug 595735.

        Fix memory management of closures in async methods

        GObject: Remove unused klass variable from constructors

2009-09-19  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GObject: Reuse parent_class variable in constructors
        Fixes bug 559354.

        GObject: Do not register nullable struct properties with GObject
        Fixes part of bug 595587.

        More delegate fixes

        Fix memory management in generic methods

        Fix handling of owned delegates
        Fixes bug 595639.

2009-09-18  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix nested closures
        Fixes bug 595538.

        Fix methods returning owned delegates

        Post-release version bump

        Release 0.7.6

2009-09-17  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Fix result parameter in .end

        GAsync: Fix propagating errors from async methods

        gio-2.0: Fix GAsyncReadyCallback binding

        Fix throwing errors in async methods

2009-09-17  Levi Bard  <>

        sdl: Fix SDL_WM_GetCaption and FPSmanager binding

2009-09-17  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix passing captured variables as out arguments

        Keep input parameters alive in closures and async methods

        glib-2.0: Support owned delegates with Timeout.add

        Report error when capturing uninitialized variables in closures

        glib-2.0: Support owned delegates with Idle.add

        Fix time_t binding

        Fix methods returning nullable structs

        Remove duplicated code for connecting signal handlers

        Ensure interfaces are declared in header files

        Do not initialize temporary variables where not necessary

        Improve readability of reference counting
        Fixes bug 472740.

        GAsync: Fix calling async methods from async methods without yield

2009-09-17  Yu Feng  <>

        Fix `this' access in default signal handlers
        Fixes bug 593734.

2009-09-17  Jürg Billeter  <>

        vapigen: Fix signals in interfaces

        Fix closures in constructors

2009-09-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix closures in creation methods

        Never capture implicit `this' parameter

        D-Bus: Fix name conflicts in async client methods

        Fix name conflicts in closures

        GAsync: Fix name conflicts

2009-09-16  Julian Andres Klode  <>

        linux: Add mremap(2) call
        This is a Linux-specific enhancement to the mmap() function
        set implemented in posix.vapi.

2009-09-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix server methods returning structs

        GAsync: Fix missing gio.h include for virtual async methods

        Fix closures used as signal handlers

        D-Bus: Test async client and server methods with out parameters

        GAsync: Fix async methods with out parameters

        D-Bus: Fix return statement in error handling of async server methods

        D-Bus: Fix async server methods returning arrays

        Fix virtual methods returning structs

        GAsync: Fix async methods returning arrays or delegates

        GAsync: Fix generating array dup/copy wrappers from async method

        Add experimental support for closures in async methods

2009-09-16  Julian Andres Klode  <>

        posix: Introduce ftruncate() and truncate()

        posix: Add sys/mman.h memory management functions
        Add support for the complete POSIX set of functions in mman.h like
        mmap(), munmap() and mprotect() and also support the MLR and XSI
        extension functions.

2009-09-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Declare base properties of inherited interface implementations

        GAsync: Another temp variable fix

        GAsync: Various fixes for temp variables in coroutines

        GAsync: Report error on missing gio-2.0 package

        Fix array and delegate variable handling in closures and coroutines

        GObject: Only declare boxed variable when used

        Do not declare result variable if it is unused

        GObject: Declare property accessors used in get/set_property

        Do not declare private symbols in internal header

        Fix jump statements with captured variables

2009-09-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GObject: Fix boxed property handling

2009-09-15  Adrien Bustany  <>

        Add librest bindings
        Fixes bug 593032.

2009-09-15  Jan Hudec  <>

        gobject-2.0: Bind g_object_newv

2009-09-15  Ji&#345;í Zárevúcky  <>

        Add gnutls bindings
        Fixes bug 594392.

2009-09-15  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        Add alsa bindings
        Fixes bug 593768.

        Add linux bindings
        Fixes bug 593770.

2009-09-15  Mark Lee  <>

        gnome-vfs-2.0: Fix gnome_vfs_*xfer* bindings
        The progress_callback parameters are nullable.

        Fixes bug 593836.

2009-09-15  Eric Alber  <>

        libxml-2.0: Add xmlNewNs binding
        Fixes bug 593854.

        goocanvas: Nullable fixes for goo_canvas_item_*
        Fixes bug 594445.

2009-09-15  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_tree_view_get_columns binding
        TreeView.get_columns returns a GList of unowned GtkTreeViewColumn.

        Fixes bug 591191.

        libpanelapplet-2.0: Add PanelAppletOrient and some missing methods
        Fixes bug 590544.

        zlib: Many enhancements for memory/stream based operations
        Fixes bug 577804.

        glib-2.0: add GLib.HashTable.foreach
        Fixes bug 577365.

2009-09-15  Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Turn gst_object_replace into a static function
        Fixes bug 591979.

2009-09-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add man or boy test

        Support capturing parameters in closures

        Add support for closures
        Fixes bug 554781.

        Do not report inherited interface implementations as unused

        libepc-1.0: Regenerate bindings
        Fixes bug 595247.

        Report error when trying to pass signal as argument
        Fixes bug 584350.

        Report error for properties using `async' or `throws'

        Return structs via out parameter
        Fixes bug 534781.

2009-09-15  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        GIR parser: Handle anonymous unions and structs inside unions
        Fixes bug 594228.

2009-09-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Fix GSourceFunc callbacks in virtual methods

        D-Bus: Fix uninitialized error variable in servers

2009-09-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add generic_type_pos CCode attribute for macros

2009-09-14  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        D-Bus: Fix error handling in static clients
        Fixes bug 581101.

        D-Bus: Fix error handling in servers
        Fixes part of bug 581101.

        D-Bus: Set D-Bus name for DBus.Error errordomain

2009-09-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Add get_dbus_name helper method

2009-09-14  Ryan Lortie  <>

        GVariant binding fixes

2009-09-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix virtual struct properties

        Do not support use of generics in static methods of generic types
        Fixes bug 589071.

        Fix string switch statements with owned switch expression
        Fixes bug 591879.

        Fix C warnings in parser

2009-09-14  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        Add support for constants in interfaces

2009-09-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

        vapigen: Support owned_get metadata attribute for properties
        Fixes bug 592462.

2009-09-14  Mark Lee  <>

        Do not check for an entry point when compiling a library
        Fixes bug 594291.

2009-09-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix crash when using invalid conditional expressions
        Fixes bug 594400.

2009-09-14  Martin Olsson  <>

        libxml-2.0: Fix xmlGetProp/xmlGetNsProp/xmlGetNoNsProp bindings
        Fixes bug 594414.

2009-09-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Fix .begin on async methods that may throw errors

        Report error when declaring signals with static modifier
        Fixes bug 594440.

        Fix postconditions in namespace methods
        Fixes bug 595134.

        Fix crash when using postfix expressions with read-only properties
        Fixes bug 595145.

2009-09-14  Jan Hudec  <>

        GIR writer: Fix generation of implemented interfaces
        The list of implemented interfaces is expected as

            <implements name="Interface1" />
            <implements name="Interface2" />

        by gobject-introspection library (as of 0.6.3), but was written as

                <implements name="Interface1" />
                <implements name="Interface2" />

        by Vala.GIRWriter. Note, that vapigen expects the same format as
        gobject-introspection, so it was not able to read vala-written .girs
        before the change and is able to read them properly now.

        Fixes bug 584576.

2009-09-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gobject-2.0: Add bindings for more G_TYPE_* constants
        Fixes bug 591972.

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix gst_parse_launchv binding

        Report error when using yield expressions outside async methods

        gio-2.0: Nullable fixes for GSocketListener bindings

2009-09-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix invalid code generated for error handling in servers

        GAsync: Do not warn when not using .begin
        This improves backwards compatibility.

        Warn about unhandled errors in property accessors

        Also drop dynamic error warning from constructors

        gobject-2.0: Fix GParameter binding

        gtk+-2.0: Fix GtkRecentData binding
        Fixes bug 559647.

        Add has_copy_function and has_destroy_function struct attributes

        Do not warn about unhandled errors of dynamic method calls
        It is impossible to know at compile-time what error types dynamic
        methods may throw, so it does not make sense to warn about possibly
        unhandled errors in this case.

        Fixes bug 548439.

        Fix crash with type check expressions
        Fixes bug 594399.

        D-Bus: Test async client and server support

        Fix crash with virtual async methods

        Fix testrunner to support multiple packages

        gio-2.0: Correctly bind asynchronous methods

        GAsync: Fix .begin and add support for .end
        Based on patch by Didier 'Ptitjes.

        GAsync: Fix virtual async methods

        GType: Remove duplicated code for interface vfunc declarators

        D-Bus: Support async server methods

        GAsync: Fix declarations of async methods
        Fixes bug 573417.

        D-Bus: Small refactoring of generated message handlers
        Inline sending of reply in preparation for supporting asynchronous

2009-09-13  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        GAsync: Remove check for reference parameter types in async methods

2009-09-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Require yield expression for async method calls

        GAsync: Support GSourceFunc callbacks in async methods

        Replace `yields' by `async' method modifier

        GAsync: Drop async_only attribute support

        GAsync: Drop the synchronous version of async methods

        GAsync: Do not schedule idle handler for yield statements

2009-09-11  Alexander Bokovoy  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix g_key_file_set_comment binding

2009-09-07  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        GAsync: Add gio.h include in header for public async methods

2009-09-06  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GValue: Support conversion from and to string[]

        Detect use of possibly uninitialized variables in properties

        Consider fixed length array variables as defined

2009-09-05  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Write type parameters of generic methods in VAPI files

        Add support for properties in structs

2009-09-05  Mark Lee  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix Gtk.MessageDialog constructor binding
        The constructor for GtkMessageDialog, gtk_message_dialog_new, takes a
        printf-style format at the end of its parameter list (as opposed to 
        its varargs with a NULL sentinel).

        Fixes GNOME Bug #593995.

2009-09-05  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix crash when creating structs in member initializer

2009-09-04  Florian Brosch  <>

        Comment handling improvements
        Fixes bug 529040, bug 540513, and bug 546096.

2009-09-03  Eric Alber  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix gst_xml_* bindings
        Fixes bug 593853.

2009-09-03  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        Add libnl-1 bindings
        Fixes bug 593769.

2009-09-03  Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: gst_bus_poll return value can be null
        Fixes bug 592345.

2009-09-03  Michal Hruby  <>

        gobject-2.0: Fix binding for the dispose method
        Fixes bug 592269.

2009-09-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix gst_element_class_get_pad_template_list
        Fixes bug 593973.

        Do not write default param_spec_function in VAPI files

2009-09-03  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0: time_t does not have a type_id
        Fixes bug 587150.

2009-09-03  Ryan Lortie  <>

        add g_variant_unref to bindings
        note that if you call g_variant_unref() directly as a function then some
        versions of GCC have a bug that will cause invalid code to be emitted.
        this declaration is really only meant to be used as a callback.

2009-09-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Chain up to g_object_new where possible
        Fixes bug 593159.

        Support creation method chain up to g_object_new

        Do not chain up creation methods when using construct block

        Fix chain up to creation methods with variable argument lists

2009-09-03  Ryan Lortie  <>

        fix binding of GVariant parse functions

2009-09-02  Ryan Lortie  <>

        add dconf vapi (hand-written)

        add conditional GTree refcounts with -D GLIB_2_22

        GVariant binding fixups

2009-09-02  John Carr  <>

        girwriter: Make sure the default constructor is called new

2009-09-02  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Struct instance fields are always public

2009-09-02  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        Add test for accessing class/static fields from class methods

2009-09-02  Ryan Lortie  <>

        add initial GSettings support to gio-2.0 vapi

        Add partial GVariant bindings to glib VAPI

2009-09-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GObject: Fix boxed properties
        GObject properties that are boxed types were incorrectly being declared 
        pointer types when the properties were installed.

        Based on patch by Mark Lee, fixes bug 592493.

2009-09-01  Sebastian Dröge  <>

        Fix access checks for instance and class members
        Do not allow access to instance members from static or class
        constructors/destructors. Allow access to class members from
        class methods.

        Fixes bug 592930 and bug 593255.

2009-09-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gdk-2.0: Fix gdk_window_new binding

2009-08-31  Martin Olsson  <>

        libxml-2.0: Fix xmlNewDocRawNode binding
        Fixes bug 593219.

2009-08-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix GtkBuildable custom methods
        Fixes bug 593489, based on patch by Nicolas Bruguier.

2009-08-31  Nicolas Bruguier  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_notebook_insert_page*
        Fixes bug 593490.

2009-08-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

        vapigen: Support virtual="0"

2009-08-31  Nicolas Bruguier  <>

        gtk+-2.0: gtk_window_set_focus parameter can be null
        Fixes bug 593491.

2009-08-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix crash with certain default arguments
        Fixes bug 593499.

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_button_get_alignment binding
        Fixes bug 593578.

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_editable_select_region binding
        Fixes bug 593579.

        gobject-2.0: Add constructor to GLib.Object class

2009-08-27  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        Fix use of generics in base expressions inside constructors
        Fixes bug 593137.

2009-08-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix memory management in generic methods
        Fixes bug 593260.

2009-08-25  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        posix: Fix struct tm binding

2009-08-23  Jamie McCracken  <jamiemcc gnome org>

        Fix scanning of case where single line comments are appended to end of 
a line
        Fixes GNOME  Bug 592369 -  compiler is complaining about indentation if 
there are comments

        Porperly parse types when using array of/list of/dict of type
        Fixes GNOME Bug 592366 -  list doesn't work as well as ArrayList

2009-08-20  Mark Lee  <>

        valac: Add flag to specify a separate basedir for the public header
        This basedir is used in the VAPI file. Needed because of the way that 
        systems such as Waf deal with the location of the public header.

        Fixes GNOME Bug #589964.

2009-08-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix array length access for parameters using reserved identifiers

2009-08-19  Evan Nemerson  <>

        posix: add gettimeofday() and settimeofday() bindings.
        Fixes bug 592189.

2009-08-18  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gnome-keyring-1: Fix GnomeKeyring.AttributeList binding

2009-08-18  Alberto Ruiz  <>

        vapigen: Interfaces should be marked as external by default.

2009-08-17  Mark Lee  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix Gtk.Table:row-spacing binding
        gtk_table_set_row_spacing() should not be emitted by Vala as an accessor
        method for GtkTable's row-spacing property, as it has a different 

        Fixes GNOME Bug #592110.

2009-08-17  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Do not allow creation of objects without constructor
        Fixes bug 578417.

2009-08-17  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: fix some bindings

2009-08-17  Mark Lee  <>

        gobject-2.0: fix binding for ObjectClass.list_properties
        The array length type for the return value of
        g_object_class_list_properties() is guint, not int.

        Fixes GNOME Bug #592108.

2009-08-17  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Do not chain up constructors when using construct properties

        Accept external property accessors without body

2009-08-17  j.smit  <>

        gnet-2.0: Fix bindings for several delegates.
        Fixes bug 590936.

2009-08-17  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix some GtkStatusIcon signals
        Fixes bug 590951.

2009-08-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Report error when trying to modify strings
        Fixes bug 588038.

        gdk-2.0: Fix virtual methods in Gdk.Drawable class
        Fixes bug 591288.

        glib-2.0: Return character instead of number in char.to_string
        Fixes bug 590557.

2009-08-16  Evan Nemerson  <>

        posix: Add sync, fsync, and fdatasync bindings
        Fixes bug 590550.

2009-08-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Report error on unsupported constructor chain up
        Fixes bug 581362.

        Report error on invalid creation method declarations
        Fixes bug 572060.

        Ensure constructors are chained up
        Fixes bug 571453.

        Fix creation methods in abstract classes
        Add default construction method to abstract classes to allow chain up.
        Do not generate _new functions for construction methods in abstract
        classes, only generate _construct functions.

        Support relational and arithmetic operations with enum values
        Fixes bug 562265.

        Respect accessibility of creation methods
        Fixes bug 560974.

        Report error on unsupported type check expressions
        Fixes bug 585344.

        glib-2.0: Add g_strdelimit binding
        Fixes bug 530396.

2009-08-16  Michal Hruby  <>

        cairo: Fix cairo_image_surface_get_data binding
        ImageSurface.get_data() method returns unowned data.

2009-08-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        cairo: Add cairo_clip_extents binding and various fixes
        Fixes bug 591915.

        Check case expressions in switch statements
        Fixes bug 577052.

        Replace in_creation_method field by property

        Replace current_return_type field by property

        Simplify current symbol tracking
        Replace current_type_symbol, current_class, current_struct,
        current_method, and current_property_accessor fields by properties.

2009-08-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Do not treat external main methods as entry points

2009-08-15  Sebastian Pölsterl  <>

        glib-2.0: Added TimeoutSource.seconds constructor

2009-08-15  Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: set the delegate target position for gst_iterator_fold
        Fixes bug 591815.

2009-08-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Replace Vala.InstanceCast class by method

        glib-2.0: Fix g_strchomp, g_strchug, and g_strstrip bindings
        Strings are immutable in Vala. Fixes bug 571470.

        Report error on missing or duplicate entry point
        Fixes bug 591819.

        Check for unhandled errors in creation methods
        Fixes bug 571973.

2009-08-15  Mark Lee  <>

        gobject-2.0: Add binding for g_value_array_copy
        Fixes bug 591370.

        Arrays: Add array_length_type annotation to methods
        Adds support for the array_length_type CCode annotation, which allows
        methods with non-int array length parameters to be declared properly.
        Fixes possible crashes.

        Also adds Vala.CType, to work around the temporary variable type

        This fix only works with array return types, not with array parameters.

        Partially fixes bug 529866.

2009-08-12  Sebastian Pölsterl  <>

        glib-2.0: Fixed Source.remove binding
        Source.remove returns bool

2009-08-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Use g_signal_connect_object also for lambda expressions
        Fixes bug 591240.

        Fix cast from non-array to array type
        Fixes bug 590785.

2009-08-04  Rob Taylor  <>

        Add missing dependencies for cogl-1.0 bindings

        Add initial clutter-1.0 vala bindings.
        These were generated using gobject-introspection and then manually
        corrected, so there may be a number of issues. They are usable right
        now, but should be considered a work-in-progress.

2009-08-04  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Add string.to_utf8() method

2009-08-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix lambda expressions in property accessors
        Fixes bug 590626.

2009-08-03  Jaap A. Haitsma  <>

        gio-2.0: mtime in FileInfo.get_modification_time is an out parameter

2009-08-02  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Post-release version bump

        Release 0.7.5

2009-08-02  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Fix bindings to use the new syntax for fixed-length arrays
        Fixes bug 590477.

2009-08-02  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix crash when using unsupported types in dynamic clients
        Fixes bug 586479.

        Fix calling generic methods from generic types

        Report error when overriding method with static method

2009-08-01  inter  <>

        curses: make stdscr curscr and newscr not constant
        Curses example on wiki compiles again

2009-08-01  Frederik  <>

        Make PutUnion public
        vala tiff example now works

2009-08-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix memory leak when freeing arrays of structs
        Fixes bug 589144.

        GObject: Do not use G_PARAM_WRITABLE for private setters
        Fixes bug 589310.

        Support [ScanfFormat] attribute
        Fixes bug 589930.

        Improve CamelCase to lower_case transformation
        Fixes bug 585718.

2009-08-01  Michael B. Trausch  <>

        x11: Fix Window binding

2009-08-01  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Support [CCode (free_function_address_of = true)] attribute
        Fixes bug 589795.

2009-08-01  Mark Lee  <>

        posix: Update syntax for fixed-length array definition
        The syntax for fixed-length arrays changed in commit 5843b781.
        Fixes bug 590433.

2009-07-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix critical on invalid element access
        Fixes bug 590339.

        Drop duplicate declaration of creation methods

2009-07-30  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Arrays: Fix inline-allocated arrays

        Arrays: Change syntax for fixed-length arrays
        To clarify the difference to normal arrays and allow declaration
        of inline-allocated arrays of unknown length, the new syntax is:

            int array[3];

2009-07-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Retain array length across casts

        Fix chaining up constructors in generic classes

        GObject: Fix complex construct property assignments

        GIR parser: Skip checks not relevant for bindings

        Allow derived compact classes with instance fields in bindings

        glib-2.0: Add GStaticMutex bindings

        Fix name mangling in NULL check for out parameters

        Fix flow analysis in finally blocks
        Fixes bug 590069.

2009-07-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix critical when using general catch clauses

2009-07-28  Ji&#345;í Zárevúcky  <>

        Fix error handling in catch clauses

        Fix jump statements in try with finally
        Fixes bug 579101.

2009-07-28  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        D-Bus: GType-based client proxy instantiation
        Add internal DBus.get_object_from_type method to dbus-glib-1 binding,
        fixes bug 571831.

        D-Bus: Register client proxy class with interface
        Fixes part of bug 571831.

2009-07-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add parentheses to called functions where necessary

2009-07-28  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        Add factory method for creating instance register functions

        D-Bus: Move filter/match initialization to proxy constructor

2009-07-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add limited support for derived compact classes
        Fixes bug 578603.

        Removed Boxed pseudo-class

        Report error when declaring virtual methods as extern
        See bug 584400.

        Fix error message when trying to invoke object
        Based on patch by Andreas Brauchli, fixes bug 574910.

        Support virtual default handler for signals
        Based on patch by Yu Feng, fixes part of 571685.

        Support delegates without target as generic type arguments
        Based on patch by Levi Bard, fixes bug 519949.

2009-07-28  Mark Lee  <>

        Add support for iterating over GValueArrays via foreach
        Implements working support for using ValueArrays in foreach statements. 
        owned and unowned Value element types are implemented, including a 


        void print_array (ValueArray array) {
          foreach (Value value in array) {
            message ("Value: %s", value.strdup_contents ());

        Fixes bug 588742.

2009-07-28  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        Owned struct parameters should not be const
        This code fails to compile, because vala tries to free() a const value.

           public virtual void qset (Quark field, owned Value? value) {

2009-07-28  Mark Lee  <>

        GIR writer: add c:prefix support for namespaces
        Emit a c:prefix attribute for namespaces, if the cprefix exists,
        fixes bug 583862.

2009-07-28  Frederik Sdun  <>

        GValue: Support implicit conversion to nullable GValue
        Fixes bug 589155.

2009-07-28  Jukka-Pekka Iivonen  <>

        posix: Add setsid, mknod, and tcgetsid bindings
        Fixes bug 589970.

2009-07-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Remove unused methods

        Support delegate properties
        Based on patch by Julien Fontanet, fixes bug 543879.

2009-07-28  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Make some functions which return Gtk.IconInfo transfer ownership
        Fixes bug #589530

2009-07-27  Levi Bard  <>

        Support locks with static fields
        Fixes bug 537461.

2009-07-27  Reuben Dunnington  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_tree_view_get_*_area bindings
        Fixes bug 589924.

2009-07-27  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Add libusb-1.0 bindings
        Fixes bug 589913.

        libftdi: Update to libftdi-0.16, adapt to libusb changes
        Fixes bug 589911.

        libusb: Numerous improvements to the API
        Fixes bug 589910.

2009-07-27  Michael B. Trausch  <>

        glib-2.0: Add binding for ngettext to support plural strings
        Fixes bug 589735.

2009-07-27  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Make many copy methods transfer ownership
        Fixes bug 589309.

2009-07-27  Evan Nemerson  <>

        vapigen: Make quotes around metadata arguments optional
        Fixes bug 588171.

        pango: Various PangoAttribute-related fixes
        Fixes bug 587645.

        vapigen: Support overriding memory management functions in metadata
        Fixes bug 589307.

2009-07-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Add FileStream.read_line method
        Based on patch by Frederik and Nicolas Joseph, fixes bug 582178.

2009-07-27  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Use (s)size_t instead of (u)long in several string methods
        Fixes bug 577352.

2009-07-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Report error when initializing constants or fields in bindings
        Fixes bug 556197.

        Add GError parameter for overriding methods where necessary
        Check the error types of the base method as well, fixes bug 548283.

        Only register GObject properties with valid names
        Fixes bug 547252.

        Fix non-GObject interface properties in GObject classes
        Fixes bug 539658.

2009-07-26  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Do not use GLib-specific code outside GObject profile

2009-07-26  Jaap A. Haitsma  <>

        Forgot to add librsvg-2.0-custom.vala
        in commit 1c8740642f759e82eb936af88a89ab310b9e3e12

        gconf-2.0: Fix GConf.Client.get_entry binding (bgo#589739)
        The "locale" parameter in gconf_client_get_entry can be NULL.
        Fixes GNOME Bug #589739.
        Patch by Mark Lee <>

2009-07-23  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: add bindings for some GstClockTime methods
        Add bindings for GST_TIME_ARGS and GST_CLOCK_TIME_IS_VALID

2009-07-23  Alberto Ruiz  <>

        Scanner has now a public static method to check if a token is a keyword 
or an identifier. CodeWriter uses that method to figure out whether it should 
add a @ prefix or not.

        Add support for Array parameters with no array_legth (fixes #589446)

2009-07-22  Rob Taylor  <>

        Remove debug statements in the gir parser positional parameter handling

        Make vapigen obey deps files for --pkg arguments.

        debugging for empty struct warning

        Cope with throws in a constructor

        Attempt to correctly generate positional information for closures and 
array lengths

        support .deps files when using new .gir files.

2009-07-21  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        Support taking address of generic variables
        Fixes bug 589236.

2009-07-20  Sebastian Pölsterl  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Fixed gst_iterator_find_custom binding
        Don't hide user_data parameter.
        Fixes bug #589147

2009-07-18  Jaap A. Haitsma  <>

        librsvg-2.0: make DimensionData a struct, regenerate bindings
        Patch by Evan Nemerson <>
        Fixes bug #588652

        vapigen: allow metadata to set type_id
        Patch by Evan Nemerson <>
        Fixes bug #588703

2009-07-17  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gio-2.0: Regenerate bindings

        Fix source filename mangling

2009-07-16  Jaap A. Haitsma  <>

        libgdata: add libgdata bindings
        Fixes bug #588719
        Patch by Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>

2009-07-16  Ji&#345;í Zárevúcky  <>

        Add support for static properties
        Fixes bug 586166.

2009-07-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix crash when using dynamic properties on unsupported types

        GIR parser: Support constructors throwing errors

2009-07-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Check for valac >= 0.7.0 in

2009-07-13  Jaap A. Haitsma  <>

        gtk+-2.0: regenerate binding with new vapigen

2009-07-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Use locale-independent g_ascii_strtod

2009-07-11  Jaap A. Haitsma  <>

        gio-unix-2.0: Various improvements to UnixMountEntry
        Fixes bug 586017
        Patch by Evan Nemerson <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix TreeView.get_columns binding
        Fixes bug #588009

        glib-2.0: Fix unescape_string and unescape_segment
        Fixes bug #588011

        glib-2.0: Make use ByteArray.len as length.
        Fixes bug 586162
        Patch by Evan Nemerson <>

2009-07-11  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix crash in scanner

2009-07-10  Jaap A. Haitsma  <>

        gstreamer-netbuffer-0.10: Fix GstNetBuffer binding
        Fixes bug 565026.

2009-07-10  Evan Nemerson  <>

        pangocairo: Fix pango_cairo_create_* bindings
        pango_cairo_create_{context,layout} transfer ownership,
        fixes bug 587840.

        gdk-2.0: Fix GdkNativeWindow binding
        Fixes bug 587157.

        librsvg-2.0: rsvg_handle_new_from_data takes an array
        Fixes bug 583475.

        gdk-2.0: Fix gdk_property_change binding
        The data parameter to gdk_property_change should not include array
        length, fixes bug 583235.

        glib-2.0: Fix GIOFlags binding
        Prepend IS_ to IOFlags.READABLE, WRITEABLE, and SEEKABLE,
        fixes bug 567387.

        glib-2.0: Add more GMarkup bindings
        Add g_markup_collect_attributes, g_markup_parser_context_push,
        g_markup_parser_context_pop, and GMarkupCollectType bindings,
        based on patch by Yu Feng, fixes bug 564704.

        gnome-keyring-1: Fix GNOME_KEYRING_ constant bindings
        Fixes bug 556632.

2009-07-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Add GHashTableIter binding
        Based on patch by Yu Feng, fixes bug 571779.

        libpanelapplet-2.0: Fix PanelApplet::change_background binding
        Based on patch by Yu Feng, fixes bug 555566.

2009-07-10  Evan Nemerson  <>

        libwnck-1.0: Fix WnckScreen::active_*_changed signals
        Fixes part of bug 555566.

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_container_forall and signal bindings
        Fixes part of bug 555566.

        glib-2.0: Add g_ascii_dtostr and g_ascii_formatd bindings
        Fixes bug 541450.

2009-07-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Check type of constants
        Fixes bug 587947.

        Check type of field initializers

2009-07-09  Vlad Grecescu  <>

        Write constructors with --dump-tree
        Fixes bug 581663.

2009-07-08  Jaap A. Haitsma  <>

        Add VALAFLAGS
        Fixes bug 585070.

2009-07-08  Matias De la Puente  <>

        glib-2.0: Add Windows compatibility functions
        Fixes bug 584636.

2009-07-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Set type_id for GQuark
        Fixes bug 584306.

2009-07-08  Jukka-Pekka Iivonen  <>

        posix: Add math functions

        posix: Add signal functions
        Fixes bug 584145.

2009-07-08  Mark Lee  <>

        vapigen: Do not doubly-link to the static libgee
        In the Vala Team PPA, it was reported that the vapigen binary did not 
        due to the fact that Gee classes were being registered multiple times. 
        problem was fixed by removing the explicit reference to libgee in 
        it is already included via libvala.

        Fixes bug 585120.

2009-07-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix short and ushort properties in GObject classes
        Fixes bug 587493.

2009-07-08  Jordan Yelloz  <>

        GIR parser: Fix case for cprefix

2009-07-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix GTypeModule-based plugins

2009-07-07  Michael B. Trausch  <>

        Add gnet-2.0 bindings

2009-07-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Fix critical warning

2009-07-04  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Remove unused result variable from coroutines

2009-07-04  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        GAsync: Implement the finish function
        The finish function returns the values stored in the closure as out
        parameters and method return value.

2009-07-04  Jaap A. Haitsma  <>

        GlyphInfo, GlyphGeometry, GlyphVisAttr must be struct not class.

2009-07-03  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        GAsync: Fix uncaught error's return statement
        FALSE must be returned in coroutines, independent of the return

        GAsync: Fix closure's field names
        Parameter names must be escaped like other Vala variables.

        GAsync: Fix generated sync method variant
        Yield statements must be ignored in synchronous variant.

        D-Bus: Add DBusModule.get_type_signature method
        Replace DataType.get_type_signature() calls.

        GIR writer: Fix g-i names for base types

2009-07-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GIR parser: Fix callback parameters in virtual methods

        gio-2.0: Regenerate bindings

2009-07-01  Jaap A. Haitsma  <>

        Add g_file_hash and g_file_equal as HashFunc and EqualFunc
        Fixes bug #587412
        Patch by Jens Georg <>

2009-06-30  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Report error for invalid escape sequences
        Fixes bug 587375.

2009-06-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Post-release version bump

        Release 0.7.4

        Fix GStrv properties in bindings
        Fixes bug 587068.

        webkit-1.0: Update to WebKitGTK+ 1.1.10

2009-06-28  Jaap A. Haitsma  <>

        Gst.Navigation requires Gst.Element
        Patch by Victor Manuel Jaquez Leal <>
        Fixes bug #584912

2009-06-26  Jaap A. Haitsma  <>

        Add .doap file
        Patch by Julien Fontanet
        Fixes bug #586856

2009-06-26  Matias De la Puente  <>

        gtksourceview-2.0: Fix gtk_source_language_manager binding

2009-06-26  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Support registering objects with low-level connections

2009-06-25  Matias De la Puente  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_file_chooser_get_files binding
        Fixes bug 585865.

        gio-2.0: Fix g_file_replace_contents{,_finish} bindings
        g_file_replace_contents{,_finish}.new_etag transfers ownership,
        according to the docs. Fixes bug 585612.

2009-06-25  Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix gst_iterator_fold binding
        Fixes bug 585588.

        gstreamer-pbutils-0.10: Fix gst_install_plugins_async binding
        Fixed gst_install_plugins_async function parameters, fixes bug 585586.

2009-06-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

        vapigen: Use GObject profile

2009-06-25  lariamat  <>

        gio-2.0: Fix g_data_input_stream_read_*_finish bindings
        Fixes bug 585266.

2009-06-25  Michael B. Trausch  <>

        posix: Fix getpgid binding
        The getpgid function call takes a single parameter, the PID of the
        process the user is interested in getting the PGID for, per POSIX and
        Linux man pages.

2009-06-25  Jukka-Pekka Iivonen  <>

        Add postgres bindings
        Fixes bug 583357.

2009-06-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add parenthesis to macro substitutions where necessary
        Based on patch by Yu Feng.

2009-06-25  Matias De la Puente  <>

        gtksourceview-2.0: Fix SourcePrintCompositor binding
        Fixes bug 585894.

2009-06-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix type declaration for static fields

        Fix use of nullable GLib.Value

2009-06-21  Jaap A. Haitsma  <>

        x, y are output parameter in get_tooltip_context methods
        Fixes bug #586487

2009-06-17  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Inherit ref_function_void CCode attribute
        Fixes bug 586077.

2009-06-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

        POSIX: Do not accept `construct' in parser

        Treat casts of C constants as constants

2009-06-16  Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Replace deprecated # syntax by owned
        Fixes bug 585587.

2009-06-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Check ownership for property getters in clients
        Properties used in D-Bus clients require owned get accessor.

        D-Bus: Fix variable conflict with server properties

        gtk+-2.0: Add gtk_tree_view_row_expanded binding
        Fixes bug 536480.

        D-Bus: Test arrays

        D-Bus: Test properties

        D-Bus: Support array properties in clients

        D-Bus: Fix memory leaks in server properties
        Free allocated memory used for properties in D-Bus servers.

        Fix notify warning for array properties

        Fix type checks for virtual and abstract properties
        Take ownership into account when checking inherited properties.

2009-06-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Generate C89 compatible code for string switch statements
        Based on patch by Ali Sabil.

        Fix implicit casts involving Gst.Value
        Based on patch by Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal, fixes bug 585018.

        D-Bus: Support array properties in servers
        Fixes bug 585434.

        Fix abstract and virtual array properties

        Support array properties
        Fixes bug 536706.

2009-06-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix GtkWidget.window binding

        gtksourceview-2.0: Regenerated with GtkSourceView 2.7.1

2009-06-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix gst_tag_list_get_date* bindings
        Fixes bug 582250.

2009-06-06  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GAsync: Fix freeing of return value

2009-06-06  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        GAsync: Fix missing cast when creating GSimpleAsyncResult object

2009-06-06  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix error handling of inner object creation expressions
        Fixes bug 569770.

2009-06-06  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        Propagate uncaught errors in try statements
        Fixes bug 579388.

        Fix unreachable catch clause detection
        Fixes part of bug 579388.

2009-06-06  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix type checking for ref and out arguments
        Fixes bug 570058.

        Report error for recursive value types
        Fixes bug 584573.

        Convert for loops into simple loops

        Convert do loops into simple loops

        Convert while loops into simple loops
        Simplifies and fixes bugs in semantic and flow analysis and code
        generation. Based on patch by Levi Bard, fixes bug 570091.

2009-06-04  &#1061;&#1072;&#1088;&#1080;&#1085; 
&#1056;&#1086;&#1084;&#1072;&#1085;  <>

        cairo: Fix enum bindings

2009-06-04  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Report error when declaring private fields in compact classes
        Fixes bug 583300.

        Support postconditions in normal methods
        Fixes bug 529680.

        Use result variable in C for method results
        This eliminates the long C return statements and will help when
        adding support for postconditions in normal methods.

        GValue: Add support for implicit and explicit casts
        Based on patch by Andrea Del Signore, fixes bug 528436.

2009-06-03  Frédéric-Emmanuel PICCA  <>

        gsl: Fix gsl_multiroot_function binding

2009-06-03  Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_file_chooser_get_{filenames,uris} bindings

        gtk+-2.0: GtkTreeRowReference should be immutable
        Fixes bug 584632.

2009-06-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gio-2.0: Fix g_file_monitor_directory binding
        Fixes bug 527793.

        Check compatibility of generic type arguments
        Fixes bug 520952.

        Add initial support for static methods in generic types
        Fixes bug 471512.

        Add initial support for generic methods
        Fixes bug 492483.

2009-06-02  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gio-2.0: Fix g_file_hash binding
        Based on patch by Richard Schwarting, fixes bug 578092.

2009-06-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gee: Fix memory leak in HashMap.remove and HashSet.remove
        Fixes bug 584440.

2009-06-01  &#321;ukasz Pankowski  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix g_key_file_load_from_* bindings
        KeyFile.load_from_file, load_from_dirs and load_from_data_dirs may
        also throw FileError in addition to KeyFileError. Fixes bug 582517.

2009-06-01  Mark Lee  <>

        gnome-vfs-2.0: Fix GnomeVFS.MimeApplication bindings
        Make sure the proper header is emitted for GnomeVFSMimeApplication.

        gnome-vfs-2.0: GnomeVFS.FileSize binding fixes
        GnomeVFSFileSize is a typedef'd uint64, not a compact class.
        gnome_vfs_read.bytes_read and gnome_vfs_write.bytes_written are
        out parameters.

2009-06-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Revert GLib.KeyFile.to_data change
        g_key_file_to_data never throws an error. Revert earlier change and
        add explanation as comment.

2009-06-01  Mark Lee  <>

        gnome-desktop-2.0: Fix gnome_desktop_item_{get,set}_strings bindings
        gnome_desktop_item_get_strings and gnome_desktop_item_set_strings
        use NULL-terminated string arrays. Fixes bug 582974.

2009-06-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix array freeing in servers
        Fixes bug 566207.

2009-05-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gdk-x11-2.0: Regenerate bindings with new x11 bindings
        Based on patch by Alexandre Moreira.

2009-05-31  Michael B. Trausch  <>

        x11: Enhance X11 bindings and fix some cnames
        This patch fixes cnames for the X11 bindings and provides bindings for
        new methods which came from my original bindings that I wrote for
        AllTray earlier this year.

2009-05-31  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        GAsync: Add empty statement after labels
        C does not allow labels at end of compound statements.

2009-05-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix memory leaks in servers
        Free allocated memory used for parameters and return values in D-Bus
        servers. Based on patch by Sebastian Pölsterl, fixes bug 566207.

        Declare types used in implicit casts
        Fixes bug 584163.

        Fix handling of non-ASCII characters in comments

        GAsync: Include gio/gio.h when needed

2009-05-31  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        posix: Add pseudo terminal functions
        Add posix_openpt(3), grantpt(3), and unlockpt(3) bindings.

2009-05-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Do not crash when calling methods after disconnecting from bus
        Throw error instead.

2009-05-28  Frederik Sdun  <>

        D-Bus: Fix using static methods as async callbacks

2009-05-28  Mark Lee  <>

        GIR writer: Remove GLib.Regex reference
        The GRegex reference prevents compilation with GLib 2.12. The code has
        been replaced with equivalent code derived from the string class.

        Fixes bug 584098.

2009-05-26  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Post-release version bump

        Release 0.7.3

        glib-2.0: Fix time_t binding
        Fixes bug 583177.

2009-05-25  Mark Lee  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix GLib.KeyFile.to_data binding
        g_keyfile_to_data should throw a KeyFileError instead of having an 
        out error parameter.

        gdk-2.0: Fix gdk_color_to_string binding
        gdk_color_to_string returns a newly allocated string, so it needs to be
        annotated as such. Fixes bug 583791.

2009-05-25  Travis Watkins  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_builder_* and gtk_tree_view_* bindings
        Fixes bug 583004.

2009-05-25  Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal  <>

        gstreamer-audio-0.10: Fix GstBaseAudio*SlaveMethod enums
        Fixes bug 582992.

2009-05-25  Mike Massonnet  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_notebook_* bindings
        Fixes bug 583687.

2009-05-25  Mark Lee  <>

        gio-2.0: Fix the g_app_info_launch binding
        g_app_info_launch.launch_context is nullable, according to the docs.
        Fixes bug 583586.

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_alignment_get_padding binding
        All of the parameters for gtk_alignment_get_padding are out parameters.
        Fixes bug 583828.

2009-05-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix GtkTextBuffer:text binding

        vapigen: Add accessor_method metadata for properties

2009-05-24  Jim Nelson  <>

        gdk-pixbuf-2.0: Fix memory leaks
        Fix memory leaks in gdk_pixbuf_flip and gdk_pixbuf_rotate_simple
        bindings. Fixes bug 582694.

2009-05-24  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Do not declare construct-only properties in header files
        Fixes bug 580386.

2009-05-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix CompareDataFunc parameters

        Fix lock statement when used on non-private fields
        Fixes bug 579613.

2009-05-17  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        GIR writer: Generate <package/> tag

        GIR writer: Generate correct GIR namespace name and version

        Add --gir option to enable GIR generation

2009-05-17  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        posix: Add bind(2)
        This needs to use variable argument list since the actual parameters
        vary with the socket family.

        posix: Add readlink(2) and ttyname_r(3)

2009-05-14  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        Fix null pointer access on out parameter clearing
        Fixes bug 580667.

2009-05-12  Marc-André Lureau  <>

        build: Use m4 dir for autoconf macros

2009-05-09  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Rename gobject directory to codegen

2009-05-09  Jukka-Pekka Iivonen  <>

        posix: Add poll.h and unistd.h bindings

2009-05-09  Matias De la Puente  <>

        posix: Add sys/select.h bindings

        posix: Add termios.h bindings

        posix: Add more string.h bindings

2009-05-09  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix handling of empty cprefix in CCode attribute of a namespace

2009-05-09  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        posix: add setgid(2) and setuid(2)

2009-05-09  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Remove unused CodeContext.memory_management property

        Add --vapi command-line option
        The --vapi command-line option generates a .vapi file with the
        public API.

        Remove unused CodeContext.library property

2009-05-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Support enum values as array indices

        Fix parameter type declaration of signals

        Add initial support for POSIX profile
        Add --profile command-line option.

        Code compiled with valac --profile posix will not depend on GLib or
        GObject. However, many language features are currently not supported
        with the POSIX profile.

2009-05-07  Frederik  <>

        lua: Update bindings
        Fixes bug 575707.

2009-05-07  Mark Lee  <>

        gnome-keyring-1: Fix GnomeKeyringNetworkPasswordData binding
        The correct unref function for GnomeKeyring.NetworkPasswordData is
        gnome_keyring_network_password_free(). Fixes part of bug 578204.

        gnome-keyring-1: Fix gnome_keyring_set_network_password_sync binding
        The item_id parameter for GnomeKeyring.set_network_password_sync needs
        to be annotated as an "out" parameter.

        Fixes part of bug 578204.

        gnome-keyring-1: Update to gnome-keyring 2.26.0
        Fixes part of bug 578204.

2009-05-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add initial x11, xcb, and cairo-xcb bindings
        Fixes bug 515435.

        gdk-2.0: Fix GdkEvent binding
        Bind GdkEvent as a class instead of a struct. Based on patch by
        Evan Nemerson, fixes bug 580862.

        Post-release version bump

        Release 0.7.2

2009-05-07  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        GIR parser: Add c:prefix parsing

        GIR parser: Fix virtual method and signal parsing

        GIR parser: Mark constants as external to not require initializer

        GIR parser: Fix allow-none attribute parsing in fields and return values

        GIR parser: Fix construct-only attribute parsing for properties

        GIR parser: Parse class constants

        GIR parser: Fix c:type parsing in types and constructor return value

        GIR parser: Handle module GModule in namespace GLib

2009-05-07  Levi Bard  <>

        Move delegate typedef to right position
        Fixes bug 580513.

2009-05-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Support delegates with delegate parameters and results
        Based on patch by Levi Bard, fixes bug 578415.

2009-05-07  Levi Bard  <>

        Fix initialization of nullable structs
        Fixes bug 579758.

2009-05-07  Mark Lee  <>

        json-glib-1.0: Fix bindings
        Fix JsonSerializable, json_serializable_deserialize_property,
        json_construct_gobject, json_serialize_gobject, and
        json_node_get_value bindings. Fixes bug 581068.

2009-05-07  Krzysztof Kotlenga  <>

        dbus-glib-1: Add DBusNameFlag binding
        Fixes bug 579043.

2009-05-07  William Swanson  <>

        libgsf-1: Use owned modifier instead of the deprecated # modifier
        Fixes bug 581392.

2009-05-07  Levi Bard  <>

        Fix delegate out parameters
        Fixes bug 578412.

2009-05-07  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gdk-pixbuf-2.0: Fix gdk_pixbuf_copy binding
        Make Gdk.Pixbuf.copy() transfer ownership. Based on patch by Qball Cow,
        fixes bug 581367.

2009-05-07  Ryan Lortie  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix g_key_file_to_data binding
        Fixes bug 580348.

2009-05-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

        webkit-1.0: Fix WebKitWebView::hovering_over_link binding
        Fixes bug 579191.

        gdk-2.0: Fix gdk_pixmap_new binding
        Fixes bug 578163.

2009-05-07  Feng Yu  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Add Gtk.Container.forall_internal
        Add Gtk.Container.forall_internal to work around the inconsistent
        forall binding. Fixes bug 543872.

2009-05-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix crash when using `in' operator

2009-05-05  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Do not depend on uint64 in semantic analyzer

        Fix handling of numeric types in symbol resolver

        Accept numeric base types in struct declaration

        Fix instance parameter type for numeric types

        GIR writer: Do not use string.replace
        GRegex requires GLib 2.14.

        GIR writer: Replace escape_attribute_string by Markup.escape_text

2009-05-05  Sebastian Pölsterl  <>

        Replaced deprecated # syntax with new owned syntax

2009-05-04  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GType: Declare inherited methods in interface implementations
        Fixes bug 581290.

        Declare parameter types of signals

2009-04-30  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        GIR writer: Generate annotations on all elements

        GIR writer: Improve errordomain generation
        Generate get-quark and codes attributes on errordomain and generate
        enum for error codes.

        GIR writer: Generate enum values and c:identifer attributes

        GIR writer: Generate throws attribute
        Generate throws attribute on constructors, methods and callbacks.

        GIR writer: Improve property generation
        Generate readable, construct and construct-only attributes on property.

        GIR writer: Generate property's cannonical name instead of name

        GIR writer: Generate c:type attribute on callbacks

        GIR writer: Generate allow-none attributes
        Generate allow-none attributes on parameters, return values and fields.

        GIR writer: Fix missing transfer-ownership attributes
        Fix missing transfer-ownership attribute on parameters and return value.

2009-04-30  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GIR writer: Fix critical warnings

2009-04-30  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        GIR writer: Generate constant c:identifier and value

        GIR writer: Support pointer types and generic types
        Generate type correctly with adhoc c:type (pointer types and
        parametered types).

        GIR writer: Generate abstract attribute for abstract classes

        GIR writer: Fix virtual method generation
        Generate virtual and abstract methods correctly (method +
        virtual-method + callback in type struct).

        GIR writer: Avoid generating parameters tag if not necessary

        GIR writer: Generate static methods correctly

        GIR writer: Generate type structs for classes and interfaces

        Generate type attributes for all enum|class|interface tags
        Generate c:type, glib:type-name and glib:get-type attributes for all
        enum|class|interface tags.

2009-04-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix declarations of struct copy and free functions

2009-04-26  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        cairo: fix cname of Cairo.Format

2009-04-25  Ali Sabil  <>

        Avoid C compiler warning for abstract interface implementations
        Fixes bug 571522.

2009-04-23  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_entry_completion_set_match_func binding

        gdk-pixbuf-2.0: Fix gdk_pixbuf_get_file_info binding

2009-04-23  Sebastian Spaeth  <>

        cairo: Fix cairo_image_surface_get_data binding
        Fixes bug 579803.

2009-04-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

        hal: Add libhal_device_get_property_{bool,double} bindings

2009-04-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Post-release version bump

        Release 0.7.1

        Fix local variable initialization of basic types

2009-04-17  Jim Nelson  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_tree_selection_set_select_function binding

2009-04-17  Ali Sabil  <>

        gstreamer-rtp-0.10: Turn GstRTCPPacket into a struct

        libxml-2.0.vapi: use the owned modifier instead of the deprecated # 

2009-04-16  Ali Sabil  <>

        Fix a critical when using a catch block without a variable

2009-04-15  Levi Bard  <>

        Fix GType declaration for structs
        Fixes bug 578162.

        Fix crash with invalid property default expressions
        Do not check type compatibility on the default expression of a
        property if it fails semantic analysis. Fixes bug 576122.

        Fix crash on invalid binary expressions
        Fixes bug 571960.

2009-04-15  Samuel Cormier-Iijima  <>

        Strip whitespace from lines in .deps files
        Fixes bug 560712.

2009-04-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix temp variable declaration in internal VAPI properties

        Remove gnet-2.0 bindings
        The generated bindings are broken as the C library does not follow
        the usual naming conventions. If there is still demand for gnet-2.0
        bindings, manual bindings should be added.

        Warn when using deprecated # modifier or operator

        Update code using deprecated # modifier or operator

        Introduce new signal connect/disconnect syntax
        foo.clicked.connect (handler);

        Fixes bug 566847.

2009-04-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Do not check GList/GSList references against NULL
        NULL is a valid empty GList/GSList. Based on patch by Yu Feng,
        fixes bug 578198.

2009-04-14  Jamie McCracken  <jamiemcc gnome org>

        fix bug in printing string literal in Genie

2009-04-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add --verbose command-line option
        Currently just prints C compiler command-line before execution.
        Fixes bug 559890.

2009-04-14  Jamie McCracken  <jamiemcc gnome org>

        Fix bug in print statement

2009-04-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Support set accessors in internal VAPI properties
        Fixes bug 545187.

        Regenerate more bindings

        libgnomeui-2.0: Replace references to Gtk.DestroyNotify
        Fixes bug 578947.

        vapigen: Fix constants

        Support external constants

        Update bindings to not use static modifier for delegates

        Replace static modifier for delegates by attribute
        Replace `static' modifier for delegates without a user_data parameter
        by [CCode (has_target = false)] as we only support this for bindings,
        it is not considered a language feature. Fixes bug 526549.

        Use fully-qualified name in the code writer
        Fixes bug 516859.

2009-04-14  Jamie McCracken  <jamiemcc gnome org>

        Updated genie parser to match vala parser in functionality and bug fixes

2009-04-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Remove generated .c files on make maintainer-clean
        Fixes bug 509146.

        Avoid C compiler warning in string switch statements
        Fixes bug 505856.

        Fix array and delegate arguments in creation and virtual methods

2009-04-14  Jamie McCracken  <jamiemcc gnome org>

        Updated genie scanner to handle all new/missing vala tokens and 

2009-04-13  Jamie McCracken  <jamiemcc gnome org>

        Report error when using conflicting method modifiers  in Genie parser

        Added support for static properties in Genie parser

        Fix error message when encountering invalid character literals in Genie 

        Added property attributes to Genie parser

        Added missing source reference to Genie parser

2009-04-13  Jamie  <jamie@jamie-laptop.(none)>

        Fixed codegen problem

2009-04-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix names of methods generated from lambda expressions

        Fix virtual methods throwing errors
        Fixes bug 578778.

        Ensure string.h is included when using memcpy

        vapigen: Remove unused method

        Include glib-object.h when declaring fundamental classes

2009-04-11  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_image_get_stock binding
        Based on patch by Simon Wenner, fixes bug 578687.

2009-04-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Declare base types of pointer types

        Arrays: Add experimental support for fixed-length arrays
        Local fixed-length arrays are allocated on the stack.

            int[3] array = { 1, 2, 3 };

        Fixes bug 492481.

        Remove result variable warning
        Implicit result variable not planned for Vala 1.0.

        Remove unused cheader_filename field

        Do not delete existing .c files
        Fixes bug 501585.

        Remove unused CodeContext.save_cheaders property

        Remove unused get_cheader_filename methods

2009-04-10  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        posix: Add struct group, getgrent, setgrent, endgrent
        Signed-Off-By: Michael 'Mickey' Lauer 

        posix: Add struct passwd, setpwent, getpwent, endpwent
        Signed-Off-by: Michael 'Mickey' Lauer 

        glib-2.0: Fix g_find_program_in_path binding

2009-04-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Improve handling of reserved identifiers
        Avoid conflicts between reserved identifiers and generated code
        for local variables and formal parameters. Fixes bug 469335 and
        bug 515225.

2009-04-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Move common code from GObjectModule to GTypeModule

        Regenerate GTK+ bindings

2009-04-08  Rob Taylor  <>

        Merge branch 'master' into internal-vapi

        Override cheader to internal cheader when writing the internal vapi.

2009-04-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix static modifiers for helper functions

2009-04-08  Sebastian Pölsterl  <>

        gstreamer-audio-0.10: Update bindings

        gstreamer-netbuffer-0.10: Update bindings

        gstreamer-riff-0.10: Update bindings

        gstreamer-rtp-0.10: Update bindings

        gstreamer-rtsp-0.10: Update bindings

        gstreamer-tag-0.10: Update bindings

        gstreamer-video-0.10: Update bindings

        gstreamer-check-0.10: Update bindings

        gstreamer-base-0.10: Update bindings

2009-04-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix memory leak in introspection handler

        GError: Fix uncaught errors in creation methods

2009-04-08  Rob Taylor  <>

        Merge branch 'master' into internal-vapi

2009-04-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Use basename of C file in line directive

2009-04-08  Rob Taylor  <>

        Add ability to override certain cheaders when using CodeWriter

2009-04-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Emit line directive when there is no corresponding Vala line

2009-04-08  Rob Taylor  <>

        Merge branch 'master' into internal-vapi

2009-04-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Add constant and delegate declarations to internal header

        Add delegate declarations to header file

2009-04-08  Levi Bard  <>

        Add constant declarations to header file
        Fixes bug 578267.

2009-04-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Declare return types of delegates

2009-04-07  Rob Taylor  <>

        Merge branch 'master' of git://

2009-04-07  David Janzso  <>

        doc: Move array types from reference to value types

2009-04-07  Rob Taylor  <>

        small fixes for invocation with --internal-vapi

2009-04-07  Michael B. Trausch  <>

        posix: Add exit and abort bindings

2009-04-07  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        posix: Add mkfifo(3) and unlink(2) bindings

        posix: Add socketpair and pipe bindings

        posix: Add opendir and friends

2009-04-07  Rob Taylor  <>

        Add support for saving out the internal api as a vapi

2009-04-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Declare static fields when used
        Fixes bug 578127.

2009-04-07  Ali Sabil  <>

        Fix const-incorrect code generated for string interface properties 
        Fixes bug 577960.

2009-04-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

        dbus-glib-1: Fix dbus_error_init binding

        cairo: Fix cairo_*_extents bindings

2009-04-06  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Avoid redefinition of callback wrapper

2009-04-06  Nicolas Joseph  <>

        gdk-2.0: Fix gdk_display_get_pointer binding
        Fixes bug 577925.

        gtksourceview-2.0: Fix gtk_source_style_scheme_manager_get_* bindings
        Fixes bug 577890.

        gtksourceview-2.0: Fix GtkSourceStyleSchemeManager binding
        Fixes bug 577886.

2009-04-06  Mark Lee  <>

        gdk-2.0: fix gdk*_add_client_message_filter bindings
        Hide the data parameters for Gdk.add_client_message_filter() and
        Gdk.Display.add_client_message_filter(). Fixes bug 577766.

2009-04-06  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Report error when trying to use signals as expressions
        Fixes bug 437431.

        Fix nested context information

2009-04-06  Ali Sabil  <>

        Declare property types in interfaces

        Fix declaration order of interfaces and field types

        Declare property types in classes

2009-04-05  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix declaration order of classes and field types

        Fix temp variable declaration in internal VAPI methods

        Fix error messages when using preprocessing directives
        The line information was off when skipping conditional sections.

        Post-release version bump

        Release 0.7.0

        Drop legacy header support

        Switch build system to not use legacy headers

2009-04-03  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        Drop type check statements if assertions are disabled

2009-04-03  Mark Lee  <>

        gnome-keyring-1: Fix gnome_keyring_find_network_password_sync binding
        The results parameter for GnomeKeyring.find_network_password_sync needs 
to be
        annotated as an "out" parameter. Fixes bug 577810.

2009-04-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

        More error domain declaration fixes
        Fixes bug 577738.

        Fix leading whitespace in preprocessing directives

        Make sender parameter in signal handlers optional
        Signal handler should not need to know the sender. This also makes it
        possible to use the exact same parameter list for signal declaration
        and signal handler.

        Update man page

        Support conditional compilation
        Add -D SYMBOL commandline option to define conditional symbols.
        Support precondition directives #if, #elif, #else, and #endif.
        Fixes bug 434515.

2009-04-02  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Error domain declaration fixes

2009-04-02  Ali Sabil  <>

        Add support for generating of a C header file for the internal API
        Added the --internal-header compiler flag to enable the generation of a 
        header file for the internal API.

2009-04-02  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Support [CCode (delegate_target = false)] attribute for fields

2009-04-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Free local variables in GObject constructors
        Fixes bug 577641.

        D-Bus: Fix parameters in signal wrappers

2009-04-01  Ali Sabil  <>

        Always include glib.h in the generated header files

2009-04-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Declare enum when accessing enum value

2009-03-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix g_hash_table_new* bindings
        Fixes bug 577460.

2009-03-31  Ali Sabil  <>

        Declare typeof() operand types

        Fix crash with dynamic property access

2009-03-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Declare element types of array parameters
        Fixes bug 577466.

        Drop redundant struct declaration call

        Declare element types of arrays

        Declare field types in structs

        Add parameter type declarations to header file

        valac: Default basedir to current directory
        valac -C src/foo.vala should generate the file src/foo.c.

        Rework header file generation
        Generate single C header file for public API, do not use header
        files for internal API. Fixes bug 471244, bug 571037, bug 572536,
        and bug 575629.

        Post-release version bump

        Release 0.6.0

2009-03-30  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        Improve flow analysis of catch clauses
        Duplicated catch clauses for the same error are detected as an error
        and unreachable catch clauses due to preceding catch clauses are
        reported with a warning.

        GError: Check the error code if available in the catch clause

2009-03-30  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GError: Include error code in cname of error type

2009-03-30  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        GError: Check error domain before propagating
        Check the error domain of the method before propagating the
        method up and print a critical when the domain cannot be handled
        by the method.

2009-03-30  Jürg Billeter  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix g_match_info_fetch* bindings

        Fix crash with nested lambda expressions
        Fixes bug 570872.

        glib-2.0: Add GStaticRWLock binding

        Use thread-local storage for context stack
        Make it possible to use libvala from multiple threads by using a
        thread-local stack of CodeContext objects. Based on patch by
        Andrea Del Signore, fixes bug 573041.

        glib-2.0: Fix g_static_private_set binding

        Fix side-effects in assignments
        Do not evaluate the left-hand side of an assignment multiple times
        if it could have side-effects. Based on patch by Levi Bard,
        fixes bug 543483.

2009-03-30  Matías De la Puente  <>

        Add V4L2 bindings
        Fixes bug 572692.

        glib-2.0: Add g_format_size_for_display binding
        Fixes bug 572867.

2009-03-30  Andrea Del Signore  <>

        glib-2.0: Add GPrivate and GStaticPrivate bindings
        Fixes bug 573043.

2009-03-30  Feng Yu  <>

        Use vfunc_name for base access
        Base access should respect Method.vfunc_name instead of using Fixes bug 577114.

2009-03-29  Abderrahim Kitouni  <>

        Fix initialization of delegate fields
        When initializing the delegate field at creation, its target was
        not set. Fixes part of bug 571171.

2009-03-29  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gdk-2.0: Fix gdk_spawn_on_screen* bindings
        Fix various parameters in Gdk.spawn_on_screen() and
        Gdk.spawn_on_screen_with_pipes(). Fixes bug 570350.

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_file_chooser_get_* bindings
        Fix memory leaks when using several Gtk.FileChooser methods.
        Fixes bug 575824.

2009-03-29  Nicolas Joseph  <>

        glib-2.0: Add g_get_charset binding
        Fixes bug 576205.

2009-03-29  Zygmunt Krynicki  <>

        bzlib: Fix stream bindings
        Fixes bug 576119.

2009-03-29  Mike Massonnet  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix process signal bindings
        Fixes bug 575671.

2009-03-29  Evan Nemerson  <>

        glib-2.0: Fix g_timeout_add_seconds_full and g_source_set_callback
        Make GLib.Timeout.add_seconds_full and GLib.Source.set_callback
        generate the appropriate GDestroyNotify arguments automatically.

        Fixes bug 577048.

2009-03-29  Evan Nemerson  <>

        libsoup-2.4: Fixes for several xmlrpc-related functions
        Fixes bug 576768.

        vapigen: Allow metadata files to set PrintfFormat
        Fixes bug 576765.

2009-03-29  Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: caps in gst_pad_set_caps can be nullable
        According to the documentation, the caps argument in
        gst_pad_set_caps can be nullable.

        Fixes bug 576061.

        gstreamer-0.10: gst_element_set_bus parameter is nullable
        gst_element_set_bus () function can set a bus as NULL value in
        order to remove the current element bus, so the parameter can be
        nullable in the vala context.

        Fixes bug 575534.

        gstreamer-pbutils-0.10: Ownership transfer fixes
        According to the documentation, these functions return newly-allocated
        structures, so they must transfer the ownership in vala context in
        order to prevent memory leaks.

        Fixes bug 575532.

2009-03-29  Evan Nemerson  <>

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_text_view_get_line_yrange binding
        Set is_out on y and height parameters of
        gtk_text_view_get_line_yrange, fixes bug 571719.

2009-03-29  Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal  <>

        gconf-2.0: gconf_client_get_without_default transfers ownership
        Fixes bug 575535.

2009-03-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix member access when overriding signal class handler
        Fixes bug 575475.

2009-03-29  Sebastian Pölsterl  <>

        Include dbus-glib-lowlevel.h file when DBus is used to avoid compiler 

2009-03-29  Jakob Westhoff  <>

        sdl: Fix SDL_GetKeyName binding
        Fixes bug 577129.

2009-03-29  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        Write custom attributes in VAPI files
        Fixes bug 577063.

2009-03-29  Iain  <>

        glib-2.0: Add GPtrArray bindings
        Fixes bug 575864.

2009-03-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Fix freeing GLib.PtrArray objects

2009-03-29  Sebastian Pölsterl  <>

        D-Bus: Unregister path on object destruction
        Fixes bug 576874.

2009-03-26  Evan Nemerson  <>

        Bug 575099: Add librsvg-2.0 bindings

        vapigen: Bug 575098: Allow is_ref and is_out for delegate parameters

2009-03-26  Jukka-Pekka Iivonen  <>

        glib-2.0: Bug 568177: More GLib.Math constants

2009-03-26  Feng Yu  <>

        Bug 574403: Direction of formal parameters ignored
        When copying a formal parameter, the direction should also be copied.
        This fix might also fix other bizarre issues related to copying formal

2009-03-26  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

        Generate <c:include/> tags

        Add mandatory xmlns attributes Signed-off-by: Didier 'Ptitjes 

        Fix namespace tag indentation Signed-off-by: Didier 'Ptitjes 

2009-03-26  Hans Baier  <>

        libglade-2.0.vapi: nullable arguments in register_widget

2009-03-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

        libglade-2.0: Fix GladeNewFunc binding

        vapigen: Support transfer_ownership for delegates
        Add attribute to support owned delegate return values.

2009-03-25  Ali Sabil  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix gst_bus_post binding
        Message parameter of gst_bus_post takes ownership.

2009-03-17  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        posix.vapi: signal is allowed to be null (restoring the original 

        posix.vapi: rename stat struct and add actual stat + fstat calls

2009-03-17  Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix gst_element_get_compatible_pad binding
        Caps parameter of gst_element_get_compatible_pad is nullable.

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix gst_ghost_pad_new binding
        Name parameter of gst_ghost_pad_new is nullable.

        gstreamer-0.10: Fix gst_element_post_message binding
        Message parameter of gst_element_post_message takes ownership.

2009-03-14  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        posix: add lseek binding

        posix: fix cname of off_t

2009-03-11  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        gstreamer-0.10: gst_pad_template_new.caps takes ownership

2009-03-11  Jürg Billeter  <>

        gobject: Add CCodeDeclarationSpace class
        The CCodeDeclarationSpace class abstracts access to the various
        declaration fragments used to generate C header and source files.

2009-03-09  Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)  <>

        glib-2.0: Add string.to_bool()

2009-03-09  Matías De la Puente  <>

        gstreamer-interfaces-0.10: Fix some headers and GLib.List types

2009-03-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

        D-Bus: Fix marshalling arrays of structs

2009-03-07  Hans Baier  <>

        posix.vapi: add pid_t and kill

2009-03-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

        libnotify: Fix notify_notification_new binding

        gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_mount_operation_new binding

        gdk-2.0: Fix gdk_draw_rgb_image binding

2009-03-07  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        posix: Fix cname of mode_t

2009-03-06  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        posix: Remove trailing NULL from ioctl

2009-03-04  Thijs Vermeir  <>

        posix.vapi: Fix type of mode argumentent on creat function

2009-03-03  Jukka-Pekka Iivonen  <>

        Add Maemo libosso bindings

2009-03-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GIR parser: Add support for static methods in interfaces
        Patch by Didier Villevalois, fixes part of bug 559704

2009-03-03  Ali Sabil  <>

        gstreamer-rtp-0.10: regenerated with gstreamer-0.10.21

        gstreamer-base-0.10: Fix GstBaseTransform.transform_size binding

2009-03-02  Maciej Piechotka  <>

        gio-2.0: Fixed GLib.DataInputStream string-reading methods

2009-03-02  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

        posix.vapi: add remaining syslog constants

        posix.vapi: add syslog and friends

        posix.vapi: open has two forms, one with a mode_t, one without

        glib-2.0: Fix get_system_config_dirs binding
        get_system_config_dirs() needs the same treatment as 

2009-02-27  Matías De la Puente  <>

        libftdi: Various fixes

2009-02-27  Mark Lee  <>

        libxml-2.0: Add xmlXPathRegisterNs binding

        glib-2.0: Add g_uri_list_extract_uris binding

        glib-2.0: Fix g_object_get_property binding

2009-02-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        GIR parser: Add support for unions and boxed types
        Based on patch by Didier Villevalois, fixes part of bug 559704

        GIR parser: Add support for package and c:include tags
        Based on patch by Didier Villevalois, fixes part of bug 559704

        Remove .bzrignore

2009-02-27  Levi Bard  <>

        Mark arrays as null terminated in GLib binding
        Add [CCode (array_null_terminated = true)] to array parameters and
        return values in glib-2.0.vapi.

2009-02-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

        Generate ChangeLog from git log
        Add gitlog-to-changelog script from gnulib and a dist-hook to
        generate ChangeLog file when creating tarballs.
$diff -ruN Makefile.orig Makefile
--- Makefile.orig       2010-08-12 13:19:08.000000000 +0000
+++ Makefile    2010-08-12 13:21:45.000000000 +0000
@@ -1,10 +1,9 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.7 2010/05/07 08:34:22 ahoka Exp $
+# $NetBSD$
-DISTNAME=      vala-0.7.10
-CATEGORIES=    lang gnome
-MASTER_SITES=  ${MASTER_SITE_GNOME:=sources/vala/0.7/}
+DISTNAME=      vala-0.9.5
+CATEGORIES=    lang
 EXTRACT_SUFX=  .tar.bz2
@@ -16,10 +15,9 @@
 PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT=   user-destdir
 USE_TOOLS+=    bison flex gmake pkg-config
 BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.glib2+=                   glib2>=2.12.0
 BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.gtk2+=                    gtk2+>=2.10.0

$diff -ruN PLIST.orig PLIST      
--- PLIST.orig  2010-08-12 13:21:26.000000000 +0000
+++ PLIST       2010-08-12 13:21:53.000000000 +0000
@@ -1,205 +1,239 @@
-@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.5 2010/03/08 14:01:21 joerg Exp $
+@comment $NetBSD$

$ diff -ruN PLIST.vapigen.orig PLIST
--- PLIST.vapigen.orig  2010-08-12 13:18:55.000000000 +0000
+++ PLIST.vapigen       2010-08-12 13:21:59.000000000 +0000
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+@comment $NetBSD: PLIST.vapigen,v 1.1 2009/03/21 18:03:42 ahoka Exp $

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