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pkg/43752: Update devel/apache-ant to 1.8.1

>Number:         43752
>Category:       pkg
>Synopsis:       Update devel/apache-ant to 1.8.1
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       low
>Responsible:    pkg-manager
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   net
>Arrival-Date:   Fri Aug 13 11:25:01 +0000 2010
>Originator:     Derouiche
>Release:        NetBSD 5.0.2
Algerie Motors company
NetBSD Khaarasan 5.0.2 NetBSD 5.0.2 (GENERIC) #0: Sat Feb  6 17:53:27 UTC 2010

Update to 1.8.1

amont changes:
Changes from Ant 1.8.1 TO current SVN version


Changes that could break older environments:


Fixed bugs:


Other changes:


Changes from Ant 1.8.0 TO Ant 1.8.1 


Changes that could break older environments:


 * ant-trax.jar is no longer produced since TrAX is included in JDK 1.4+.

 * Ant no longer ships with Apache Xerces-J or the XML APIs but relies

   on the Java runtime to provide a parser and matching API versions.


 * The stylebook ant task and the ant-stylebook.jar are removed.  

Fixed bugs:


 * Tasks that iterate over task or type definitions, references or

   targets now iterate over copies instead of the live maps to avoid

   ConcurrentModificationExceptions if another thread changes the


   Bugzilla Report 48310.

 * The filesmatch condition threw a NullPointerException when

   comparing text files and the second file contained fewer lines than

   the first one.

   Bugzilla Report 48715.

 * Regression: The <ear> task would allow multiple

   META-INF/application.xml files to be added.

   Bugzilla Report 6836.

 * VectorSet#remove(Object) would fail if the size of the vector

   equaled its capacity.


 * Regression : ant -diagnostics was returning with exit code 1

   Bugzilla Report 48782


 * Fix for exec task sometimes inserts extraneous newlines

   Bugzilla Report 48746


 * SymlinkTest#testSymbolicLinkUtilsMethods failing on MacOS

   Bugzilla Report 48785.

 * If <concat>'s first resourcecollection child is a <resources>,

   any subsequently added child resourcecollection joins the first.

   Bugzilla Report 48816.        


 * <get> with an invalid URL could trigger an NPE in some JVMs.

   Bugzilla Report 48833


 * Broken Pipe issue under Ubuntu Linux

   Bugzilla Report 48789


 * Properties wrongly read from file or not update during read

   Bugzilla Report 48768       

 * AntClassLoader in Ant 1.8.0 has been considerably slower than in


   Bugzilla Report 48853


 * ANT_CMD_LINE_ARGS are rippling through lower level Ant usage 

   Bugzilla Report 48876


 * email : IO error sending mail with plain mimetype

   Bugzilla Report 48932    

 * the script failed to create a proper cache of

   target if "ant -p" failed.

   Bugzilla Report 48980

 * <rmic>'s sourcebase attribute was broken.

   Bugzilla Report 48970

 * <copy>'s failonerror didn't work as expected when copying a single

   element resource collection to a file.

   Bugzilla Report 49070

 * <get> no longer followed redirects if the redirect URL was relative

   and not an absolute URL.

   Bugzilla Report 48972

 * fixed a performance degradation in the code that expands property


   Bugzilla Reports 48961 and 49079

 * <jar filesetmanifest="merge"> was broken on Windows.

   Bugzilla Report 49090

 * <symlink> delete failed if the link attribute was a relative path

   to a link inside the current directory without a leading ".".

   Bugzilla Report 49137

 * <telnet> and <rexec> failed to find the expected strings when

   waiting for responses and thus always failed.

   Bugzilla Report 49173

Other changes:


 * Project provides new get methods that return copies instead of the

   live maps of task and type definitions, references and targets.

 * Ant is now more lenient with ZIP extra fields and will be able to

   read archives that it failed to read in earlier versions.

   Bugzilla Report 48781.

 * The <zip> family of tasks has been sped up for bigger archives.

   Bugzilla Report 48755.


 * Add removeKeepExtension option to NetRexxC task.

   Bugzilla Report 48788.

 * Add prefix attribute to loadproperties task.

 * Add resource attribute to length task.

 * PropertyResource will effectively proxy another Resource if ${name}

   evaluates to a Resource object.

 * Added forcestring attribute to equals condition to force evaluation

   of Object args as strings; previously only API-level usage of the

   equals condition allowed Object args, but Ant 1.8.x+ property

   evaluation may yield values of any type.


 * BuildFileTest.assertPropertyUnset() fails with a slightly more 

   meaningful error message

   Bugzilla Report 48834


 * <junit> will now throw an exception if a test name is empty.  This

   used to manifest itself in unrelated errors like

   Bugzilla Report 43586.

 * A change that made <exec> more reliable on Windows (Bugzilla Report

   5003) strongly impacts the performance for commands that execute

   quickly, like attrib.  Basically no single execution of a command

   could take less than a second on Windows.

   A few timeouts have been tweaked to allow these commands to finish

   more quickly but still they will take longer than they did with Ant


   Bugzilla Report 48734.

 * Added SimpleBigProjectLogger, intermediate between NoBannerLogger and


 * <mappedresources> supports new attributes enablemultiplemappings

   and cache.

 * Added the augment task to manipulate existing references via Ant's basic

   introspection mechanisms.

Changes from Ant 1.8.0RC1 TO Ant 1.8.0


Changes that could break older environments:


 * the appendtolines filter has been renamed to suffixlines.

Fixed bugs:


 * stack traces were not reported at all by <junit/>

   when filtertrace="on", which is the default.

 * ant.bat can now also process the -noclasspath switch when it is 

   the first switch on a command line.

   Bugzilla Report 48186.

 * <fixcrlf> now tries to delete the created temporary files earlier.

   Bugzilla Report 48506.

 * the implementation of <zip> had been changed in a way that broke

   the jarjar links task and protentially other third-party subclasses

   as well.

   Bugzilla Report 48541.


 * <scp> task didn't report build file location when a remote operation failed

   Bugzilla Report 48578.  

 * <propertyfile> would add the same comment and a date line each time

   it updated an existing property file.

   Bugzilla Report 48558.

 * <sound> didn't work properly in recent Java VMs.

   Bugzilla Report 48637.

Other changes:


Changes from Ant 1.7.1 TO Ant 1.8.0RC1


Changes that could break older environments:


 * if and unless attributes (on <target> as well as various tasks and other

   elements) have long permitted ${property} interpolation. Now, if the result

   evaluates to "true" or "false" (or "yes", "no", "on", "off"), that boolean

   value will be used; otherwise the traditional behavior of treating the value

   as a property name (defined ~ true, undefined ~ false) is used. Existing

   scripts could be broken if they perversely defined a property named "false"

   and expected if="false" to be true, or used if="true" expecting this to be

   triggered only if a property named "true" were defined.

 * Ant now requires Java 1.4 or later.

 * Improved handling of InterruptException (lets suppose someone/thing

   is trying to kill the thread when we receive an

   InterruptException), when an InterruptException is received, we do

   not wait anymore in a while loop till the end time has been


   Bugzilla Report 42924.

 * Refactor PropertyHelper and introspection APIs to make extension

   more granular and support setting task/type attribute values to

   objects decoded by custom PropertyEvaluator delegates. Also add

   <propertyhelper> task for registering delegates and/or replacing

   the registered PropertyHelper instance.

   Bugzilla Report 42736.

 * Added a restricted form of typedef called <componentdef>. This

   allows definition of elements that can only be within tasks or

   types. This method is now used to define conditions, selectors,

   comparators and filterreaders. This means that tasks may now have

   nested conditions just by implementing the Condition interface,

   rather than extending ConditionBase. It also means that the use of

   namespaces for some of the selectors introduced in Ant 1.7.0 is no

   longer necessary.  Implementing this means that the DynamicElement

   work-around introduced in Ant 1.7.0 has been removed.

   Bugzilla Report 40511.

 * In the <touch> task when a <mapper> is used, the millis and

   datetime attributes now override the time of the source resource if


   Bugzilla Report 43235.

 * Remove fall-back mechanism for references that are not resolved

   during normal runtime execution.

 * FileUtils.createTempFile now actually creates the file.

   The TempFile task still does not create the file by default, can be

   instructed to do so however using a new parameter.

   Bugzilla Report 33969.


 * A lock in Project ensured that a BuildListener's messageLogged

   method was only ever executed by a single thread at a time, while

   all other methods could be invoked by multiple threads

   simultaniously (while within <parallel>, for example).  This lock

   is no longer in place, messageLogged should be made thread-safe


 * <sql>'s onError="stop" no longer fails the build if an error

   occurs,  this is the main difference between stop and error and

   matches what the documentation implied.

   Bugzilla Report 24668.

 * Ant's configuration introspection mechanisms have been modified to prefer

   Resource and FileProvider attributes to plain attributes;

   however the configuration-from-String behavior remains equivalent, rendering

   a FileResource.

 * CBZip2InputStream will now throw an IOException if

   passed in a null or empty InputStream to read from.

   Bugzilla Reports 32200.

 * <unzip> will now fail when trying to extract certain broken

   archives that would have been silently ignored in earlier version.

   Bugzilla Report 35000.

 * Ant's <zip> family of tasks tries to preserve the existing Unix

   permissions when updating archives or copying entries from one

   archive to another.

   Since not all archiving tools support storing Unix permissions in

   the same way that is used by Ant, sometimes the permissions read by

   Ant seem to be 0, which means nobody is allowed to do anything to

   the file or directory.

   If Ant now encounters a permission set of 0 it will assume that

   this is not the intended value and instead apply its own default

   values.  Ant used to create entries with 0 permissions itself.

   The <zip> family of tasks has a new attribute preserve0permissions

   that can be set to restore the old behavior.

   Bugzilla Report 42122.

 * If a batch containing multiple JUnit tests running inside a forked

   Java VM caused the VM to crash (or caused a timeout), the

   formatters would receive an error message for the last test in the


   Ant will now pass in a test with the name "Batch-With-Multiple-Tests"

   instead - this is supposed to show more clearly that the last test

   may not have started at all.

   Bugzilla Report 45227.

 * If the number of minutes a build takes is bigger then 1000 Ant will

   no longer print a thousands separator in the "elapsed time"

   message.  It used to be the thousands separator of the current


   Bugzilla Report 44659.

 * <symlink action="delete"> used to fail if the link was broken (i.e.

   pointing to a file or directory that no longer existed).  It will now

   silently try to remove the link.

   Bugzilla Report 41285.

 * <delete file="..."> used to log a warning and not delete broken

   symbolic links.  <delete dir="..."/> didn't even log a warning.

   The task will now try to delete them in both cases.

   Bugzilla Report 41285.

 * if the dir attribute of a <fileset> points to a symbolic link and

   followsymlinks is set to false, the fileset will no longer be

   scanned and always seem empty.

   Bugzilla Report 45741.

 * the .NET tasks that have been deprecated since Ant 1.7.0 have been

   removed, please use the stand-alone Antlib you can find at


 * the logic of closing streams connected to forked processes (read

   the input and output of <exec> and friends) has been changed to

   deal with cases where child processes of the forked processes live

   longer than their parents and keep Ant from exiting.

   It is unlikely but possible that the changed logic breaks stream

   handling on certain Java VMs.

   Bugzilla issue 5003.

 * <checksum>'s totalproperty was platform dependent because it relied

   on  It has now been made platform

   independent, which means that totalPropery values obtained on

   Windows (and other systems where the sort order of File is not case

   sensitive) can be different from the values obtained with earlier

   versions of Ant.

   Bugzilla Report 36748.

 * globmapper didn't work properly if the "to" or "from" patterns

   didn't contain a "*".  In particular it implicitly added a * to the

   end of the pattern(s).  This is no longer the case.  If you relied

   on this behavior you will now need to explicitly specify the

   trailing "*".

   Bugzilla Report 46506.

 * <copy> silently ignored missing resources even with

   failOnError="true".  If your build tries to copy non-existant

   resources and you relied on this behavior you must now explicitly

   set failOnError to false.

   Bugzilla Report 47362.

 * Ant now prefers the java.runtime.version system property over

   java.vm.version for the Created-By Manifest attribute.

   Bugzilla Report 47632.

 * The <image> task now supports a nested mapper.  In order to

   implement this, the Java API of the task had to change so any

   custom subclass overriding the processFile method will need to

   adapt (by overriding the new two-arg processFile method).

   Bugzilla Report 23243.

 * A new property syntax can be used to set attributes from

   references: ${ant.ref:some-reference}

   In most cases this will yield the exact same result as 

   ${toString:some-reference} - only when an attribute setter method

   accepts an object type other than string and the project's

   reference is an Object of matching type the new syntax will pass in

   that object.

   If your build file already contains properties whose name starts

   with "ant.ref:" there is a potential for collision.  If your

   property has been set, normal property expansion will take

   precedence over the new syntax.  If the property has not been set

   and a reference with the postfix of your property name exists

   (i.e. in a very unlikely event) then the new syntax would yield a

   different result (an expanded property) than Ant 1.7.1 did.

 * A ProjectHelper implementation can now provide the default build file

   name it is expecting, and can specify if they can support a specific build

   file. So Ant is now capable of supporting several ProjectHelper

   implementations, deciding on which to use depending of the input build file.

 * Mapper-aware selectors (depends, different, present) now accept typedef'd


Fixed bugs:


 * The default logger was failing to print complete stack traces for

   exceptions other than BuildException when inside <ant> or

   <antcall>, thus omitting often important diagnostic


   Bugzilla 43398 (continued).

 * Better handling of package-info.class.

   Bugzilla Report 43114.

 * RPM task needed an inserted space between the define and the value.

   Bugzilla Report 46659.

 * Got rid of deadlock between in, out and err in the Redirector. 

   Bugzilla Report 44544.

 * Caused by AssertionError no longer filtered.

   Bugzilla Report 45631.


 * <zip> would sometimes recreate JARs unnecessarily.

   Bugzilla Report 45902.

 * <symlink> task couldn't overwrite existing symlinks that pointed to

   nonexistent files

   Bugzilla Report 38199.

 * <symlink> task couldn't overwrite files that were in the way of the symlink.

   Bugzilla Report 43426.


 * <symlink> task failonerror="false" does not stop build from failing

   when 'ln' command returns non-zero.

   Bugzilla Report 43624  

 * <touch> task couldn't differentiate between "no resources

   specified" and "no resources matched."

   Bugzilla Report 43799.

 * ManifestClassPath failed when a relative path would traverse the

   file system root.

   Bugzilla Report 44499.

 * <globmapper> had an indexoutofbounds when the prefix and postfix


   Bugzilla Report 44731.


 * <typedef> and <taskdef> failed to accept file names with #

   characters in them.

   Bugzilla Report 45190

 * A deadlock could occur if a BuildListener tried to access an Ant property

   within messageLogged while a different thread also accessed one.

   Bugzilla Report 45194

 * Handle null result of system getProperty() in CommandlineJava.

   Similar to Bugzilla Report 42334.

 * Length task did not process nonexistent Resources even though these might

   conceivably still carry file length information.

   Bugzilla Report 45271.

 * <javac>'s includeJavaRuntime="false" should work for gcj now.  Note

   that you may need to set includeAntRuntime to false in order to

   have full control.

   Bugzilla Report 34638.

 * <sql> would fail if the executed statment didn't return a result

   set with some JDBC driver that dissalow Statement.getResultSet to

   be called in such a situation.

   Bugzilla Report 36265 

 * if the executed statement in <sql> returned a result set and an

   update count, the count would be lost.

 * if an executed statement in <sql> mixes update count and result set

   parts, some result sets wouldn't get printed.

   Bugzilla Report 32168.

 * XmlLogger could lose messages if <parallel> is used.

   Bugzilla Report 25734.

 * <scp> creates remoteToDir if it doesn't exist.

   Bugzilla Report 42781

 * CBZip2OutputStream threw an exception if it was closed prior to

   writing anything.

   Bugzilla Reports 32200, 45836

 * The IPlanetDeploymentTool didn't use the configured DTD locations.

   Bugzilla Report 31876.

 * The ant shell script printed a warning under Cygwin if JAVA_HOME

   was not set.

   Bugzilla Report 45245.

 * <filterset> sometimes incorrectly flagged infinite recursions of

   filter tokens

   Bugzilla Report 44226.


 * failures were treated as errors in forked JUnit tests when JUnit 4

   was used.

   Bugzilla Report 43892.

 * <jar> and <manifest> disallowed manifest attributes whose name

   contained the character '8'.

   Bugzilla Report 45675.

 * BigProjectLogger would set the project's basedir to the current

   working directory.

   Bugzilla Report 45607.

 * only <formatter>s that logged to a file were notified if forked VM

   crashed or a timeout occured in <junit>.

   Bugzilla Report 37312.

 * ant -v -version would print the version information twice.

   Bugzilla Report 45695.

 * when nested into builds that have been invoked by <ant> tasks

   <subant> might set the wrong basedir on the called projects.

   Bugzilla Report 30569.

 * If the message of the failed assertion of a forked JUnit test

   contained line feeds some excess output ended up in Ant's log.

   Bugzilla Report 45411.

 * <symlink action="delete"> failed to delete a link that pointed to

   a parent directory.

   Bugzilla Report 45743.

 * <symlink action="delete"> failed if ant lacked permission to rename

   the link's target.

   Bugzilla Report 41525.

 * when checking whether a jar is signed, <signjar> ignored the

   sigfile attribute.

   Bugzilla Report 44805.

 * When using JavaMail all <mail> tasks used the same mail host

   regardless of their configuration.

   Bugzilla Report 37970.

 * <signjar> and <issigned> didn't handle aliases with characters other

   than numbers, letters, hyphen or underscore properly.

   Bugzilla Report 45820.

 * <filterset> could miss multi-character begin tokens in some cases.

   Bugzilla Report 45094.

 * <depend> didn't close JARs that were part of the classpath.

   Bugzilla Report 45955.

 * in some cases <depend> would delete class files even if it didn't

   find the corresponding source files.

   Bugzilla Report 45916.

 * <javadoc> failed if the nested <bottom> or <head> contained line


   Bugzilla Report 43342.

 * encoding="auto" has been broken in <mail> since Ant 1.7.0 and only

   worked if JavaMail was available.

   Bugzilla Report 42389.

 * MailLogger could cause a NullPointerException.

   Bugzilla Report 44009.

 * <junit> didn't recognize failed assertions as failures if they

   caused subclasses of AssertionError to be thrown (like

   org.junit.ComparisonFailure that is thrown when assertEquals


   Bugzilla Report 45028.

 * the Unix "ant" wrapper script failed to protect wildcards in

   command line arguments in some cases.

   Bugzilla Report 31601.

 * <cvstagdiff> crippled file names and could miss some entries if

   multiple modules have been specified.

   Bugzilla Report 35301.

 * Tasks with a "public void add(SomeType)" method failed to work as

   TaskContainers at the same time.

   Bugzilla Report 41647.

 * Tasks that implementes DynamicElemen or DynamicElementNS failed to

   work as TaskContainers at the same time.

   Bugzilla Report 41647.

 * combining SSL and authentication in <mail> and MailLogger failed in

   some setups.

   Bugzilla Report 46063.

 * if an error occurs while logging the buildFinished event, the

   original error is now logged to System.err.

   Bugzilla Report 25086.

 * <copy> failed with a NullPointerException when copying a resource

   without a name.  It will now fail with a meaningful error message.

   Bugzilla Report 39960.

 * <xslt> now uses the configured classpath to load the factory (when

   using TraX) before falling back to Ant's own classpath.

   Bugzilla Report 46172.

 * <dependset> complained about files being modified in the future if

   they had been just very recently (within Ant's assumed granularity

   of the file system).

   Bugzilla Report 43665.

 * <sshexec> didn't store the ouput in outputproperty if the remote

   command failed.

   Bugzilla Report 46340.

 * DirectoryScanner's slow-scanning algorithm that is used when you

   ask for excluded or not-included files and/or directories could

   miss some files and directories in the presence of recursive

   exclude patterns.

 * <sort> resource collection kept only one of entries deemed equal by

   the chosen Comparator.

   Bugzilla Report 46527.

 * the ZipFile class used by <unzip> and others could leave the

   archive open (making it undeletable on Windows as long as the java

   VM was running) for files with an unexpected internal structure.

   Bugzilla Report 46559.

 * The zip package now supports the extra fields invented by InfoZIP

   in order to store Unicode file names and comments.

 * The zip package detects the encoding bit set by more modern

   archivers when they write UTF-8 filenames and optionally sets it

   when writing zips or jars.

   Bugzilla Report 45548

 * <sync> could run into a NullPointerException when faced with broken

   symbolic links.

   Bugzilla Report 46747.

 * The ant shell script should now support MSYS/MinGW as well.

   Bugzilla Report 46936.

 * <signjar> has a new force attribute that allows re-signing of jars

   that are already signed.

   Bugzilla Report 46891.

 * <sshexec> now again honors failonerror in the face of connection


   Bugzilla Report 46829.

 * The <replacetokens> filter threw an exception if the stream to

   filter ended with a begin token.

   Bugzilla Report 47306.

 * <scriptmapper>, <scriptfilter> and <scriptcondition> didn't support

   the setbeans attribute.

   Bugzilla Report 47336.

 * <loadproperties>' encoding attribute didn't work.

   Bugzilla Report 47382.

 * Ant created tar archives could contain random bytes at the end

   which confused some untar implementations.

   Bugzilla Report 47421.

 * various places where unchecked PrintWriters could hide exceptions

   have been revisited to now check the error status or not use a

   PrintWriter at all.

   Bugzilla Report 43537.

 * filesetmanifest="mergewithoutmain" in <jar> didn't treat inline

   manifests as expected.

   Bugzilla Report 29731.

 * <record> didn't work properly with nested builds.

   Bugzilla Report 41368. 

 * <jar> with filesetmanifest different from skip didn't work if the

   update attribute has been set to true.

   Bugzilla Report 30751.

 * The default stylesheets for <junitreport> failed to properly escape

   XML content in exception stack traces.

   Bugzilla Report 39492.

 * AntClassLoader didn't set the proper CodeSource for loaded classes.

   Bugzilla Report 20174.

 * AntClassLoader.getResourceAsStream would return streams to

   resources it didn't return with getResource and to classes it

   failed to load.

   Bugzilla Report 44103.

 * Logging exceptions without a message would cause a


   Bugzilla Report 47623.

 * WeblogicDeploymentTool could fail on platforms with a file

   separator other than "/".

   Bugzilla Report 35649.

 * The update attribute of the modified selector was ignored.

   Bugzilla Report 32597.

 * <manifest> and <jar> can now merge Class-Path attributes from

   multiple sources and optionally flatten them into a single


   The default behaviour still is to keep multiple Class-Path

   attributes if they have been specified and to only include the

   attributes of the last merged manifest.

   Bugzilla Report 39655.

 * <delete> didn't work correctly with a <modified> selector because

   it was scanning the same filesets more than once.

   Bugzilla Report 43574.

 * when using custom filterreaders with the <filterreader classname="">

   syntax Ant could leak memory.

   The problem didn't occur when using <typedef> or <componentdef> to

   define the filterreader which is the recommended approach.

   Bugzilla Report 45439.

 * Ant didn't set the proper "magic" value for tar entries containing

   long file names in GNU longfile mode.

   Bugzilla Report 47653.

 * The tar task failed to recognize that the archive had to be

   (re-)created in some cases where the sources are filesystem based

   resources but not filesets.

   Bugzilla Report 48035. 

 * <sshexec>'s outputproperty was prefixed by the executed command

   when the command attribute has been used, breaking backwards

   compatibility to Ant 1.7.0.

   Bugzilla Report 48040.

 * different task instances of the same <scriptdef>ed tasks could

   overwrite each others attributes/nested elements.

   Bugzilla Report 41602.

 * The Hashvalue algortihm implementation of the modified task could

   fail to read the file(s) completely.

   Bugzilla Report 48313.

Other changes:


 * The get task now also follows redirects from http to https

   Bugzilla Report 47433

 * A HostInfo task was added performing information on hosts, including info on 

   the host ant is running on. 

   Bugzilla Reports 45861 and 31164.

 * There is now a FileProvider interface for resources that act as a source

   of filenames. This should be used by tasks that require resources

   to provide filenames, rather than require that all resources

   are instances or subclasses of FileResource.

   Bugzilla Report 43348


 * There is now a URLProvider interface for resources that act as a

   source of URLs. This should be used by tasks that require resources

   to provide URLs, rather than require that all resources are

   instances or subclasses of URLResource.


 * Fixcrlf now gives better error messages on bad directory attributes.

   Bugzilla Report 43936


 * a new property ant.project.default-target holds the value of the

   current <project>'s default attribute.

 * a new property ant.project.invoked-targets holds a comma separated

   list of the targets that have been specified on the command line

   (the IDE, an <ant> task ...) when invoking the current project.

 * The <type> resource selector has had an "any" type added for better


 * Ant should detect the OS as both a Mac and a Unix system when

   running on OpenJDK.

   Bugzilla Report 44889.

 * new protected getConnection and getStatement methods allow

   subclasses of SQLExec more control - or access to the cached

   instances when overriding other methods like runStatements.

   Bugzilla Report 27178.

 * <sql> has a new failOnConnectionError attribute that can be used to

   keep a build going even if the task failed to connect to the


   Bugzilla Report 36712.

 * A new attribute strictDelimiterMatching can be used to ignore case

   or whitespace differences when <sql> searches for delimiters.

   This is useful if you execute a SQL script that has contains "GO"

   and "go" as delimiters.

   Bugzilla Report 26459.

 * A new showWarnings attribute of <sql> allows warnings to be logged.

   Bugzilla Report 41836.

 * A new treatWarningsAsErrors attribute of <sql> can be used to fail

   a build if a warning occurs.

   Bugzilla Report 41836.

 * Ant now supports scoped properties (see Local task).

   Bugzilla Report 23942.

 * <sql>'s CSV output can be controlled via the new attributes

   csvColumnSeparator and csvQuoteCharacter.

   Bugzilla Report 35627.

 * <ftp>'s logging has been improved.

   Bugzilla Reports 30932, 31743.

 * It is now possible to disable <ftp>'s remote verification.

   Bugzilla Report 35471.

 * <sshexec> now supports input in a way similar to <exec>

   Bugzilla Report 39197.

 * <scp> can now preserve the file modification time when downloading


   Bugzilla Report 33939.

 * the new task sshsession can run multiple tasks in the presence of

   an SSH session providing (local and remote) tunnels.

   Bugzilla Report 43083.

 * ZipOutputStream has been sped up for certain usage scenarios that

   are not used by Ant's family of zip tasks.

   Bugzilla Report 45396.

 * <echo> supports an "output" Resource attribute as an alternative to "file".

 * <sql> "output" attribute now supports any Resource in addition to a file.

 * <scp> no longer requires a passphrase when using key based


   Bugzilla Report 33718.

 * a new failOnEmptyArchive attribute on <unzip> and <untar> can now

   make the task fail the build if it tries to extract an empty


 * <unzip> and <untar> have a new attribute stripAbsolutePathSpec.

   When set to true, Ant will remove any leading path separator from

   the archived entry's name before extracting it (making the name a

   relative file name).

   Bugzilla Report 28911.

 * <unzip> will now detect that it was asked to extract a file that is

   not an archive earlier if the file is big.

   Bugzilla Report 45463.

 * New file and resource selectors <readable/> and <writable/> have

   been added that select file which the current process can read or


   Bugzilla Report 45081.

 * The filename file selector has a new attribute regex that allows

   files to be selected by matching their names against a regular


   Bugzilla Report 45284

 * The name resource selector has a new attribute regex that allows

   resources to be selected by matching their names against a regular


   Bugzilla Report 45284

 * Enhanced performance of Project.fireMessageLoggedEvent and DirectoryScanner 

   Bugzilla Reports 45651 and 45665

 * The package list location for offline links can now be specified as

   an URL.

   Bugzilla Report 28881

 * <echoxml> now supports XML namespaces.

   Bugzilla Report 36804.

 * A new listener for <junit> has been added that tries to invoke the

   tearDown method of a TestCase if that TestCase was run in a forked

   VM and the VM crashed or a timeout occured.  See the <junit> task's

   manual page for details.

   Bugzilla Report 37241.

 * The Jar task now supports the addition of a jar index file in update mode.

   Previously the absence of the index was not enough to trigger the rebuild;

   some other update was necessary.

   Bugzilla report 45098.

 * <ant> has a new attribute "useNativeBasedir" that makes the child

   build use the same basedir it would have used if invoked from the

   command line.  No matter what other attributes/properties have been


   Bugzilla Report 45711.

 * <patch> has a new optional failOnError attribute.

   Bugzilla Report 44772.

 * Antlib descriptors will now be parsed by the configured

   ProjectHelper if the implementation overrides the new

   canParseAntlibDescriptor and parseAntlibDescriptor methods.  If the

   configured helper doesn't override the methods, a new instance of

   ProjectHelper2 will be used just like in Ant 1.7.1.

   Bugzilla Report 42208.

 * It is now possible to explicitly set the executable used by


   Bugzilla Report 39189.

 * <compositemapper>'s order of results is now predictable.

   Bugzilla Report 44873

 * a new <firstmatchmapper> has been added, which works similar to

   <compositemapper> but only returns the results of the first nested

   mapper that matches.

   Bugzilla Report 44873

 * <get> has a new maxtime attribute that terminates downloads that

   are taking too long.

   Bugzilla Report 45181.

 * <ftp> now supports selectors for remote directories as well.

   Bugzilla Report 44726.

 * In some cases Ant fails to rename files if the source or target

   file has just recently been closed on Windows.  It will now try to

   delete the offending file once again after giving the Java VM time

   to really close the file.

   Bugzilla Report 45960.

 * two new properties can be used to set the MIME-Type and charset

   used by MailLogger.

   Bugzilla Report 27211.

 * a new attribute of <mail> allows the task to succeed if it can

   reach at least one given recipient.

   Bugzilla Report 36446.

 * two new properties allow MailLogger to send a fixed text instead of

   the log file.

   Bugzilla Report 38029.

 * <cvsversion> is supposed to support CVSNT now.

   Bugzilla Report 31409.

 * <cvs>' port attribute should now work for all clients that use the

   environment variable CVS_PSERVER_PORT instead of the "official"


   Bugzilla Report 30124.

 * <cvsversion> now works for local repositories as well.

 * <cvstagdiff> has an option to ignore removed files now.

   Bugzilla Report 26257.

 * <cvs> and friends now support modules with spaces in their names

   via nested <module> elements.

 * A new attribute "ignoreEmpty" controls how <concat> deals when

   there are no resources to concatenate.  If it is set to false, the

   destination file will be created regardless, which reinstates the

   behavior of Ant 1.7.0.

   Bugzilla Report 46010.

 * If the new remote attribute is set to true, <cvschangelog> can now

   work against a remote repository without any working copy.

   Bugzilla Report 27419.

 * start and end tags can now be used instead of dates in


   Bugzilla Report 27419.

 * MailLogger and <mail> can now optionally enable support for


   Bugzilla Report 46063.

 * <import> has new attributes "as" and "prefixSeparator" that can be

   used to control the prefix prepended to the imported targets'


 * a new task <include> provides an alternative to <import> that

   should be preferred when you don't want to override any targets.

 * delete has a new attribute removeNotFollowedSymlink.  If set to

   true, symbolic links not followed (because followSymlinks was false

   or the number of symlinks was too big) will be removed.

   Bugzilla Report 36658.

 * the os and osfamily attributes of <chown>, <chgrp>, <chmod> and

   <attrib> can now be used to run the commands on operating systems

   other than their "native" environment, i.e. non-Unix or non-Windows

   operating systems respectively.

   Bugzilla Report 7624.

 * a new resource collection <mappedresources> generalizes the prefix

   and fullpath attributes of <zipfileset> to arbitrary mappers that

   can be applied to arbitrary resource collections.

   Bugzilla Report 4240.

 * <tarfileset> and <zipfileset> have a new attribute

   errorOnMissingArchive that allows "optional" filesets that don't

   break the build if the archive doesn't exist.

   Bugzilla Report 46091.

 * <javadoc> has new attributes that correspond to the

   -docfilessubdirs and -excludedocfilessubdir command line arguments.

   Bugzilla Report 34455.

 * <xslt> now fails early if a specified stylesheet doesn't exist.

   Bugzilla Report 34525.

 * <xslt> now has an option to supress transformer warnings.  This

   option only has an effect for processors that support this feature;

   the "trax" processor included with Ant does support it.

   Bugzilla Report 18897.

 * <xslt> has two new attributes failOnError and

   failOnTransformationError that can be used to not make the build

   process proceed if an error occurs.

   Bugzilla Report 36260.

 * <xslt> has a new attribute failOnNoResources that can be used to 

   make the build fail/continue if the collection of resources to

   transform is empty.

   Bugzilla Report 46274.

 * It is now possible to define system properties that should be set

   during xslt's transformation.  This can be used to enable XInclude

   processing in Xerces, for example.

   Bugzilla Report 36653.

 * a new resource collection <archives> can be used to specify

   collections of ZIP and TAR archives as sources.  It extracts them on

   the fly.  This is a generalization of the <zipgroupfileset> found

   as nested element of <zip> and friends.

   Bugzilla Report 46257.

 * <dependset> has a new verbose attribute that makes the task list

   all deleted targets and give a hint as to why it deleted them.

   Bugzilla Report 13681.

 * <replaceregexp> now supports arbitrary filesystem based resource


   Bugzilla Report 46341.

 * <replace> now supports arbitrary filesystem based resource


   Bugzilla Report 24062.

 * token and value of <replace>'s nested <replacefilter> can now also

   be specified as nested elements to allow multiline content more


   Bugzilla Report 39568.

 * <replace> and <replaceregexp> can now optionally preserve the file

   timestamp even if the file is modified.

   Bugzilla Report 39002.

 * The <replace> child-elements <replacetoken> and <replacevalue> have

   a new attribute that controls whether properties in nested text get


   Bugzilla Report 11585.

 * <replace> has a new attribute failOnNoReplacements that makes the

   build fail if the task didn't do anything.

   Bugzilla Report 21064.

 * <sync>'s <preserveInTarget> has a new attribute that controls

   whether empty directories should be kept.

   Bugzilla Report 43159.

 * ant -diagnostics now checks that it can read as much from the

   temporary directory as it has written.  This may help detecting a

   full filesystem.

   Bugzilla Report 32676.

 * <pathconvert> has a new preserveduplicates attribute--historically

   these were eliminated in the interest of behaving in the manner

   of a "path."

 * <javac>'s source and target attributes are no longer ignored when

   using gcj.

   Bugzilla Issue 46617.

 * ant -diagnostics now outputs information about the default XSLT


   Bugzilla Issue 46612.

 * the ZIP library will now ignore ZIP extra fields that don't specify

   a size.

   Bugzilla Report 42940.

 * CBZip2OutputStream now has a finish method separate from close.

   Bugzilla Report 42713.

 * the <zip> and <unzip> family of tasks has new options to deal with

   file name and comment encoding.  Please see the zip tasks'

   documentation for details.

 * <input ...><handler type="secure" /></input> now uses previously

   undocumented SecureInputHandler shipped with Ant 1.7.1.

 * Command line arguments for <exec> and similar tasks can now have

   optional prefix and suffix attributes.

   Bugzilla Report 47365

 * <apply>'s srcfile and targetfile child elements can now have

   optional prefix and suffix attributes.

   Bugzilla Report 45625

 * <jar> has a new attribute to enable indexing of META-INF

   directories which is disabled for backwards compatibility reasons.

   Bugzilla Report 47457

 * <apt>'s executable attribute can be used to specify a different


   Bugzilla Report 46230.

 * <rmic>'s new executable attribute can be used to specify a

   different executable.

   Bugzilla Report 42132.

 * <javac>, <rmic>, <javah> and <native2ascii> now provide a nested

   element to specify a classpath that will be used when loading the

   task's (compiler) adapter class.

   Bugzilla Report 11143.

 * <javac>, <rmic>, <javah> and <native2ascii> now provide a nested

   element to specify the task's (compiler) adapter as an instance of

   a class that has been defined via typedef/componentdef.  This

   allows more control over the classpath and allows adapters to be

   defined in Antlibs easily.

 * A new subclass of

   AntClassLoader has been added which overrides getResources

   which became non-final in ClassLoader with Java5+ so

   this method now behaves as expected.

   The new subclass will be used by Ant internally if it is available

   and Ant is running on Java5 or more recent.

   Bugzilla Report 46752.

 * a new attributes can chose a different request method than GET for

   the http condition.

   Bugzilla Report 30244

 * <splash> now supports a configurable display text and a regular

   expression based way to determine progress based on logged messages.

   Bugzilla Report 39957.

 * the number of retries on error in <get> is now configurable.  <get>

   can be told to not download files that already exist locally.

   Bugzilla Report 40058.

 * Ant now builds against commons-net 2.0 as well.

   Bugzilla Report 47669.

 * A new nested element connectionProperty of <sql> allows setting of

   arbitrary JDBC connection properties.

   Bugzilla Report 33452.

 * A new islastmodified condition can check the last modified date of


 * <rmic> has a new destDir attribute that allows generated files to

   be written to a different location than the original classes.

   Bugzilla Report 20699.

 * <rmic> has a new listfiles attribute similar to the existing one of


   Bugzilla Report 24359.

 * It is now possible to suppress the "FAILED" lines sent to Ant's

   logging system via <junit>'s new logFailedTests attribute.

   Bugzilla Report 35073.


 * <propertyfile> now can delete entries.

 * The <resources> resource collection can now optionally cache its


 * A new <resourceexists> condition can check whether resources exists.

 * <sql> has two new attributes errorproperty and warningproperty that

   can be set if an error/warning occurs.

   Bugzilla Report 38807.

 * <sql> has a new attribute rowcountproperty that can be used to set

   a property to the number of rows affected by a task execution.

   Bugzilla Report 40923.

 * when Ant copies files without filtering, it will now use NIO


   Bugzilla Report 30094.

 * <get> has a new attribute that can be used to disable caching on

   HTTP connections at the HttpUrlConnection level.

   Bugzilla Report 41891.

 * <tar> and <zip> (and tasks derived from <zip>) will now create the

   parent directory of the destination archive if it doesn't exist.

   Bugzilla Report 45377.

 * A new filterreader <sortfilter> that sorts input lines has been


   Bugzilla Report 40504.

 * A new token filter <uniqfilter> that suppresses tokens that match

   their ancestor token has been added.

 * <rootfileset>s nested into <classfileset>s can now use a dir

   attribute different from the <classfileset>.

   Bugzilla Report 37763.

 * <path> can now optionally cache its contents.

 * <property> can now specify values as nested text.

   Bugzilla Report 32917.

 * a new parentFirst attribute on <javaresource> allows resources to

   be loaded from the specified classpath rather than the system


   Bugzilla Report 41369.


 * <property location="from" basedir="to" relative="true"/> can now

   calculate relative paths.

 * The <name> selector supports a new handleDirSep attribute that

   makes it ignore differences between / and \ separators.

   Bugzilla Report 47858.

 * <get> now supports resource collections (as long as the resources

   contained provide URLs) and can get multiple resources in a single


 * <import> can now import non-File resources if they provide an URL

   - as the <url> and <javaresource> resources do.

   Bugzilla Report 29251


 * <import> can now import multiple resources specified as resource


   Bugzilla Report 22269.

 * a new <resourcelist> type is similar to <filelist> but can read the

   list of resources from non-file resources and may return resources

   that are not files.

 * a new filterreader appendtolines complements prefixlines.

 * a new top level element extension-point allows build files to be

   extended with custom targets more easily.

Changes from Ant 1.7.0 TO Ant 1.7.1


Changes that could break older environments:


* String resources only have properties single expanded. If you relied on

  <string> resources being expanded more than once, it no longer happens.

  Bugzilla report 42277.

* A String resource's encoding attribute was only taken into account when

  set from the resource's OutputStream; the InputStream provided the String's

  binary content according to the platform's default encoding. Behavior has

  been modified to encode outgoing (InputStream) content as well as encoding

  incoming (OutputStream) content.

* <java> with fork now returns gives -1 instead of 0 as result when failonerror

  is false and some exception (including timeout) occurs. Br 42377. 

* ant-type attribute has been marked as deprecated and a warning has been

  issued if it is encountered in the build file.

Fixed bugs:


* The default logger was failing to print complete stack traces for exceptions

  other than BuildException, thus omitting often important diagnostic

  information. Bugzilla 43398.

* Error in FTP task

  Bugzilla report 41724

* Regression: Locator fails with URI encoding problem when spaces in path

  Bugzilla report 42222

* Regression in Locator: running Ant off a network share does not work:

  message "URI has authority component" appears

  Bugzilla report 42275

* Improvements in AntClassLoader Speed.

  Bugzilla report 42259

* Error in handling of some permissions, most notably the AllPermission on

  jdk 1.5

  Bugzilla report 41776

* Replace task summary output incorrect.

  Bugzilla report 41544

* Dependset crashes ant when timestamp on files change during Dependset


  Bugzilla report 41284

* Bug in

  Bugzilla report 41411

* <junit> in Ant 1.7.0 could throw NPE if no <classpath> was defined.

  Bugzilla report 41422.

* In Ant 1.7.0, <fileset> in <javadoc> does not by default include only

  **/*.java as the documentation claims and earlier revisions did.

  Bugzilla report 41264.

* SPI support in jar was broken.

  Bugzilla report 41201.


* jsch-0.1.30 causes SCP task to hang

  Bugzilla report 41090.

* Target from imported file listed twice in projecthelp.

  Bugzilla report 41226.

* <sql> task double-expands properties if expandproperties is true,

  and expands properties if expandproperties is false.

  Bugzilla report 41204.

* Rolling back Bugzilla 32927 (set a default description for a javadoc tag

  if not set) as it caused a BC problem.

  Bugzilla report 41268.

* <apt> forks properly and so memory settings are picked up.

  Bug report 41280.

* Regression: NPE was thrown when using <pathconvert> against a

  (third-party instantiated) fileset with null Project reference.

* Strip out all -J arguments to non forking rmic adapters, specifically

  the Sun and Weblogic compilers.

  Bug report 41349

* Synchonization issues in PropertyHelper.  Bugzilla 41353.

* <concat binary="true" append="true"> did not append.  Bugzilla 41399.


* -autoproxy turns Java1.5+ automatic proxy support on. Bugzilla 41904

* Handle null result of system getProperty(). Bugzilla 42334.

* Regression: concat fixlastline="true" should not have applied to

  nested text, but did in Ant 1.7.0. Bugzilla 42369.

* Regression: ant.version was not passed down in <ant>, <subant>.

  This worked in Ant 1.6.5, but not in 1.7.0.

  ant.core.lib (added in 1.7.0) was also not being propagated.

  Bugzilla bug 42263

* Regression: bzip2 task created corrupted output files for some inputs.

  Bugzilla bug 41596.

* Regression: <available> with <filepath> did not work.

  Bugzilla 42735.

* ant script, cd may output to stdout.

  Bugzilla 42739.

* Modified selector doesn't update the cache if only one file has changed.

  Bugzilla 42802.

* Regression: Path subclasses that overrode list() stopped working in

  resourceCollection contexts in Ant 1.7.0. Bugzilla 42967.

* <property> supports loading from xml based property definition.

  Bugzilla 42946

* <junit> supports collecting and rerunning failed test cases

  (textXXX methods). Bugzilla 42984.  

* War task failed with "No WEB-INF/web.xml file was added" when called

  a second time. Bugzilla 43121.

* FilterMapper could throw an NPE.

  Bugzilla 43292.

* Regession nested macrodefs with elements could cause StackOverFlow.

  Bugzilla 43324.

* Some changes to <junit> broke third party tasks that extend it (like

  Apache Cactus' Ant task).  The changes have been modified so that

  subclases should now work again - without any changes to the


Other changes:


* Various small optimizations speed up common tasks such as <javac> on large

  filesets, reducing both I/O and CPU usage.

* Profiling logger has been added with basic profiling capabilities.

* <script> now has basic support for JavaFX scripts

* SSH task can now take a command parameter containing the commands to execute.

  This allows you to connect to a server and execute a number of commands

  without constantly reconnecting for each command.

* Upgraded XML API to XML commons version 1.3.04.

* Upgraded to Xerces 2.9.0

* <script> can now work with bsf.jar and js.jar in its <classpath>.

* add errorProperty and updatedProperty to <javac>

  Bugzilla 35637 and 28941.

* add classpathref attribute to <whichresource>

  Bugzilla 41158.

* reduce logging noise of <apply skipemptyfilesets="true">

  Bugzilla 29154

* Show Previous Revision in the tagdiff.xsl stylesheet

  Bugzilla 29143

* Allow <mapper refid> to refer directly to a FileNameMapper instance.

* If you try and use a type in a namespace (or an antlib), and the type is not

  recognized but there are other definitions in that namespace, Ant lists what

  the known definitions are. This helps you find spelling errors.

* Add a <last> resource collection, corresponding to <first>.

* Add new <truncate> task.

* <junitreport> xsl stylesheets allow setting the title used in <title> and 
<h1> tags by

  using <report><param> element.  Bugzilla 41742.

* Add IgnoreDependenciesExecutor for weird cases when the user wants to run

  only the targets explicitly specified.

* Patternset allows nested inverted patternsets using <invert>.

* <manifest> checks for validity of attribute names.

* JUnitVersionHelper.getTestCaseClassName is now public. Bugzilla 42231

* <string> resource supports nested text. Bugzilla bug 42276

* <scriptdef> now sources scripts from nested resources/resource collections. 
This lets you

  define scripts in JARs, remote URLs, or any other supported resource. 
Bugzilla report 41597.

* <concat> is now usable as a single-element ResourceCollection.

* It is now possible to provide the value of a <striplinecomments> filter's

  <comment> nested element as nested text instead of using the 'value'


* A new logger, BigProjectLogger, lists the project name with every target   

* Default text added to macrodef. Bugzilla report 42301.

* "rawblobs" attribute added to SQL task.

* Add new retry task container.

* <jar> has a new strict attribute that checks if the jar complies with

  the jar packaging version specification.

* <javac> has a new attribute - includeDestClasses.

  Bugzilla 40776.

* <fileset> has a new attribute - errorOnMissingDir.

  Bugzilla 11270.

* <javac> handles files, there were repeatedly compiled.

  Bugzilla 43114.

* SecureInputHandler added to use Java 6 System.console().readPassword()

  when available.

Changes from Ant 1.6.5 to Ant 1.7.0


Changes that could break older environments:


* Initial support for JDK 6 (JSR 223) scripting.

  <*script*> tasks will now use javax.scripting if BSF is

  not available, or if explicitly requested by using

  a "manager" attribute.

* Removed launcher classes from nodeps jar.

* <classconstants> filter reader uses ISO-8859-1 encoding to read

  the java class file. Bugzilla report 33604.

* Defer reference process. Bugzilla 36955, 34458, 37688.

  This may break build files in which a reference was set in a target which was

  never executed. Historically, Ant would set the reference early on, during 

  time, so the datatype would be defined. Now it requires the reference to have

  been in a bit of the build file which was actually executed. If you get

  an error about an undefined reference, locate the reference and move it 

  where it is used, or fix the depends attribute of the target in question to

  depend on the target which defines the reference/datatype.

  As a result of testing on real live build scripts, a fall-back mechanism

  was put it place to allow references that are out-of-band to be resolved. If

  this happens a big warning message is logged. This fall-back mechanism will

  be removed in Ant 1.8.0.

* <script> and <scriptdef> now set the current thread context.

* Unrestrict the dbvendor names in the websphere element of the ejbjar task.

  Bugzilla Report 40475.

* <env> nested element in <java>, <exec> and others is now case-insensitive

  for windows OS. Bugzilla Report 28874.

* Removed support for xalan1 completely. Users of Xalan1 for Ant builds will

  have to stay at ant 1.6.5 or upgrade to xalan2.

* Use org.apache.log4j.Logger instead of org.apache.log4j.Category.

  Category has been deprecated for ~2 years and has been removed from

  the log4j code.  Logger was introduced in log4j 1.2 so users of

  log4j 1.1 and log4j 1.0 need to upgrade to a newer version of log4j.

  Bugzilla Report 31951.

* build.sysclasspath now also affects the bootclasspath handling of

  spawned Java VMs.  If you set build.sysclasspath to anything other

  than "ignore" (or leave it unset, since "ignore" is the default when

  it comes to bootclasspath handling), then the bootclasspath of the

  VM running Ant will be added to the bootclasspath you've specified.

* The <java fork="false"> now as per default installs a security manager

  using the default permissions. This is now independent of the

  failonerror attribute.  Bugzilla report 33361.

* <signjar> now notices when the jar and signedjar are equal, and switches

  to the same dependency logic as when signedjar is omitted. This may break

  something that depended upon signing in this situation. However, since

  invoking the JDK jarsigner program with -signedjar set to the source jar

  actually crashes the JVM on our (Java1.5) systems, we don't think any

  build files which actually worked will be affected by the change.

* <signjar> used to ignore a nested fileset when a jar was also provided as an

  attribute, printing a warning message; now it signs files in the fileset.

* An improved method of handling timestamp granularity differences between

  client and server was added to the <ftp> task.  FTP servers typically

  have HH:mm timestamps whereas local filesystems have HH:mm:ss timestamps.

  Previously, this required tweaking with the timediffmillis attribute

  which also was used to handle timezone differences.  Now, there is a new

  timestampgranularity attribute.  The default value for get operations is 0

  since the user has the more powerful preservelastmodified attribute to work

  with.  Since this is not available on put operations the default value

  adds a minute to the server timestamp in order to account for this,

  Scripts which previously used timediffmillis to do this compensation may

  need to be rewritten.  timediffmillis has now been deprecated.

* Support for the XSL:P XML parser has been removed.

  Bugzilla Report 23455.

* Visual Age for Java optional tasks removed as the required library is no

  longer available.

* Testlet (test) optional task removed as the required library is no

  longer available.

* IContract optional task removed as the required library is no

  longer available.

* Metamata (maudit, mmetrics, and mparse tasks) removed as the required 

  library is no longer available.

* Sitraka (jpcoverage, jpcovmerge, jpcovreport) tasks suppressed as the 

  required library is no longer available.

* <fixcrlf> used \r (Mac) line endings on OS X, whose proper line separator

  is \n (Unix).  Bugzilla report 39585.

* <scp> now optionally supports the sftp protocol, you may need a

  newer jsch.jar.  Bugzilla Report 39373.

* Ant launcher program prints errors to stderr, and exits with a 2 exit code

  value if, for any reason, it cannot actually start Ant proper. This will only

  affect programs/scripts that called the launcher and which did not want to

  receive an error if Ant itself would not start

* All .NET tasks are now deprecated in favor of the new .NET Antlib:

Fixed bugs:


* Directory deletion did not work properly.

  Bugzilla 40972.

* docletpath attribute of javadoc was ignored.

  Bugzilla 40900.

* Fixed incorrect recursion in DOMUtil.listChildNodes().

  Bugzilla 40918.

* CompressedResource.compareTo() did not

  take comparison with another CompressedResource into account.

  Bugzilla 40949.

* Avoid possible NPE in

  Bugzilla 40847.

* regression in attribute prefix (+ others) for refid in zipfileset and 

  Bugzilla 41004, 30498.

* dependset failed if the basedir of a target fileset did not exist.

  Bugzilla 40916.

* Recursive filtering encountered NullPointerExceptions under certain

  circumstances.  Bugzilla 41086.

* XmlProperty overrides previously set property value when handling duplicate

  elements. Bugzilla 41080.

* Having many tasks causes OOM.  Bugzilla 41049.

* Regression: <path> was evaluating nested content only once, so that it could

  not e.g. pick up files that didn't exist the first time through.

  Bugzilla 41151.

* OOM caused by IH holding on to classes and thus their classloaders.

  Bugzilla 28283 and 33061.

* <delete> doesnt delete when defaultexcludes="false" and no includes is set

  fixed. Bugzilla 40313.

* Behavior change of DirectoryScanner/AbstractFileset when conditional include

  patterns are used. Bugzilla 40722.

* <javac> fails with NPE when compiling with eclipse ecj 3.1.x.

  Bugzilla 40839.

* JUnitTestRunner had a NPE when unable to create parser, the exception

  containing the error did not get reported. Bugzilla 36733.

* <checksum> with file and todir option failed. Bugzilla report 37386.

* <path location="loc"> was broken (Regression from beta1).

  Bugzilla report 40547.

* Nested fileset in <cab> did not work. Bugzilla report 39439.

* The ant wrapper script should now correctly locate the java

  executable in more recent IBM JDKs for AIX as well.

* URLResource did not close jar files, and also did not disconnect 
HTTPConnection (s).

* Error calling junitreport. Bugzilla 40595.

* <junittask/> created junitvmwatcher*.properties files but did not close and 
delete them.

* <xmlproperty> did not create properties for empty leaf elements.

  Bugzilla report 26286.

* UnknownElement.maybeConfigure always configured.

  Bugzilla report 40641.

* No check for refid when prefix attribute is set in zipfileset.

  Bugzilla report 30498.

* Fix for junit4 issue introduced since beta2.

  Bugzilla report 40682.

* Error in duplicate project name with <import> and <antcall>.

  Bugzilla report 39920.

* junit4 did not work with fork=no and junit4 in $ANT_HOME/lib.

  Bugzilla report 40697.

* PathConvert on Windows should process forward and back slashes equivalently.

  Bugzilla report 32884.

* ant.bat now looks in %USERPROFILE% and %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% in addition to

  %HOME% for pre/post batch files. Bugzilla report 39298.

* The inheritance hierarchy of the legacy <path> type was changed; code built

  against Ant 1.7 would therefore no longer execute on older versions of Ant.

  Since <path> is historically heavily used this was undesirable, and since it

  is also avoidable, the change to <path>'s taxonomy was reverted.

* <zip filesonly="true"> included empty directories.  Bugzilla report 40258.

* Invalid hash code of Target causes XmlLogger to fail.

  Bugzilla report 40207.

* Macro element did not include top level Text. Bugzilla report 36803.

* AntClassLoader did not isolate resources when isolate was set. Bugzilla 
report 38747.

* Diagnostics broken when using java 1.4. Bugzilla report 40395.

* Exception reporting in <copy> was broken. Bugzilla report 40300.

* Handling of corrupt tar files, never returns EOF.

  Bugzilla report 39924.

* Some bugs in ReaderInputStream. Bugzilla report 39635.

* <antlr> did not recognise whether the target is up-to-date for html option.

  Bugzilla report 38451.

* Documented minimal version of jsch now 0.1.29.

  Bugzilla report 40333.

* <available> searched parent directories for files.

  Bugzilla report 37148.

* The build could be halted if a file path contained more ".." components than

  the actual depth of the preceding path. Now such paths are left

  alone (meaning they will likely be treated as nonexistent

  files). Bugzilla Report 40281.

* Converting a <dirset> to a string was broken. Bugzilla Report 39683.

* Manifests have improved line length handling, taking care of encoding.

  Bug reports 37548 / 34425.

* <manifest> now closes the inputstream explicitly. Bug report 39628.

* <rpm> now also correctly searches the first element of the path.

  Bug report 39345.

* ant.bat now handles classpath set to "". Bug report 38914.

* <junit> now supports JUnit 4. Bugzilla Report 38811.

* <junit> can now work with junit.jar in its <classpath>. Bugzilla

  Report 38799.

* Some potential NullPointerExceptions, Bugzilla Reports 37765 and 38056.

* Problem when adding multiple filter files, Bugzilla Report 37341.

* Problem referencing jars specified by Class-Path attribute in manifest

  of a ant task jar file, when this ant task jar file is located in

  a directory with space, Bugzilla Report 37085.

* Backward incompatible change in ZipFileSet, Bugzilla Report 35824.

* Wrong replacement of file separator chars prevens junitbatchtest

  from running correctly on files from a zipfileset. Bugzilla Report 35499.

* Calling close twice on ReaderInputStream gave a nullpointer exception.

  Bugzilla Report 35544.

* Memory leak from IntrospectionHelper.getHelper(Class) in embedded

  environments. Bugzilla Report 30162.

* Translate task does not remove tokens when a key is not found.

  It logs a verbose message.  Bugzilla Report 13936.

* Incorrect task name with invalid "javac" task after a "presetdef".

  Bugzilla reports 31389 and 29499.

* <manifest> was not printing warnings about invalid manifest elements.

  Bugzilla report 32190.

* <replace> got out of memory on large files (part of report 32566).

  <replace> can now handle files as long as there is enough disk space


* Commandline.describeCommand() methods would attempt to describe

  arguments even when none, other than the executable name, were present.

* Create signjar's helper ExecTask instance directly rather than by

  typedef discovery mechanisms. Bugzilla report 33433.

* FileUtils.resolveFile() promised to return absolute files but

  did not always do so.

* <ftp> failed to retrieve a file when the path towards the file contained

  an element starting with . Bugzilla report 33770.

* "<rmic> always compiles on Java1.5" bugzilla report=33862. Fixed default

  stub version to always be "compat", even on Java1.5+.

* The .NET compilation tasks failed if filenames given as references

  contained spaces.  Bugzilla Report 27170.

* SQL task would try access result sets of statements that didn't

  return any, causing problems with Informix IDS 9.2 and IBM DB2 8.1

  FixPak 6 (or later). Bugzilla Reports 27162 and 29954.

* Task.init() was called twice for most tasks.  Bugzilla Report 34411.

* JavaTest testcases sometimes fail on windows. Bugzilla Report 34502.

* Targets with identical name work in imported project. Bugzilla Report 34566.

* DemuxOutputStream now uses a WeakHashMap to store the thread-stream mapping,

  to avoid holding on to thread references after they terminate.

* <xmlvalidate> and <schemavalidate> create a new parser for every file in a

  fileset, and so validate multiple files properly. Bugzilla Report 32791.

* <tar> / <untar> now accepts files upto 8GB, <tar> gives an error if larger

  files are to be included. This is the POSIX size limit.

* <junitreport> removed line-breaks from stack-traces.  Bugzilla

  Report 34963.

* Off-by-one error in environment setup for execution under OpenVMS fixed.

* Bugzilla report 36171: -noclasspath crashes ant if no system

  classpath is set.

* <pvcs> used wrong switch for retrieving revisions by label.

  Bugzilla Report 36359.

* <sshexec> closed System.out, disabling output on second and subsequent

  invocations.  Bugzilla report 36302.

* <cvschangelog> was crashing with CVS versions >= 1.12.x due to change in

  the date format. Bugzilla report 30962.

* The same IntrospectionHelper instance was continuously added as a listener

  to project. Bugzilla report 37184.

* FileUtils.toURI() was not encoding non-ASCII characters to ASCII,

  causing impossibility to process XML entities referenced by XML

  documents in non ASCII paths. Bugzilla report 37348.

* > 1 ssh invocations to a given host would fail. Bugzilla report 36207.

* EmailTask was eating SMTP error messages. Bugzilla report 37547.

* PropertySet API setMapper(...) didn't properly set up the Mapper.

  Bugzilla report 37760.

* Proper return code for ant.bat. Bugzilla report 13655.

* Project not set on ChainReaderHelpers used by the Redirector.

  Bugzilla report 37958.

* Copy task would fail on locked (or otherwise uncopyable) files even if

  failonerror set to false. Bugzilla report 38175.

* <junit> task did not print all the Test names when using forkmode='once'.

  Bugzilla report 37426.

* <available> could leak resources, Bugzilla Report 38260.

* Redirector called Thread.sleep in a synchronized block. Bugzilla

  report 37767.

* CCUnlock's objselect attribute could exhibit unpredictable behavior;

  standardized improperly included objselect and objsel property accessors to

  delegate to the inherited objSelect property accessor. Bugzilla report 37766.

* <unzip> and <untar> now correctly merge multiple nested patternsets.

  Bugzilla Report 38973.

* On case-insensitive filesystems, a <move> to change filename case

  erroneously deleted the "destination" file before attempting to rename

  the source file.  Bugzilla 37701.

* <scp> can now handle uris with @s other than the final one denoting the

  domain.  Bugzilla 38082.

* If the class invoked by the <java> task threw a ClassNotFoundException,

  this was misinterpreted as the specified class itself not being found.

* <echoproperties> setPrefix javadoc claimed null or empty prefix would be

  ignored; instead an error was thrown.  Bugzilla report 39954.

* <get> would fetch files that were up to date, because it used > in a

  remote/local timestamp comparison, not >=. Bugzilla 35607.

* <xslt> passes the current file (name + directory) to the

  stylesheet/transformation.  xsl-parameter name is configurable.

  Bugzilla report 21042.

* The <zip> API allowed creation of directories in file-only archives; a

  habitual offender was the subclassed <jar>, which included META-INF/ in

  the destination file regardless of whether filesonly was set to true.

* <rmic> has a new adapter, xnew, to use the -XNew back end on java1.5+.

  By forking rmic, this works on java1.6+. Bugzilla report 38732.

* Copy of UnknownElement in macroinstance was not recursive.

  Bugzilla report 40238.

* Mixing of add and addConfigured methods in Mapper/ChainedMapper

  causes incorrect chaining. Bugzilla report 40228.

Other changes:


* Warn user when a reference in the form "${refid}" cannot be resolved as this

  is a sign they probably meant "refid" (misuse of property expansion syntax).

* Add dtd to javadoc for junit.

  Bugzilla 40754.

* Add quiet attribute to loadfile/resource.

  Bugzilla 38249.

* Make Locator#fromURI also append the drive letter when running under Windows

  with JDK 1.3 or 1.2.

* Do not uppercase the drive letters systematically in FileUtils#normalize.

* Java 5 enumerations may now be used as values in XML attributes in place of

  EnumeratedAttribute. Bugzilla 41058.

* Create a pom file for ant-testutil and add ant-testutil.jar to the ant

  distribution. Bugzilla 40980.

* Roll back automatic proxy enabling on Java 1.5. It broke things like

  Oracle JDBC drivers, and Ant itself on IBM's JVM on AIX, and didnt

  seem to work to well the rest of the time.

  To enable the feature, use the -autoproxy command line option.

* Upgraded XML API and parser to Xerces 2.8.1

* A code review of some threaded logic has tightened up the synchronization

  of Watchdog, ExecuteWatchdog and ExecuteJava, which could reduce the occurence

  of race conditions here, especially on Java1.5+.

* Allow broken reference build files. The defer reference processing would

  break too many files - so allow them with a warning.

* Removed dependency on sun.misc.UUEncoder for UUMailer.

* Added regex attribute to the echoproperties task.

  Bugzilla 40019.

* <war> task now allows you to omit the web.xml file. as this is optional

  in the servlet 2.5 and Java EE 5 APIs. set needxmlfile="false" to

  avoid a missing web.xml file from halting the build.

* Diagnostics catches and logs security exceptions when accessing system 

* <javadoc> useexternalfile now applies to all command line arguments

  of javadoc. Bugzilla report 40852.

* javadoc/tag@description is now set to the name if description is

  not specified. Bugzill report 32927.

* Some performance improvements, including Bugzilla report 25778.

* Add <matches> condition. Bugzilla report 28883.

* Extending JAR-Task for SPI. Bugzilla report 31520.

* Added <tokens> resource collection for convenient creation of string

  resources from other resources' content. Inspired by Bugzilla 40504.

* Added <compare> resource selector to select resources based on the

  results of their comparison to other resources.

* Added outputtoformatters attribute to <junit> to allow suppression

  of noisey tests. Bugzilla report 12817.

* Log level of message 'Overriding previous definition of reference to'

  set to Verbose. Bugzilla report 17240.

* Added setbeans attribute to <script> to allow <script>'s to be

  run without referencing all references.

  Bugzilla report 37688.

* Added classpath attribute and nested element to <script> to allow

  the language jars to be specified in the build script.

  Bugzilla report 29676.

* Trim the driver attribute on the <sql> task. Bugzilla report 21228.

* Allow (jar) files as well as directories to be given to jdepend.

  Bugzilla report 28865.

* Convert SplashTask to use NOT sun internal classes.

  Bugzilla report 35619.

* Made PatternSet#hasPatterns public to allow custom filesets access.

  Bugzilla report 36772.

* Added searchparents attribute to <available>. Bugzilla report 39549.

* Tasks that don't extend Ant's Task class will now get the build file

  location reflected into a method of the signature void setLocation(Location)

  - if such a method exists.

* Remove needless synchronization in DirectoryScanner.

  Bugzilla report 40237.

* Improved recursion detection for lines with multiple matches of same token

  on a single line.  Bugzilla report 38456.

* Task will now log correctly even if no project is set.

  Bugzilla report 38458.

* Use alternative names for the command line arguments in javac. Bugzilla

  Report 37546.

* The Reference class now has a project field that will get

  used (if set) in preference to the passed in project, when

  dereferencing the reference. Bugzilla Report 25777.

* On DOS and Netware, filenames beginning with a drive letter

  and followed by a colon but with no directory separator following

  the colon are no longer (incorrectly) accepted as absolute pathnames

  by FileUtils.normalize() and FileUtils.isAbsolutePath().  Netware

  volumes can still be specified without an intervening separator.

  UNC pathnames on Windows must include a server and share name, i.e.

  "\\a\b" to be considered valid absolute paths.

* A bug in SQLExec would prevent the execution of trailing,

  non-semicolon-delimited statements.  Bugzilla Report 37764.

* InputHandler implementations may now call InputRequest.getDefaultValue()

  if they wish. The default handler uses this also. Bugzilla report 28621.

* Took in bugzilla report 39320, "Simple code cleanups"

* Improve compatibility with GNU Classpath and java versions prior to

  1.5. Bugzilla 39027.

* ${ant.core.lib} may now be used to refer to the library containing the

  Ant classes, for instance useful when compiling tasks.

* Minor performance improvements Bugzilla report 37777

* New task <manifestclasspath> converts a path into a property

  suitable as the value for a manifest's Class-Path attribute.

* Fixed references to obsoleted CVS web site. Bugzilla Report 36854.

* Log fine-grained events at verbose level from JUnit. Bugzilla report 31885.

* <WsdlToDotnet> and <style> are now deprecated in favor of <wsdltodotnet> and

  <xslt>, respectively. Bugzilla report 25832.

* <echoproperties> now (alphanumerically) sorts the property list

  before echoing. Bugzilla report 18976.

* A new base class DispatchTask has been added to facilitate elegant

  creation of tasks with multiple actions.

* Major revision of <wsdltodotnet>. Supports mono wsdl and the microsoft

  wsdl run on mono, as well as most of the .NET WSE2.0 options. Extra

  schemas (files or urls) can be named in the <schema> element.

  Compilers can be selected using the compiler attribute, which defaults

  to "microsoft" on windows, and "mono" on everything else.

* It is now possible to specify the pattern created/parsed by <checksum>.

  Bugzilla Report 16539.

* Added a new "failall" value for the onerror attribute of <typedef>.

  Bugzilla report 31685.

* unzip/unwar/unjar/untar now supports a nested mapper, which lets you unzip

  in useful ways.

* Junit task -- display suite first.

  Bugzilla report 31962.

* Added isSigned condition and signedselector selector

  Bugzilla report 32126.

* Added preserveLastModified attribute to signjar task.

  Bugzilla report 30987.

* Added <scriptcondition> condition, for inline scripted conditions

* Added <xor> condition for exclusive-or combining of nested conditions.

* Added <scriptselector> selector for scripted file selection

* ant -diagnostics lists contents of ${user.home}/.ant/lib , and

  checks that the directory exists and is writeable.

* mail task accepts nested header element.  Bugzilla report 24713.

* zip/jar/war/ear supports level attribute for deflate compression level.

  Bugzilla report 25513.

* Added loginputstring attribute to the redirector type.

* Tighten security by sending storepass and keypass to signjar

  via the input stream of the forked process.

* New task <schemavalidate> extends <xmlvalidate> with extra support

  for XML Schema (XSD) files.

* <fixcrlf> supports a file attribute for easy fixup of a single file.

* New condition <parsersupports> which can look for XML parser feature or

  property support in the parser Ant is using.

* fixcrlf can be used in a filterchain.

* <sync> has a new nested element <preserveInTarget> that can be used

  to protect extra-content in the target directory.  Bugzilla Report


* <signjar> now supports:

  -nested filesets at the same time as the jar attribute

  -a destDir attribute with the appropriate dependency logic, which

   can be used with the jar attribute or nested filesets

  -a mapper to permit filename remapping on signing

  -tsaurl and tsacert attributes for timestamped JAR signing

  -nested <sysproperty> elements, which can be used for proxy setup

  and the like

* The linecontains and linecontainsregexp filterreaders now support a

  negate attribute to select lines -not- containing specified text.

  Bugzilla Report 34374.

* <os> condition adds "winnt" as a family which can be tested. This is

  all windows platforms other than the Win9x line or Windows CE.

* <exec> (and hence, <apply> and any other derived classes) have an OsFamily

  attribute, which can restrict execution to a single OS family.

* Added "backtrace" attribute to macrodef. Bugzilla report 27219.

* Ant main provides some diagnostics if it ever sees a -cp or -lib option,

  as this is indicative of a script mismatch. Bugzilla report 34860

* <junitreport> prints a special message if supplied an empty XML File. This

  can be caused by the test JVM exiting during a test, either via a

  System.exit() call or a JVM crash.

* Project name is now used for *all* targets so one can write consistent import

  build files. Bugzilla report 28444.

* New condition <typefound> that can be used to probe for the declaration

  and implementation of a task, type, preset, macro, scriptdef, whatever.

  As it tests for the implementation, it can be used to check for optional

  tasks being available.

* Check for 1.5.* Ant main class. (weblogic.jar in classpath reports)

* New condition <isfailure> that tests the return-code of an executable. This

  contains platform-specific logic and is better than comparing the result with


* Added initial support for Resource Collections, including the

  resourcecount task.

* property attribute of pathconvert is now optional. If omitted the

  result will be written to the log.

* New mapper, <scriptmapper>, supports scripted mapping of source files/strings

  to destination strings.

* Add the echoxml task. This will echo nested XML to a file, with

  the normal <?xml ?> processor instruction. UTF-8 encoding only; no-namespace


* Try to make subprojects of custom Project subclasses instances of the

  same type. Bugzilla report 17901.

* <ssh> and <scp> support keyboard-interactive authentication now.

* <javadoc> now supports -breakiterator for custom doclets if Ant is

  running on JSE 5.0 or higher.  Bugzilla Report: 34580.

* New logger, TimestampedLogger, that prints the wall time that a build

  finished/failed. Use with


* <junitreport> now generates pages alltests-errors.html and

  alltests-fails.html, that list only the errors and failures, respectively.

  Bugzilla Report: 36226

* New task <makeurl> that can turn a file reference into an absolute file://

  url; and nested filesets/paths into a (space, comma, whatever) separated

  list of URLs. Useful for RMI classpath setup, amongst other things.

* <xslt> now accepts nested FileNameMappers e.g. <globmapper>.

  Bugzilla report 37604.

* New task <loadresource> that accompanies <loadfile> for non file resources.

* <echo> now supports an encoding when saving to a file.

* New GreedyInputHandler added.

* Add textfile attribute to the <filesmatch> condition. When true, the text

  contents of the two files are compared, ignoring line ending differences.

* New <resourcesmatch> condition.

* Added the onmissingfiltersfile attribute to filterset. Bugzilla report 19845.

* Added the inline handler element to the input task.

* <sql> supports property expansion if you set the expandProperties

  attribute. By default it does not expand properties, something we

  dare not change for fear of breaking complex SQL operations in

  existing files.

* <javadoc>'s packagenames attribute is now optional and defaults to "*".

* <javac>'s source and target attributes as well as <javadoc>'s source

  attribute will read default values from the properties and

* Handling of ' ', '#' in CLASSPATH and '#' in -lib (cannot use ' '

  in -lib on UNIX at the moment). Bugzilla Report 39295.

* <scp> now optionally supports the sftp protocol.  Bugzilla Report 39373.

* Resources can now be used to indicate the location of the stylesheet to use

  in <xslt>. Bugzilla Report 39407.

* New <antversion> condition. Bugzilla report 32804.

* ReplaceTokens should allow properties files. Bugzilla report 39688.

* FTP Account could not be specified in ant FTP task. Bugzilla report 39720.

* Minor performance updates. Bugzilla report 39565.

* New deleteonexit attribute for the <tempfile> task. Bugzilla report 39842.

  Remember that the exit of the JVM can be a long time coming,

  especially under an IDE. Don't rely on this being called.

* <scriptdef>-created scripts have support for nested text. All text

  passed to a scripted task can be accessed via self.text.

* <fixcrlf> now supports an outputencoding attribute.  Bugzilla report 39697.

* <junitreport> now supports nested XSL parameters. Bugzilla report 39708.

* <javacc> has a jdkversion attribute to pass the desired JDK version

  down to javacc.  Bugzilla report 38715.

* <cvs> prints passfile info at -verbose level instead of -info. Bugzilla

  report 35268

* When <javac> can't find the compiler class, it prints out java.home for

  immediate diagnostics

* Ant launcher now supports a -main attribute so that you can specify

  an extension class to the built in

  class. This class must implement the interface AntMain

Changes from Ant 1.6.4 to Ant 1.6.5


Changes that could break older environments:


Fixed bugs:


* <move> was unable to replace existing files or write into

  existing directories.  Bugzilla report 34962.

* <macrodef> with redefined default values was incorrect. (Fix for

   31215 had a bug). Bugzilla report 35109.

* <javadoc> will convert backslashes to forwardslashes when generating file

  list by useexternalfile. Bugzilla report 27814.

Changes from Ant 1.6.3 to Ant 1.6.4


Changes that could break older environments:


* <ftp> task has had a number of changes.  Uptodate calculation previously

  did not call a file uptodate if the source timestamp and the destination

  timestamp were equal. Bugzilla report 34941.  Any script that attempted

  to compensate for this by using the timediffmillis attribute might need

  to be tweaked.

Fixed bugs:


* Sun javah failed with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError.

  Bugzilla report 34681.

* DirectoryScanner.slowScan() was broken. Bugzilla report 34722.

* DirectoryScanner.scan() could throw a NullPointerException on

  case-insensitive filesystems (read Windows or MacOS X).

* Get w/authentication failed with ArrayOutOfBoundsExceptions.

  Bugzilla report 34734.

* Granularity attribute for <sync> task was undocumented.

  Bugzilla report 34871.

* <unzip> and <untar> could leave file handles open on invalid

  archives.  Bugzilla report 34893.

* propertyset threw NPE with nested, mapped propertysets.

Other changes:


* AntXMLContext.setCurrentTargets() is now public. Bugzilla report 34680.

Changes from Ant 1.6.2 to Ant 1.6.3


Changes that could break older environments:


* The subant task used the canonical version of a file path. This

  has been changed to use the absolute path. Bugzilla 30438.

* Tar now writes two EOF blocks rather than one.

  Bugzilla report 28776

* The Reference object now has a project field which it uses in preference

  to the project passed in. This allows composite references to be

  handled to nested projects.

  Bugzilla report 25777

* <junit> with filtertrace="true" will now also swallow lines for the

  sun.reflect package.  If you need to see them in your stack trace,

  you must set filtertrace to false.

  Bugzilla Report 22758

* The jikes compiler adapter now supports -bootclasspath, -extdirs and

  -sourcepath and also uses the same logic for debug flags as javac.

  This means, the jikes compiler adapter now requires Jikes 1.15 or later.

  Bugzilla Reports 25868, 26404 and 32609.

* The gcj compiler adapter used to include the Java runtime classes

  even if includeJavaRuntime was set to false, unless the

  bootclasspath has been specified as well.  It will now always adhere

  to includeJavaRuntime, you may need to set it to true explicitly now

  if you relied on the old behavior.

Other changes:


* <javadoc> can now take an attribute 'executable'. Bugzilla report 30606.

* New attribute ignorecontents for <different> selector

* Javadoc fixes for Location, Project, and RuntimeConfigurable

  Bugzilla 30160.

* Enable to choose the regexp implementation without system property.

  Bugzilla Report 15390.

* Expose objects and methods in IntrospectionHelper. Bugzilla Report 30794.

* Allow file attribute of <move> to rename a directory.

  Bugzilla Report 22863.

* Add xmlcatalog nested element to XmlProperty. Bugzilla report 27053.

* New attribute alwayslog for <redirector> type.

* Added <target> nested elements to <ant> and <antcall> to allow

  specification of multiple sub-build targets, which are executed

  with a single dependency analysis.

* Refactored Target invocation into

  implementations.  Bugzilla Reports 21421, 29248.

* <rmic> now also supports Kaffe's rmic version shipping with Kaffe

  1.1.2 and above.

* added casesensitive attribute to <globmapper> and <regexpmapper>

  Bugzilla report 16686

* added handledirsep attribute to <globmapper> and <regexpmapper>

  Bugzilla report 32487

* added a new mapper <filtermapper>

* When a BuildListener tried to access System.err or System.out, Ant

  would have thrown an exception - this has been changed.  Ant now

  silently ignores the message.  BuildListeners still should avoid

  accessing either stream.

* Added a comment attribute to the zip task.

  Bugzilla report 22793.

* Overloaded FileUtils.createNewFile with a boolean mkdirs attribute

  to create nonexistent parent directories.

* <apply> has a new "force" attribute that, when true, disables

  checking of target files.

* Made the dest attribute of the apply task optional; mapped target

  filenames will be interpreted as absolute pathnames when dest is omitted.

* Changed default tempdir for <javac> from user.dir to

* Added searchpath attribute to <exec> for searching path variable(s)

  when resolveexecutable = true.

* Added revision and userid attributes to <pvcs> documentation.

* Added support to the touch task for a mkdirs attribute to create

  nonexistent parent directories before touching new files.

* Added support to the touch task for a pattern attribute to allow

  alternate datetime formats.

* Added support to the touch task to map touched files using a nested

  mapper element.

* Added support to the touch task for a verbose attribute to suppress

  logging of new file creation.

* bad link in docs to the enhancement page in bugzilla.

  Bugzilla report 33252.

* Added length task to get strings' and files' lengths.

* <native2ascii> and <javah> now also support Kaffe's versions.

* Recursive token expansion in a filterset can now be disabled by

  setting its recurse attribute to false.

* Pathconvert no longer requires that one of (targetos|pathsep|dirsep)

  be set; platform defaults are used when this is the case.

* Added preservelastmodified attribute to fixcrlf task. Bugzilla 25770.

* Added isfileselected condition.

* Added verbose="true|false" attribute to <subant>. When verbose is enabled,

  the directory name is logged on entry and exit of the sub-build.

  Bugzilla 33787.

* Added -nouserlib option to allow running ant without automatically loading

  up ${user.home}/.lib/ant. This is useful when compiling ant, and antlibs.

  Modified the and build.bat to use the option.

* Added -noclasspath option to allow running ant WITHOUT using CLASSPATH env

  variable. Modified ant.bat to do this so that %CLASSPATH% is not looked at.

* Add else attribute to the condition task, which specifies an

  optional alternate value to set the property to if the nested

  condition evaluates to false. Bugzilla report 33074.

* Ant generated jar files should now be detected as jar files by

  Solaris.  Bugzilla Report 32649.

* <rexec> with a single command should now work with unusal login

  dialogs without special read/write pairs.  Bugzilla Report 26632.

* <csc>'s extraoptions can now contain multiple arguments.

  Bugzilla Report 23599.

* <macrodef> with default values set by properties would be

  seen as new definitions when called twice with different properties.

  This was confusing so the definitions are now treated as similar.

  Bugzilla Report 31215.

* <javadoc> has a new attribute "includenosourcepackages" that can be

  used to document packages that don't hold source files but a

  package.html file.  Bugzilla Report 25339.

* <rpm> has new attributes failonerror and quiet.

* Added two tutorials

  - beginner: introduction into Ant

  - task developers: using path, fileset etc

* a number of new attributes that allow the user to handle non-standard

  server listing formats and time zone differences have been added in

  the <ftp> task.

Fixed bugs:


* Do not pass on ThreadDeath when halting <java fork="false">. Bugzilla


* Killing a thread running <java fork="true"> (e.g. from an IDE) would

  not stop the forked process. Bugzilla 31928.

* Programs run with <java fork="true"> can now accept standard input

  from the Ant console.  (Programs run with <java fork="false"> could

  already do so.)  Bugzilla 24918.

* AbstractCvsTask prematurely closed its outputStream and errorStream.

  Bugzilla 30097.

* Impossible to use implicit classpath for <taskdef>

  when Ant core loader != Java application loader and

  Path.systemClassPath taken from ${java.class.path} Bugzilla 30161.

* MacroInstance did not clean up nested elements correctly in the execute

  method, causing multiple use of the same macro instance with nested

  elements to fail.

* checksum fileext property doc wrong. Bugzilla 30787.

* FTP task, getTimeDiff method was returning wrong value. Bugzilla 30595.

* make sure that Zip and its derivates call the createEmptyZip method when

 there are no resources to zip/jar/...

* Zip task was not zipping when only empty directories were found.

  Bugzilla 30365.

* Jar task was not including manifest files when duplicate="preserve" was

  chosen. Bugzilla 32802.

* ant.bat was missing runAntNoClasspath label for goto.

  Bugzilla 34510.

* Classpath was treated in the same way as -lib options. Bugzilla 28046.

* Manual page for cvsversion contained incorrect attributes and did not

  say since 1.6.1. Bugzilla 31408.

* Typo in definition of <cvsversion> task causing it not to be defined.

  Bugzilla 31403.

* Execution of top level tasks in imported files get delayed by targets.

  Bugzilla report 31487.

* ExecTask executes checkConfiguration() even though os does not match.

  Bugzilla report 31805.

* Concat task instance could not be run twice.

  Bugzilla report 31814.

* NPE using XmlLogger and antlib.

  Bugzilla report 31840.

* Properties.propertyNames() should be used instead of .keys().

  Bugzilla report 27261.

* Target location is not set for default target.

  Bugzilla report 32267.

* Incorrect classloader parent in junittask when using with

  ant-junit.jar and junit.jar not in the project classloader. Bugzilla

  report 28474.

* getResources() on the classloader returned by ClasspathUtils would

  see each resource twice - if the resource is in the project

  classpath and if the classloader is requested with a null path.

* XMLValidate used URL#getFile rather than the ant method FileUtils#fromURI

  Bugzilla report 32508

* fixed Regexp-Mapper docs which gave outdated instructions (optional.jar)

  Bugzilla report 28584

* <scp> using <fileset> didn't work with OpenSSH 3.9 and later.

  Bugzilla report 31939

* <setproxy> failed to set user/password on some JDKs.

  Bugzilla report 32667

* untar would go into infinite loop for some invalid tar files.

  Bugzilla report 29877

* forked <javac> won't pass -source to a JDK 1.1 or 1.2 javac anymore.

  Bugzilla report 32948

* propertyset references did not handle nested propertyset references.

* oata.types.Description.getDescription(Project) would throw a

  NullPointerException when the "ant.targets" reference was unset.

* Wrapper scripts did not detect WINNT value of dynamic OS environment

  variable when logged into workstations using Novell authentication.

  Bugzilla Report 30366.

* DependScanner.getResource() always returned nonexistent resources,

  even when the resource actually existed.  Bugzilla Report 30558.

* <apply> was broken with classfilesets.  Bugzilla Report 30567.

* <available> returned false positives when checking a file

  passed in with the current basedir leading twice:

  e.g. ${basedir}${file.separator}${basedir}${file.separator}foo .

* The first file open that took place when using input files with the

  <exec>, <apply>, or <java> tasks was always logged to System.out

  instead of to the managing Task.

* <telnet> and <rexec> would try to disconnect from servers they never

  connetced to, potentially leading to exceptions in commons-net.

  Bugzilla Report 33618.

* <zip> would drop files matched by defaultexcludes during updates.

  Bugzilla Report 33412.

* <zip> couldn't store files with size between 2GB and 4GB (the

  upper limit set by the ZIP format itself).  Bugzilla Report 33310.

* NPE when when <presetdef> tries to configure a task that

  cannot be instantiated. Bugzilla Report 33689.

* <javac debug="false"> created an invalid command line when running

  the Symantec Java compiler.

* Get with usetimestamp did not work on Java 1.2.

* Get with usetimestamp did not work when local timestamp roughly >= now.

* The framed JUnit report now handles multiple reports for the same

  testcase properly.  Bugzilla Report 32745.

* <cab> didn't work for files with spaces in their names on Windows.

  Bugzilla Report 17182.

* The VAJ tasks could fail if the project name contained characters

  that need to get URL encoded.  Bugzilla Report 23322.

* TarInputStream#read() wasn't implemented correctly.  Bugzilla Report


* <xslt> failed to process file-hierarchies of more than one level if

  scanincludeddirectories was true.  Bugzilla Report 24866.

* forkmode="perBatch" or "once" would ignore extension attributes that

  had been specified for <formatter>s.  Bugzilla Report 32973.

* The refid attribute of the I/O redirector was not functional.

Changes from Ant 1.6.1 to Ant 1.6.2


Changes that could break older environments:


* The import task used the canonical version of a file path. This

  has been changed to use the absolute path. Bugzilla 28505.

* ant-xalan2.jar has been removed since the only class contained in it

  didn't depend on Xalan-J 2 at all.  Its sole dependency has always

  been TraX and so it has been merged into ant-trax.jar.

* All exceptions thrown by tasks are now wrapped in a buildexception

  giving the location in the buildfile of the task.

* Nested elements for namespaced tasks and types may belong to the

  Ant default namespace as well as the task's or type's namespace.

* <junitreport> will very likely no longer work with Xalan-J 1.

  Note that Xalan-J 1 has been deprecated for a very long time and we

  highly recommend that you upgrade.

  If you really need to continue using Xalan-J 1, please copy the

  junit-frames-xalan1.xsl from the distribution's etc directory as

  junit-frames.xsl into a new directory and use the task's styledir

  attribute to point to.  This is the last version of the XSLT

  stylesheet that is expected to be compatible with Xalan-J 1.

Fixed bugs:


* eliminate memory leak in AntClassLoader. Bugzilla Report 8689.

* subant haltonfailure=false did not catch all failures. Bugzilla Report 27007.

* macrodef @@ escaping was broken.  Bugzilla Report 27069.

* MacroDef did not allow attributes named 'description'. Bugzilla Report 27175.

* Throw build exception if name attribute missing from patternset#NameEntry.

  Bugzilla Report 25982.

* Throw build exception if target repeated in build file, but allow targets

  to be repeated in imported files.

* <apply> didn't compare timestamps of source and targetfiles when

  using a nested <filelist>.  Bugzilla Report 26985.

* tagdiff.xml was broken in ant 1.6.1. Bugzilla Report 27057.

* if the basedir contained .. or . dirs, and the build file name contained

  .. or ., the basedir was set incorrectly. Bugzilla Report 26765.

* regression from ant 1.5, exec task outputted two redundant trailing newlines.

  Bugzilla Report 27546.

* NPE when running commons listener. Bugzilla Report 27373.

* <java> swallowed the stack trace of exceptions thrown by the

  executed program if run in the same VM.

* -projecthelp swallowed (configuration) errors silently.

  Bugzilla report 27732.

* filterset used by filtertask doesn't respect loglevel. Bugzilla Report 27568.

* wrong compare used in ProjectComponent for logging. Bugzilla Report 28070.

* failOnAny attribute for <parallel> was broken. Bugzilla Report 28122.

* If <javac> uses gcj and any of the nested <compilerarg>s implies

  compilation to native code (like -o or --main), Ant will not pass

  the -C switch to gcj.  This means you can now compile to native code

  with gcj which has been impossible in Ant < 1.6.2.

* <import optional="false"> and <import optional="true">

  behaved identically.

* <xslt> now sets the context classloader if you've specified a nested

  <classpath>.  Bugzilla Report 24802.

* <zip> and friends would delete the original file when trying to update

  a read-only archive.  Bugzilla Report 28419.

* <junit> and <assertions> are working together. Bugzilla report 27218

* AntClassLoader#getResource could return invalid URLs.  Bugzilla

  Report 28060.

* Ant failed to locate tools.jar if the jre directory name wasn't all

  lowercase.  Bugzilla Report 25798.

* Redirector exhibited inconsistent behavior with regard to split

  output.  When sent to file only, files would be created in all

  cases; when split file-property, files were only created if

  writes were performed.

* fixed case handling of scriptdef attributes and elements.

* UNC pathnames did not work for ANT_HOME or -lib locations on Windows.

  Bugzilla report 27922.

* replacestring tokenfilter only replaced the first occurrence.

* AntLikeTasksAtTopLevelTest failed on cygwin.

* I/O-intensive processes hung when executed via <exec spawn="true">.

  Bugzilla reports 23893/26852.

* JDependTask did not close an output file. Bugzilla Report 28557.

* Using <macrodef> could break XmlLogger. Bugzilla Report 28993.

* <genkey> no longer requires keytool to be in your PATH.  Bugzilla

  Report 29382.

* <symlink> could create cyclic links.  Bugzilla Report 25181.

* <zip whenempty="skip"> didn't work in a common situation.  Bugzilla

  Report 22865.

* <scp> now properly handles remote files and directories with spaces

  in their names.  Bugzilla Report 26097.

* <scp> now has (local|remote)tofile attributes to rename files on the

  fly.  Bugzilla Report 26758.

* <telnet> and <rexec> didn't close the session.  Bugzilla Report 25935.

* <subant> and XmlLogger didn't play nicley together.

Other changes:


* doc fix concerning the dependencies of the ftp task

  Bugzilla Report 29334.

* <xmlvalidate> has now a property nested element,

  allowing to set string properties for the parser

  Bugzilla Report 23395.

* Docs fixes for xmlvalidate.html, javadoc.html, starteam.

  Bugzilla Reports 27092, 27284, 27554.

* <pathconvert> now accepts nested <mapper>s.  Bugzilla Report 26364.

* Shipped XML parser is now Xerces-J 2.6.2.

* Added nested file element to filelist.

* spelling fixes, occurred. Bugzilla Report 27282.

* add uid and gid to tarfileset. Bugzilla Report 19120.

* <scp> has a verbose attribute to get some feedback during the

  transfer and new [local|remote][File|Todir] alternatives to file and

  todir that explicitly state the direction of the transfer.

* The OS/2 wrapper scripts have been adapted to use the new launcher.

  Bugzilla Report 28226.

* <sshexec> now also captures stderr output.  Bugzilla Report 28349.

* <xslt> now supports a nested <mapper>.  Bugzilla Report 11249.

* <touch> has filelist support.

* <nice> task lets you set the priority of the current thread; non-forking

  <java> code will inherit this priority in their main thread.

* New attribute "negate" on <propertyset> to invert selection criteria.

* Target now supports a Location member.  Bugzilla Report 28599.

* New "pattern" attribute for <date> selector.

* <junit> has a new forkmode attribute that controls the number of

  Java VMs that get created when forking tests.  This allows you to

  run all tests in a single forked JVM reducing the overhead of VM

  creation a lot.  Bugzilla Report 24697.

* <jar> can now optionally create an index for jars different than the

  one it currently builds as well.  See the new <indexjars> element

  for details.  Bugzilla Report 14255.

* Permit building under JDK 1.5. Bugzilla Report 28996.

* minor Javadoc changes. Bugzilla Report 28998.

* Misc. corrections in Bugzilla Report 28999.

* Remove redundant <hr> from javah.html. Bugzilla Report 28995.

* Ignore built distributions. Bugzilla Report 28997.

* A new roundup attribute on <zip> and related task can be used to

  control whether the file modification times inside the archive will

  be rounded up or down (since zips only store modification times with

  a granularity of two seconds).  The default remains to round up.

  Bugzilla Report 17934.

* A binary option has been added to <concat>. Bugzilla Report 26312.

* Added DynamicConfiguratorNS, an namespace aware version of

  DynamicConfigurator. Bugzilla Report 28436.

* Add implicit nested element to <macrodef>. Bugzilla Report 25633.

* Add deleteonexit attribute to <delete>.

* Added Target.getIf/Unless().  Bugzilla Report 29320.

* <fail> has a status attribute that can be used to pass an exit

  status back to the command line.

* <fail> accepts a nested <condition>.

* <loadproperties> supports loading from a resource.

  Bugzilla Report 28340.

* Nested file mappers and a container mapper implementation have been

  introduced.  Additionally, the <mapper> element now accepts "defined"

  nested FileNameMapper implementations directly, allowing a usage

  comparable to those of <condition>, <filter>, and <selector>.

* New <redirector> type introduced to provide extreme I/O flexibility.

  Initial support for <exec>, <apply>, and <java> tasks.

* <apply> has a new ignoremissing attribute (default true for BC)

  which will allow nonexistent files specified via <filelist>s to

  be passed to the executable.  Bugzilla Report 29585.

* <junitreport> now also works with Xalan XSLTC and/or JDK 1.5.

  Bugzilla Report 27541.

* <jspc> doesn't work properly with Tomcat 5.x.  We've implemented a

  work-around but don't intend to support future changes in Tomcat

  5.x.  Please use the jspc task that ships with Tomcat instead of


Changes from Ant 1.6.0 to Ant 1.6.1


Changes that could break older environments:


* License is now Apache License 2.0

  see for more information

Fixed bugs:


* Remove a recursive template call in the junit xsls that could trigger a stack

  overflow. It now uses Xalan extensions to call a Java class directly.

  Bugzilla Report 19301

* Fix spurious infinite loop detection for filters (introduced in ant 1.6.0).

  Bugzilla Report 23154.

* Fix handling of default ant namespace for nested elements.

* Fix jboss element of ejb task (introduced in ant 1.6.0).

* <whichresource> failed to load classes correctly.

* Ant could fail to start with a NullPointerException if

  ANT_HOME/lib/ant-launcher.jar was part of the system CLASSPATH.

* presetdef'ed types did not work with the ant-type attribute

* fixed case handling of macrodef attributes and elements. Bugzilla

  Reports 25687 and 26225.

* <java> ignored the append attribute, Bugzilla Report 26137.

* The gcj compiler adapter for <javac> failed if the destination

  directory didn't exist.  Bugzilla Report 25856.

* Ant now fails with a more useful message if a new process will be

  forked in a directory and that directory doesn't exist.

* <splash> used to break the build on non-GUI environments.  Bugzilla

  report 11482.

* Ant 1.6.0 cannot run build scripts in directories with non-ASCII names.

  Bugzilla Report 26642.

Other changes:


* Shipped XML parser is now Xerces-J 2.6.1

* Translate task logs a debug message specifying the number of files

  that it processed.  Bugzilla Report 13938.

* <fixcrlf> has a new attribute - fixlast. Bugzilla Report 23262.

* <p4submit> has 2 new attributes, needsresolveproperty and changeproperty.

  Bugzilla Report 25711.

* add description attributes to macrodef attributes and elements.

  Bugzilla Report 24711.

* Extending ClearCase Tasks :

 - Added an extra option to 'failonerr' to each ClearCase task/command.

 - Extended the functionality of cccheckout. It can check (notco) to see if

  the desired element is already checked out to the current view. Thus it

   won't attempt to check it out again.

 - Added three new ClearCase commands: ccmkattr, ccmkdir, ccmkelem

  Bugzilla Report 26253.

* added nested text support to <macrodef>

* added initial support for Java 1.5.  Java 1.5 is now correctly

  detected by Ant and treated just like Java 1.4.  You can now specify

  source="1.5" in the <javac> task.

* created new task <cvsversion>

* added support for branch logging via the tag attribute in <cvschangelog>

  Bugzilla Report 13510.

* added support the groovy language in the script and scriptdef tasks

Changes from Ant 1.5.4 to Ant 1.6.0


Changes that could break older environments:


* This version of Ant can not be built with JDK 1.1 and requires at

  least Java 1.2 at runtime as well.  Compiling for a 1.1 target is

  still supported.

* Targets cannot have the empty string as their name any longer.

* ant.jar's manifest does no longer include a Class-Path entry, so it

  is no longer possible to run Ant via "java -jar ant.jar" without

  manually altering the CLASSPATH.  Instead of that a file

  ant-bootstrap.jar is included in the etc directory of the binary

  distribution, copy this to the lib directory and use

  "java -jar ant-bootstrap.jar" instead if you want to run Ant without

  the wrapper script (not recommended).

* The <script> task now requires Apache BSF instead of the older IBM

  version.  See <>

* <xmlproperty> will no longer fail if the file to be loaded doesn't exist.

* XML namespaces are now enabled in the XML parser, meaning XML namespace

  declarations no longer cause errors. However task names containing colons

  will cause errors unless there is a corresponding namespace uri.

* The <ftp> and <telnet> tasks now require Jakarta Commons Net instead

  of the older ORO Netcomponents version.  See


* <input> will no longer prompt the user and wait for input if the

  addproperty attribute is set to a property that has already been

  defined in the project.  If you rely on the task waiting for input,

  don't use the addproperty attribute.

* The Class-Path attribute in manifests will no longer merge the

  entries of all manifests found, but will be treated like all other

  manifest attributes - the most recent attribute(s) will be used.

* New Launch mechanism implemented. This moves some functionality from

  the batch files / shell scripts into Java. This removes environment

  limitations, for command issues, directory depth issues on Windows. Also

  allows a per-user library location to be used if the main Ant install

  is locked down.

* The Entry nested element of PropertyFile will not any more have its value

  attribute (actually increment) overwritten with the new value of the entry

  after execution.

* Output stored from a <java> or <exec> task is now exactly as generated. No

  conversion to platform end-of-line characters is performed.

* <translate> will now preserve line endings.

* <ftp> followsymlinks="false" in nested fileset definitions is explicitly

  required in order to exclude remote symbolic links (when doing a get, chmod,

  delete, rmdir).

* The values of the Copy#fileCopyMap variable has changed from String to

  String[]. (In java 1.5 terms it was Hashtable<String, String> and

  is now Hashtable<String, String[]>). This will affect third party code

  that extend Copy and override Copy#doFileOperations.

* <loadproperties> didn't expand properties while <property file="..."/>

  does, so they were not equivalent.  This has been fixed, which means

  that propetries may get expanded twice if you use an

  <expandproperties> filterreader.  Bugzilla Report 17782.

* User defined tasks and typedefs are now handled internally in the

  same way as predefined tasks and typedefs. Also tasks and typedefs

  are resolved at a later stage. This causes some

  differences especially for user defined task containers.

* <checksum> log message "Calculating checksum ..." has been degraded

  from INFO to VERBOSE.

Fixed bugs:


* Filter readers were not handling line endings properly.  Bugzilla

  Report 18476.

* Filtersets were also not handling line endings properly.

* Expand tasks did not behave as expected with PatternSets.

* <property environment=... /> now works on OS/400.

* <cab> could hang listcab on large <fileset>s.

* The starteam stcheckout, stcheckin tasks now correctly compute

  status of files against whatever local tree they are run against

  and, optionally, will not process a file if it is current.

  Previously you had to process everything unless you ran against the

  default folder which wasn't the normal use-case for ant-starteam.

  The stlist task now similarly displays that status correctly making

  it a more generally useful tool.

* entity includes would cause exceptions if path names included spaces.

* addConfiguredXXX would not work for TaskAdapter wrapped tasks

* Fix <ilasm> outputfile testing so that the output file does not need

  to exist beforehand.

* Ant will now exit with a return code of 1 if it encounters problems

  with the command line arguments.

* ClassLoader creation changes to use a factory method in Project. A new

  class AntClassLoader2 implemented for 1.2+ specific features including

  Package information and addition of classes specified in the Class-Path

  element of a Jar's manifest.

* It is now possible in <exec> to resolve the executable to a project

  basedir or execution dir relative executable. The resolveExecutable

  must be used to pick up such executables.

* splash screen wouldn't disappear when build was finished.

* <exec> output and error streams can now be redirected independently

  to either a property or a file (or both)

* TarEntry's File-arg constructor would fail with a

  StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on all OSes where is shorter

  than seven characters.  Bugzilla Report 18105.

* <copy> and <move>'s failonerror didn't apply to filesets pointing to

  non-existant directories.  Bugzilla Report 18414.

* The <stripjavacomments> filter sometimes removed parts of string

  constants.  Bugzilla Report 17441.

* <antlr> will now recompile your grammar if the supergrammar has

  changed.  Bugzilla Report 12691.

* <property env> will now work on Unices with /bin/env instead of

  /usr/bin/env.  Bugzilla Report 17642.

* <jar index="on"> could include multiple index lists.  Bugzilla 10262.

* The index created by <jar> didn't conform to the spec as it didn't

  include the top-level entries.  Bugzilla Report 16972.

* <tar> and <zip> didn't honor the defaultexcludes attribute for the

  implicit fileset.  Bugzilla Report 18637.

* The <replacetokens> filter would throw an exception if the token's

  value was an empty string.  Bugzilla Report 18625.

* Perforce tasks relying on output from the server such as <p4change>

  and <p4label> were hanging. Bugzilla Reports 18129 and 18956.

* Improve exception and logging behavior of Perforce tasks.

  Bugzilla report 18154.

* install had a problem on cygwin (with REALANTHOME).

  Bugzilla Report 17257

* <replaceregexp> didn't work for multi-byte encodings if byline was false.

  Bugzilla Report 19187.

* <replaceregexp> was altering unnecessarily the timestamp of the directories

  containing the files to process

  Bugzilla Report 22541.

* file names that include spaces need to be quoted inside the @argfile

  argument using forked <javac> and (all JDKS).  Bugzilla Report 10499.

  NB : a first correction was only introducing quotes for JDK 1.4

  It has been changed to quote for all external compilers when paths

  contain spaces.

  Also the backslashes need to be converted to forward slashes

  Bugzilla Report 17683.

* Setting filesonly to true in <zip> and related tasks would cause the

  archives to be always recreated.  Bugzilla Report 19449.

* file names that include spaces need to be quoted inside the @argfile

  argument using <javadoc> and JDK 1.4.  Bugzilla Report 16871.

* <junit> didn't work with custom formatters that were only available

  on the user specified classpath when a timeout occurred.  Bugzilla

  Report 19953.

* <different> selector : make ignoreFileTimes effectively default to true

  and fix a bug in the comparison of timestamps. Bugzilla Report 20205.

* <different> selector can now be nested directly under a fileset

  Bugzilla Report 20220.

* <cvstagdiff> had a problem with "dd-MM-yy hh:mm:ss" formats

  Bugzilla Report 15995.

* <cvstagdiff> cvsroot and package attributes added to the root

  element tagdiff of the xml output

  Bugzilla Report 16081.

* <cvstagdiff> had a problem with aliased modules and with requests for

  multiple modules. Bugzilla Reports 21373 and 22877.

* <cvstagdiff> could not parse properly the revision number of new files with

  CVS 1.11.9 or higher. Bugzilla Report 24406.

* <fixcrlf> make fixcrlf create its temporary files in the default directory

  of FileUtils#createTempFile instead of the destination dir of fixcrlf.

  Bugzilla Report 20870.

* <ejbjar> implementation for Borland.

  Prevent the task from being blocked by error messages coming from java2iiop.

  Bugzilla Report 19385.

* <unzip>'s and <untar>'s nested patternsets didn't work as documented

  when the pattern ended in a slash or backslash.  Bugzilla Report 20969.

* <fixcrlf> will now create the parent directories for the destination

  files if necessary.  Bugzilla Report 20840.

* <xmlproperty> now handles CDATA sections. BugZilla Report 17195

* <translate> now translate tokens that are placed close together.

  Bugzilla Report 17297

* Nested websphere element for ejbjar does not support spaces in file name.

  Bugzilla Report 21298

* Don't multiply Class-Path attributes when updating jars.  Bugzilla

  Report 21170.

* Do not overwrite the value (increment) attribute of PropertyFile nested

  Entry element. Bugzilla Report 21505.

* Prevent sysproperties with no key or no value from being added in <junit>.

  Bugzilla Report 21684.

* Allow references to be properly inherited via antcall

  Bugzilla Report 21724.

* ftp chmod failed when the remote system was UNIX and local system Windows

  Bugzilla Report 21865.

* ftp put with chmod failed when the remote system was UNIX and local system

  Windows. Bugzilla Report 23143.

* ftp did not set the ascii mode explicity, causing problems with ftp servers

  having binary as default

* ftp was not able to download files when they were pointed to by symbolic

  links. Bugzilla Report 14063.

* ftp is able to download also directories pointed to by symbolic links.

* replace would change \r\n into \r\r\n under Windows.

* junitreport with frames did not display a link for classes without a package

  or in the top package.

  Bugzilla Report 21915.

* Project.toBoolean(String) now handles null as argument and does not throw a

  NullPointerException any more.

* The socket condition will now close the socket created to test.

  Bugzilla Report 23040.

* <junit includeantruntime="true" fork="true"> replaced the CLASSPATH instead

  of adding to it.  Bugzilla Report 14971.

* <splash> could fail on JVMs that use null to indicate the system classloader.

  Bugzilla Report 23320.

* <xmlcatalog>s only worked when defined inside of tasks.  Bugzilla

  Report 20965.

* <csc> and siblings (<vbc> <jsharpc>) handle large filesets by

automatic use of response files.  Bugzilla report #19630

Other changes:


* Shipped XML parser is now Xerces 2.6.0

* All tasks can be used outside of <target>s.  Note that some tasks

  will not work at all outside of targets as they would cause infinite

  loops (<antcall> as well as <ant> and <subant> if they invoke the

  current build file).

* Six new Clearcase tasks added.

* A new filter reader namely tokenfilter has been added.  Bugzilla

  Report 18312.

* A new attribute named skip is added to the TailFilter and

  HeadFilter filter readers.

* The filesetmanifest attribute of <jar> has been reenabled.

* The start and end tokens for <translate> may now be longer than a

  single character.

* <setproxy> lets you set the username and password for proxies that

  want authentication

* <loadproperties> has a new encoding attribute.

* <echoproperties> can now create XML output.

* <echoproperties> has a new srcfile attribute that can make it read

  properties files and output them instead of Ant's properties.

* <filterset> will now resolve filters recursively.

* <input> has a new attribute that allows you to specify a default value.

* Added <image> task (requires JAI).

* <image> task has now proportions attribute in the <scale/> nested element

  instead of keepproportions (bringing in more functionality)

* New condition <isreference>

* <ftp> now has a preservelastmodified attribute to preserve the

  timestamp of a downloaded file.

* new rmdir action for <ftp> that removes directories from a fileset.

* <ftp> has attributes timediffauto and timediffmillis to use together

  with the newer attribute to tell ant to take into account a time difference

  between client and remote side.

  Bugzilla Report 19358.

* <ftp> has been optimized to go directly to the include patterns.

  This reduces scanning time under UNIX when followsymlinks="true"

  and casesensitive="true" (the default)

  Bugzilla Report 20103.

* The SOS and VSS tasks will no longer unconditionally prepend a $ to

  vsspath or projectpath.

* OS/400 now gets detected by the os condition.

* <arg> has a new attribute pathref that can be used to reference

  previously defined paths.

* <xmlproperty> has been improved, you can now expand ${properties},

  define ids or paths and use Ant's location magic for filename resolutions

  in the XML file.

* <xmlcatalog> will now support external catalogs according to the

  OASIS "Open Catalog" standard - if resolver.jar (newer than version

  1.0) from Apache's xml-commons is in your CLASSPATH.

* Starteam tasks now have support for revision labels and build labels.

  Checkouts now have the option of using repository timestamps, instead

  of current.

* new task <symlink> that creates and maintains symbolic links.

* new tasks <chown> and <chgrp> which are wrappers of the Unix commands.

* new task <attrib> to change file attributes on Windows systems.

* <style> has a new attribute reloadstylesheet to work around a

  bug in widespread Xalan versions.

* <tarfileset> has a new dirmode attribute to specify the permissions

  for directories.

* <fixcrlf>'s eol attribute now also understands "mac", "unix" and "dos".

* <classfileset> now picks up dependencies of the form MyClass.class. This

  works for the code generated by the Sun java compiler. It may not work for

  all compilers.

* a new attribute "globalopts" can be added to all Perforce tasks.

  You can put in it all the strings described by p4 help usage. Refer to

  the docs for more information.

* new Perforce tasks <p4integrate> , <p4resolve>, and <p4labelsync>

* <p4submit> will change the property p4.change if the Perforce server

  renumbers the change list.

  It will set the property p4.needsresolve if the submit fails,

  and the message says that file(s) need to be resolved.

* <replaceregexp> now has an optional encoding attribute to support

  replacing in files that are in a different encoding than the

  platform's default.

* The <exec> task may now have its input redirected from either a file

  or a string from the build file. The error output can be separated

  to a different file when outut is redirected. standard error may be

  logged to the Ant log when redirecting output to a file

* The <java> task also supports the input redirection and separate

  error streams introduced to the <exec> task. In addition, it is now

  possible to save the output into a property for use within the build

  file as was possible with <exec> in Ant 1.5

* The <javadoc> task <tag> subelement has been enhanced to allow files

  with tag mappings to be used.

* New tasks: <scp> supports file transfers, <sshexec> executes a

  command over SSH.  They require jsch, a BSD licensed SSH library that

  can be found at

* New filterreader <escapeunicode/>.

* Support for HP's NonStop Kernel (Tandem) OS has been added.

* <cab>'s basedir attribute is now optional if you specify nested

  filesets.  Bugzilla Report 18046.

* New task <sync> that synchronizes two directory trees.

* <apply> has new forwardslash attribute that can force filenames to

  use forward slashes (/) as file separators even on platforms with a

  different separator.  This is useful if you want to run certain

  ported Unix tools.

* Copy has a new outputencoding attribute that can be used to change

  the encoding while copying files.  Bugzilla Report 18217.

* The xml formatter for JUnit will now honor test case names set with

  setName.  Bugzilla Report 17040.

* JUnit now has an attribute reloading, which, when set to false,

  makes the task reuse the same class loader for a series of tests.

* <concat> now supports filtering and can check timestamps before

  overriding a file.  Bugzilla Report 18166.

* <junit> has a new attribute tempdir that controls the placement of

  temporary files.  Bugzilla Report 15454.

* <jdepend> now supports a new nested element <classespath> which is

  the same as <sourcespath> but point to compiled classes (the

  prefered mode of operation for JDepend > 2.5).  Additionally, nested

  <exclude> elements can be used to exclude certain packages from

  being parsed.  Bugzilla Report 17134.

* The JProbe tasks now also work with JProbe 4.x.  Bugzilla Report 14849.

* <javacc> and <jjtree> will now autodetect JavaCC 3.x and can use it.

* <sql> has a new attribute to control escape processing.

* <sql> is able to display properly several resultsets if you are

  running a compound sql statement. Bugzilla Report 21594.

* A new <containsregexp> selector has been added, that selects files

  if their content matches a certain regular expression.

* <antlr>'s debug attribute has been enabled.  Bugzilla Report 19051.

* <mail> has a new attribute charset. Bugzilla Report 15434.

* <mail> has new attributes user and password for SMTP auth.

  maillogger can also use this.

  The implementation only works with JavaMail (encoding="MIME").

  Implementation with plain mail remains to do.

  Bugzilla Report 5969.

* <mail> and mailloger support SMTP over TLS/SSL

  Bugzilla Report 19180.

* <mail> the attributes from, replyto ,tolist, cclist, bcclist

  can now contain email addresses of the form name <>

  or (name)

  Bugzilla Report 22474.

* <mail> (version PlainMail)

  prevent blank headers from being sent,

  make the order of the headers of plain mail messages predictable

  Bugzilla Report 22088.

* <zipfileset> can now be defined in the main body of a project

  and referred to with refid="xyz". Bugzilla Report 17007.

* A wrapper script for OS/2 has been added.

* <unzip> will now detect and successfully extract self-extracting

  archives.  Bugzilla Report 16213.

* <stcheckout> has a new attribute "converteol" that can be used to

  control the automatic line-end conversion performed on ASCII files.

  Bugzilla Report 18884.

* Users can now modify the list of default excludes using the new

  defaultexcludes task.  Bugzilla Report 12700.

* There is a new data type <propertyset> that can be used to collect

  properties.  It is supported by <ant>, <antcall>, <subant>, <java>,

  <echoproperties> and <junit>.

* <concat> can now control the encoding of the output as well and optionally

  add new-line characters at the end of files that get concatenated but

  don't end in newlines.  Bugzilla Report 12511.

* <rpm> will detect the rpmbuild executable of RedHat 8.0 and newer

  and use that if it is on your PATH.  Bugzilla Report 14650.

* A new task <rexec> has been added that requires commons-net to work.

  Bugzilla Report 19541.

* <javadoc> now supports a nested <arg> element in addition to the

  additionalparams attribute.

* You can now determine the order of standard tags in <javadoc> via

  <tag> elements - you must not use the description attribute for them.

  Bugzilla Report 18912.

* <javadoc> now supports the -noqualifier switch.  Bugzilla Report 19288.

* <javac>'s executable attribute can now also be used to specify the

  executable for jikes, jvc, sj or gcj.  Bugzilla Report 13814.

* <javac> has a new attribute tempdir that can control the placement

  of temporary files.  Bugzilla Report 19765.

* A new magic property build.compiler.jvc.extensions has been added

  that can be used to turn of Microsoft extensions while using the jvc

  compiler.  Bugzilla Report 19826.

* You can now limit the parallelism of <apply> and <chmod> by using the new

  maxparallel attribute.

* With the new addsourcefile attribute, you can make <apply> ommit the

  source file names from the command line.  Bugzilla Report 13654.

* <apply> and <chmod> now support nested <filelist>s as well as <dirset>s.

  Bugzilla Reports 15929 and 20687.

* <apply> and <chmod> will display a summary if you set the new

  verbose attribute to true.  Bugzilla Report 19883.

* <copy>/<move>'s failonerror attribute can now also be used to

  continue the build if an I/O error caused a problem.  Bugzilla

  Report 12999.

* new selector <type/> allowing to select only files or only directories.

  Bugzilla Report 20222.

* <java> and <junit> now support a nested <bootclasspath> element that

  will be ignored if not forking a new VM.

* <junit>'s nested <formatter> elements now support if/unless clauses.

* <ejbjar>

  cmpversion attribute added

  jboss element will look for jbosscmp-jdbc.xml descriptor

  if ejbjar has cmpversion="2.0" set

  Bugzilla Reports 14707 and 14709.

* <pvcs> config attribute added to set the location of a specific PVCS

  .cfg file

  Bugzilla Report 9752

* <mapper> has an "unpackage" mapper

  Bugzilla Report 18908

* Added <scriptdef> task allowing tasks to be defined using any BSF-supported

  scripting language.

* <touch>'s datetime attribute can now accept time with a granularity

  of seconds as well.  Bugzilla Report 21014.

* <checksum> has two new properties: totalproperty and todir.

* FileUtils#createTempFile will now create temporary files in the

  directory pointed to by the property

* <unzip> and friends now supports an optional encoding attribute to

  enable it to expand archives created with filenames using an encoding

  other than UTF8.  Bugzilla Report 10504.

* <patch> has a new attribute destfile that can be used to create a new

  file instead of patching files in place.

* OpenVMS is detected as a valid OS family.

* DirectoryScanner has been optimized for cases where include patterns do not

  start with wildcards.  Bugzilla Report 20103.

* DirectoryScanner begins to be optimized not to scan excluded directories.

  Bugzilla Report 21941.

* Added keep-going feature. Bugzilla Report 21144

* The archives generated by <zip> and friends will now contain CRC and

  size information in the "local file header", thereby providing this

  information to applications that read the archives using

  java.util.ZipInputStream.  Bugzilla Report 19195.

* <copy> and <move> can now handle mappers that return multiple

  mappings per source path. This behaviour is enabled by using

  an enablemultiplemapping attribute. Bugzilla Report 21320.

* <exec> will now work on OpenVMS (please read the notes in

  <exec>'s manual page).  Bugzilla Report 21877.

* <exec> will now have a new attribute spawn (default false).

  If set to true, the process will be spawned. Bugzilla Report 5907.

* <java> will now have a new attribute spawn (default false).

  If set to true, the process will be spawned. Bugzilla Report 5907.

* <parallel> now supports a timeout which can be used to recover

  from deadlocks, etc in the parallel threads. <parallel> also

  now supports a <daemons> nested element. This can be used to

  run tasks in daemon threads which the parallel task will not

  wait for before completing. A new attribute failonany will cause

  <parallel> to throw an exception if any thread fails without

  waiting for all other threads to complete.

* <zip> and friends will consume far less memory than they used to

  when run with compress="false".  Bugzilla Report 21899.

* <if/> and <unless/> attributes added to <param/> element of <style>

   Bugzilla Report 22044

* <zip> and friends have a new attribute "keepcompression" that can be

  used to incrementally build an archive mixing compressed and uncompressed


* <junit>'s XML formatter adds a new classname attribute to the <testcase>


* new <permissions> type add permission handling to the code

  this type can be nested in the <java> and <junit> tasks.

  Bugzilla Report 22533.

* additional shortcuts for ant options (-d --> -debug, -e --> -emacs,

  -h --> -help, -p --> -projecthelp, -s --> -find).

* new selector <modified>. "cache" was renamed to "modified".

  Bugzilla Report 20474.

* <stcheckout> and <stlist> have a new asofdate attribute that can be

  used to checkout/list files based on a date instead of a label.

  Bugzilla Report 20578.

* New filter <concatfilter>. Adds the content of file at the beginning

  or end of a file. Discussion started at

* New task <import>

* New task <macrodef>

* New task <presetdef>

* Ant libraries that can make use of namespaces to avoid name

  clashes of custom tasks

* <java> and <junit> now support <assertions>, which let you enable

  and disable Java1.4 assertions on a package or class basis. These

  only work when fork=true, currently.

* .NET tasks expanded with VB support <vbc> and J#, via <jsharp>,

  <importtypelib> and <ilasm>. <csc> supports nested <src> types,

  <defines> for (potentially conditional) definitions, <reference>

  filesets for references. The executable attribute lets you switch to

  mono or other implementations -<csc> has been tested with Mono on

  Linux and OSX.

Changes from Ant 1.5.3 to Ant 1.5.4


Changes that could break older environments:


* If the Visual Age tasks used to work for you, they may stop doing so

  now - and we'd like to know about it.  The current set of tasks is

  supposed to work with any version of VAJ starting with 3.0.

Fixed bugs:


* The Visual Age for Java tasks didn't work (at least for versions 3.0

  and higher).  Bugzilla Report 10016.

* URL-encoding in <vaj*port> didn't work properly.

* VAJRemoteUtil called getAbsolutePath instead of getPath

  causing problems when using a Windows VAJ server from a UNIX server.

  Bugzilla Report 20457.

* VAJImport task failed with NullPointerException when using DirectoryScanner.

  Bugzilla Report 22080.

Other changes:


* Shipped XML parser is now Xerces 2.5.0

* <javah> will invoke oldjavah on JDK 1.4.2.  Bugzilla Report 18667.

* The VAJ tasks now support a haltonfailure attribute to conditionally

  keep building even if they fail.

* It is now possible to use the latest (versioned or unversioned) edition

  in <vajload> by using special wildcard characters.  Also fixes

  Bugzilla Report 2236.

Changes from Ant 1.5.2 to Ant 1.5.3


Changes that could break older environments:


* The <zip> task and friends have again changed a method signature

  (sorry, was necessary to fix bug 17780).  The return type of

  getResourcesToAdd has changed.

Fixed bugs:


* <zipfileset>'s filemode would get ignored and the dirmode was used

  for the included files as well.  As a side effect, WinZIP was unable

  to extract or display the files, so they seemed to be missing from

  the archive.  Bugzilla Report 17648.

* <ftp> could use the wrong path separator when trying to change the

  remote working directory.  Bugzilla Report 17735.

* <jar update="true"> would loose all original files if you didn't

  specify any nested <(zip)fileset>s and the manifest had changed.

  Bugzilla Report 17780.

* If you used a value starting with \ on Windows for the appxml

  attribute of <ear> or the webxml attribute of <war>, it would be

  ignored.  Bugzilla Report 17871.

* Ant will no longer implicitly add Sun's rt.jar in <javac> when you

  use jvc and don't specify a bootclasspath.  Bugzilla Report 18055.

* The prefix attribute of <zipfileset> would not generate directory

  entries for the prefix itself.  Bugzilla Report 18403.

* starteam checkout can now handle deleted labels.  Bugzilla Report 17646.

* The Unix wrapper script failed if you invoked it as a relative

  symlink and ANT_HOME has not been set.  Bugzilla Report 17721.

Other Changes:


* Added ability to specify manifest encoding for the <jar> and

  <manifest> tasks

Changes from Ant 1.5.1 to Ant 1.5.2


Changes that could break older environments:


* ANT_OPTS environment variable is now applied at the start of the

  Java command line, allowing position specific parameters of some

  JVMs, such as -classic to be specified.

* ZipScanner#getIncludedFiles will now return the names of the ZipEntries

  that have been matched instead of the name of the archive.

* The <zip> task and friends have been heavily modified, almost every

  method signature of the Zip class has changed.  If you have subclassed

  Zip (or one of its subclasses), your class will most likely not

  compile against the current code base.  If it still compiles, it will

  probably not work as in Ant 1.5.1.

Fixed bugs:


* <translate> was not ignoring comment lines.

* <manifest> wouldn't update an existing manifest if only an attribute

  of an existing section changed.

* ant.bat now supports the ANT_ARGS and JAVACMD environment variables

  again (like Ant 1.5 did).

* The "plain" <junit> <formatter> could throw a NullPointerException

  if an error occurred in setUp.

* <junit> will now produce output when a test times out as well.

* <replace> would count some internal character replacements when

  reporting the number of replaced tokens.

* <concat> would cause an exception if a <filelist> pointed to files

  that do not exist.

* <javadoc> will now pass -source to custom doclets as well.

* <cvstagdiff> would throw a NullPointException if there had been no


* <cvschangelog> could miss today's changes.

* <concat> could append newline characters between concatenated files.

* <xmlvalidate> ignored the specified encoding of the files to


* the errorsbeginat attribute of the <http> condition didn't work.

* Ant will try to force loading of certain packages like com.sun.*

  from the system classloader.  The packages are determined by the

  version of the JVM running Ant.

* Ant didn't find the runtime libraries on IBM's JDK 1.4 for Linux.

* random component of temporary files is now always a positive integer.

* Ant could incorrectly try to use the 1.4 regexp implementation even

  if it isn't available if you run the JVM with -Xverify:none.

* Ant would die with an exception if you used nested <reference>

  elements in Ant and the refid attribute didn't point to an existing

  project reference.

* The <get> task can now be compiled (and Ant thus bootstrapped) using


* build.sysclasspath will now be honored by more tasks.

* The signjar keystore attribute has been reverted to a String allowing

  it to once again accept URLs. This should not affect current File based usage

  unless you are extending the Signjar task.

* <jar update="true"> would remove the original manifest.

* fix up folder creation in PVCS task

* <tar>'s up-to-date check didn't work for nested <(tar)fileset>s.

* Corrected a problem in XMLLogger where it would not associated

  messages with a taskdef'd task

* <uptodate> now works when using attributes (i.e. not filesets) and pointing

  to the same file

* Java task (and output system) now stores output which doos not end

  with a line feed.

* splash screen wouldn't disappear when build was finished.

* <exec> now supports OS/2.

* <zip> and friends would only update/recreate existing archives if

  the files to add/update have been newer than the archive.

* <javadoc>'s <link> element could fail for offline="true" on some JDKs.

Other changes:


* MailLogger now sets the Date header correctly.

* Shipped XML parser is now Xerces 2.3.0

* signjar now accepts a maxmemory attribute to allow the memory allocated to the

  jarsigner tool to be specified. The jarsigner from the JDK's JAVA_HOME bin

  dir is now used rather than the first jarsigner on the path.

* **/.DS_Store has been added to the list of default pattern excludes.

* The Created-By header in the default manifest now contains the JVM

  vendor and version according to the jar specification. A new header,

  Ant-Version provides the Ant version used to create the jar.

* <zip> can now store Unix permissions in a way that can be

  reconstructed by Info-Zip's unzip command.

Changes from Ant 1.5.1Beta1 to 1.5.1


Fixed bugs:


* <tstamp>'s prefix attribute failed to apply to nested <format> elements.

* <junitreport> created an empty junit-noframes.html if no format had

  been specified.

* <basename> would remove more than it should if the file name

  contained more than one dot.

* <filterset>s nested into <filterset>s didn't work.

Other changes:


* Shipped XML parser is now Xerces 2.2.0

* Filesets now support a 'file' attribute, allowing a single-file

  fileset to be constructed without having to specify its parent

  directory separately.

* <junit> will now return the result of a call to getName instead of

  "unknown" for Test implementations that don't extend TestCase but have

  a public String getName() method.

Changes from Ant 1.5 to 1.5.1Beta1


Fixed bugs:


* Date/time in CvsChangeLog was in local timezone and 12 hour format leading

  to a problem when sorting by time. It is now UTC (GMT) and in 24-hour

  format as per cvs 'specifications'.

* CvsTagDiff now supports ampersand modules or modules that have a different

  root directory than their name.

* EjbJar threw NPEs for the Websphere element. The property 'websphere.home'

  was not documented.

* Mail example in the documentation was not correct.

* Checksum was broken in the following scenario:

  (using verifyproperty OR in a condition) AND using filesets

  with multiple files.

* The ExpandProperties filter threw NPEs when defined using

  the <filterreader> format.

* The sh wrapper script didn't work under Cygwin if ANT_HOME wasn't

  set with a Unix style filename.

* The sh wrapper script could fail if you started Ant from a directory

  with whitespace in its name.

* ant -diagnostics was not working properly when the task dependency

  was missing and was just printing the missing dependency.

* If a task got redefined via <taskdef>, it lost its child elements.

* <property>'s classpathref attribute was broken.

* <arg line="''" /> would result in no command line argument, will now

  be a single empty argument.  Use <arg value="''"/> if you need the

  quotes literally.

* <replaceregexp> could append a newline character at the end of the


Other changes:


* Appendix E of Java Development with Ant (Loughran/Hatcher) was

  contributed to the docs.

* <available> will only print deprecration warnings if it is actually

  used to change the value of a property.

Changes from Ant 1.5beta3 to Ant 1.5


Changes that could break older environments:


* The filesetmanifest attribute added to <jar> after the 1.4.1

  release has been removed for now.  This change may affect only

  the 1.5Beta/1.6Alpha users.  An attempt will be made to add this

  feature back into Ant 1.6.

Fixed bugs:


* <zip> and friends would always update existing archive if you set

  the update attribute to true.

* To support backward compatibility with older versions, <pathconvert>

  will once again set the property, even if the result is the empty

  string, unless the new 'setonempty' attribute is set to false|no|off

  (default is "true").

* The manifest task would crash XmlLogger

Other changes:


* added **/.svn and **/.svn/** to the default excludes

Changes from Ant 1.5beta2 to Ant 1.5beta3


Changes that could break older environments:


* <pvcs> default filenameformat has been different from Ant 1.4.1.

  Now it is different from 1.5beta1 and 1.5beta2.

* <pathconvert> won't set the property if the result is the empty string.

Fixed bugs:


* <available> could fail to find files or directories that happen to

  start with the name of the project's basedir but are not children of

  the basedir.

* Nested <property>'s inside <ant> can now be overriden by subsequent

  <ant> and <antcall> tasks.

* <xslt>'s outputtype attribute wouldn't do anything.

* <linecontains> filterreader could swallow lines.

* <sequential> used to configure the tasks (set their attributes)

  before the first task has been executed.  This means that properties

  that have been set by nested task seemed to be unset for the other

  tasks in the same <sequential> element.

* <javac>'s sourcepath setting has been ignored by some compiler


* <javadoc>'s packagelist attribute didn't work.

* the plain mailer would always use port 25 in <mail>.

* Ant's default logger could swallow empty lines.

* ejbjar's iPlanet nested element now can process multiple descriptors.

* IPlanetEjbc was looking in the wrong place for four iiop files.

* <javac> would pass the -source switch to JDK 1.3's javac, even

  though it doesn't support it.

Other changes:


* <checksum> now uses a buffer (of configurable size).

* The "Trying to override task definition" warning has been degraded

  to verbose level if the two task definitions only differ in the class

  loader instance that has loaded the definition.

* Add a jvmargs to the ejbjar's weblogic element to allow additional

  arguments to be provided to the VM runnign ejbc. Document the

  jvmdebuglevel attribute which can be used to avoid warnings about

  interface classess being found on the classpath. Document the new

  <sysproperty> element which allows JVM properties to be defined.

  Added an outputdir attribute to allow the destination to be a

  directory into which the exploded jar is written.

* ejbjar now supports Borland Enterprise Server 5 and Jonas 2.5

Changes from Ant 1.5beta1 to Ant 1.5beta2


Changes that could break older environments:


* Properties will now be expanded in mail message bodies.  This means

  that one $ sign will be stripped if your mail message contains the text $$.

* no longer extends MatchingTask.

* Available#setFile now again uses a File argument as it did in 1.4,

  this may break environments that have been adapted to the String

  argument version present in 1.5beta1.

Fixed bugs:


* When <move> attempts a rename, it deletes the destination file, if it

  exists, before renaming the source file.  However, <move> was not

  checking if the destination file was actually a directory before

  trying to delete it.

* Make CVS Tasks to work under Cygwin.

* Fix LineContains to handle huge files elegantly without causing

  Stack Overflows.

* if you ask for the "classic" compiler on Java1.4, you get upgraded to

  "modern" because there is no classic compiler any more.

* the <http> condition was viewing 404 'not found' exceptions as success. Now

  it defaults to viewing any response >=400 as an error, and has an

  errorsBeginAt attribute you can use if you want a higher or lower value.

* <get> throws a build exception on an http authorization error, unless you

  have set ignoreerrors to true.

* <wsdltodotnet> was spelt in Wintel case: <WsdlToDotnet>. It is now lower

  case, though the old spelling is retained for anyone who used it.

* Merging of Manifests in jar now works as documented.

* paths that have been separated by colons would be incorrectly parsed

  on NetWare.

* now supports NetWare.

* <tempfile> and <setproxy> tasks were in beta1, but not defined by

  default; They now are. <tempfile> fills a property with the name of a

  temporary file; <setproxy> lets you set the JVM's http, ftp and socks proxy


* <available classname="foo" ignoresystemclasses="true"> failed for

  JDK 1.1 and 1.2, even if the class could be found on the

  user-specified classpath.

* <property environment=... /> now works on z/OS.

* forked <javac> failed for the wrong reason on JDK 1.1 - Ant would

  use a temporary file to hold the names of the files to compile under

  some conditons, but 1.1 doesn't support this feature.  Ant will no

  longer try this, but you may run into problems with the length of the

  command line now.

* the refid attribute for <property>s nested into <ant> or <param>s

  nested into <antcall> didn't work.

* <replaceregexp> didn't work for nested <fileset>s.

* <javadoc> dropped sourcepath entries if no "interesting" .java

  source files  could be found below them.  This has been backwards

  incompatible and caused problems with custom doclets like xdoclet.

* Using the doclet, docletpath or docletpathref attributes of

  <javadoc> may have caused NullPointerExceptions.

* nested <filesets> of <javadoc> would include too much.

* <dependset> will no longer choke on <targetfileset>s that point to

  non-existing directories.

* <patch> didn't work at all.

* <replace> and <replaceregexp> now fail if the file they are working

  on is locked.

* <javadoc> would pick up the wrong executable in the combination JDK

  1.2 and AIX.

Other changes:


* z/OS now gets detected by the os condition.

* <fileset> and <dirset> now have an optional followsymlink attribute

  that can prevent Ant from following symbolic links on some platforms.

* BeanShell is now supported in the <script> task.

* <ejbjar> under Weblogic attempts to use the ejbc20 compiler for 2.0 beans

  based on the deployment descriptor's DTD reference. Under weblogic 7.00 Beta

  this ejbc class has been deprecated. To avoid the deprecation warning use


* <ejbjar> will add a manifest to the generated jar based on the naming

  convention in use. This overrides the manifest specified in the

  <ejbjar> attribute

Changes from Ant 1.4.1 to 1.5beta1


Changes that could break older environments:


* Important: Single $ signs are no longer silently stripped!

  Before you panic that we have broken all your build files, we have kept

  the old "$$" -> "$" behaviour. So only build files which accidentally had

  a $ sign in a string that was being silently stripped may break.

  We added this fix to stop newbie confusion; if you want to write a

  build file which works on ant versions 1.4.1 or earlier, stay with

  the double $$ sign rule.

* Project.getBuildListeners now returns a clone of the listener

  list. Changes to the returned list will not affect the listeners

  currently attached to the Project. It also means that it is safe to

  iterate over the returned list if listeners are added or removed

  during the traversal.

* <pvcs> default filenameformat has been different from Ant 1.4.1.

* Some messages that are printed during startup will not be

  written to the logfile specified via -logfile as they might destroy

  the format of the file for special BuildLoggers (like XmlLogger).

* The filesetmanifest attribute added to <jar> after the 1.4.1

  release has been removed for now.  This change may affect only

  the 1.5Beta/1.6Alpha users.  An attempt will be made to add this

  feature back into Ant 1.6.

* Shipped XML parser is now Xerces 2.0.1 along with the XML Parser APIs.

  XML Parser APIs is a separate jar that contains the necessary

  JAXP/DOM/SAX classes.

* <telnet> was fixed to expand properties inside nested <read> and

  <write> elements; before this only happened when you assigned the text

  to the string attribute. If you had $ signs in the string, they may

  need escaping.

* the RegexpMatcher interface has been extended to support case

  insensitive matches and other options - custom implementations of

  this interface won't work any longer.  We recommend to use the new

  Regexp interface that also supports substitution instead of the

  RegexpMatcher interface in the future.

* <gzip> will throw an exception if your src attribute points to a directory.

* Unjar, Unzip and Unwar will throw an exception if the Src attribute

  represents a directory.  Support for nested filesets is provided


* It is no longer possible to overwrite a property using tasks like

  <condition>, <exec>, <pathconvert>, or <tstamp>. In some exceptional

  cases it will generate a warning if you attempt to overwrite an

  existing property.

* Taskwriters please note: Whenever tasks had any overloaded set* methods,

  Ant's introspection mechanism would select the last overloaded method

  provided to it by the Java Runtime.  A modification has now been made such

  that when the Java Runtime provides a method with a String as its argument,

  a check is made to see if there is another overloaded method that takes in

  some other type of argument.  If there is one such method, then the method

  that takes in String as an argument is not selected by the Introspector.

* The pattern definition **/._* has been included into the Default

  Excludes list.

* <propertyfile>'s <entry> element was modified to remove "never" as a value

  as its behavior was undocumented and flakey.

* The -projecthelp flag now only prints out targets that include the

  'description' attribute, unless the -verbose or -debug flag is included

  on the Ant command line.

* Ant's testcases now require JUnit 3.7 or above, as they now use the new

  assertTrue method instead of assert.

* If the 'output' attribute of <ant> is set to a simple filename or a

  relative path, the file is created relative to ${basedir}, not ${user.dir}.

* The default value for build.compiler is now javac1.x with x

  depending on the JDK that is running Ant instead of classic/modern.

Fixed bugs:


* <available> could fail to find files or directories that happen to

  start with the name of the project's basedir but are not children of

  the basedir.

* Nested <property>'s inside <ant> can now be overriden by subsequent

  <ant> and <antcall> tasks.

* <xslt>'s outputtype attribute wouldn't do anything.

* <linecontains> filterreader could swallow lines.

* <sequential> used to configure the tasks (set their attributes)

  before the first task has been executed.  This means that properties

  that have been set by nested task seemed to be unset for the other

  tasks in the same <sequential> element.

* <javac>'s sourcepath setting has been ignored by some compiler


* <javadoc>'s packagelist attribute didn't work.

* the plain mailer would always use port 25 in <mail>.

* Ant's default logger could swallow empty lines.

* ejbjar's iPlanet nested element now can process multiple descriptors.

* IPlanetEjbc was looking in the wrong place for four iiop files.

* <javac> would pass the -source switch to JDK 1.3's javac, even

  though it doesn't support it.

* <zip> and friends would always update existing archive if you set

  the update attribute to true.

* To support backward compatibility with older versions, <pathconvert>

  will once again set the property, even if the result is the empty

  string, unless the new 'setonempty' attribute is set to false|no|off

  (default is "true").

* The manifest task would crash XmlLogger

* A bug existed that prevented generated log files from being deleted as

  part of the build process itself.  This has now been fixed.

* Fixed bug where <move> ignored <filterset>s.

* Ant works properly with the combination of Java1.4/WindowsXP.

* Fixed bug where <java> used to sometimes invoke class constructors twice.

* Fixed bug with 4NT shell support.

* Fixed bug where ant would not perform ftp without remotedir being

  specified even though this was not mandatory.

* Fixed bug where ant would not copy system properties into new Project

  in ant/antcall tasks when inheritall="false" is set.

* <propertyfile> would not close the original property file.

* <ant> will no longer override a subbuild's basedir with inheritall="true".

* Fixed problem with the built-in <junit> formatters which assumed

  that only one test could be running at the same time - this is not

  necessarily true, see junit.extensions.ActiveTestSuite.

* <jar>'s whenEmpty attribute is useless as JARs are never empty, they

  contain at least a manifest file, therefore it will now print a

  warning and do nothing.

* <typedef> hasn't been all that useful as it couldn't be used outside

  of targets (it can now) and nested "unknown" elements have always

  been considered to be tasks (changed as well).

* <fixcrlf> would fail for files that contained lines longer than 8kB.

* Some junit formatters incorrectly assumed that all testcases would

  inherit from junit.framework.TestCase.

* <fixcrlf> dropped the first characters from Mac files.

Other changes:


* <checksum> now uses a buffer (of configurable size).

* The "Trying to override task definition" warning has been degraded

  to verbose level if the two task definitions only differ in the class

  loader instance that has loaded the definition.

* Add a jvmargs to the ejbjar's weblogic element to allow additional

  arguments to be provided to the VM runnign ejbc. Document the

  jvmdebuglevel attribute which can be used to avoid warnings about

  interface classess being found on the classpath. Document the new

  <sysproperty> element which allows JVM properties to be defined.

  Added an outputdir attribute to allow the destination to be a

  directory into which the exploded jar is written.

* ejbjar now supports Borland Enterprise Server 5 and Jonas 2.5

* added **/.svn and **/.svn/** to the default excludes.

* Selector Elements now provide a way to create filesets based on

  sophisticated selection criteria.

* Gzip and Bzip2 files can now be constructed in the fly when using

  the tar task without having to create the intermediate tar file on

  disk.  The Untar task can also untar GZip and BZip2 files on the fly

  without creating the intermediate tar file.

* New optional type, <classfileset> added.

* <ejbjar> now allows control over which additional classes and interfaces

  are added to the generated EJB jars. A new attribute "dependency" can be

  defined which controls what classes are added. The addition of classes now

  uses the Jakarta-BCEL library rather than reflection, meaning bean classes are

  no longer loaded into Ant's JVM. The default dependency analyzer is known as

  the ancestor analyzer. It provides the same behaviour as the 1.4.1 version of

  <ejbjar>. If the BCEL library is not present, a warning will be issued stating

  the ancestor analyzer is not available. In this case <ejbjar> will continue

  to function but will not add super classes to the jar.

* <available> has a new attribute named ignoreSystemClasses.

* New task <cvschangelog/> generates an XML report of changes that occur

  on CVS repository.

* New filter readers: ClassConstants, ExpandProperties, HeadFilter,

  LineContains, LineContainsRegExp, PrefixLines, ReplaceTokens,

  StripJavaComments, StripLineBreaks, StripLineComments, TabsToSpaces,


* <copy>, <loadfile>, <loadproperties>, <move> support FilterChains

  of FilterReaders.

* New task <loadproperties> to load contents of file as Ant properties,

  with nested <filterchain> elements.

* New task <loadfile> to load a whole file into a property.

* New task <echoproperties> to list your current properties to the screen

  or a file.

* New tasks <bzip2> and <bunzip2> to pack and unpack files using the

  BZip2 alogrithm.

* New tasks <replaceregexp>, <checksum>, <translate>, <waitfor>,

  <manifest>, <vsscp>, <vssadd>, <vsscreate>, <splash>, <basename>, <dirname>,

  <concat>, <sourceoffsite>, <jarlib-available>, <jarlib-display>,

  <jarlib-manifest>, <jarlib-resolve>.

* A new combined <mail> task, which replaces the old <mail> and

  <mimemail> tasks, has been added.  The <mimemail> task, and

  old SendEmail and MimeMail classes have been deprecated.

* Mail task allows specification of port number.

* Users can control what <zip> and <jar> must do when duplicate files

  are found.  A new element <zipgroupfileset> allows for multiple zip

  files to be merged into the archive.  In addition, <jar> also has

  another new attribute: filesetmanifest.  The existing manifest

  attribute of <jar> now also accepts the name of a jar added through

  a fileset.

* gzip now checks that the zipfile is older than the source file

  before rebuilding the zipfile.

* TarFileset takes in three new attributes - fullpath, prefix

  and preserveLeadingSlashes.

* <move> attempts to rename the directory, if everything inside it is

  included, before performing file-by-file moves.  This attempt will

  be done only if filtering is off and if mappers are not used.  This

  is a performance improvement and there is no change otherwise in

  the functionality of this task.

* Exec task has extra attribute "resultproperty" to get the return code

  into a property.

* Exec task prints a message when a timed-out process is killed.

* Added optional attributes - name, arch and version to the <os> task.

* Unjar, Untar, Unwar and Unzip now support patternsets to

  select files from an archive for extraction.  Filesets may be

  used to select archived files for unarchival.

* Javac task allows debug levels to be specified.  Debug levels

  will have an effect only when the modern compiler or the

  classic compiler (version 1.2 and higher) is used and debugging

  is enabled.

* Added support for specifying CVS_RSH in the <cvs/> task

* The attributes zipfile, jarfile, warfile and earfile (from the Zip,

  Jar, War and Ear tasks) have been deprecated and superseded by a

  new attribute "destfile".

* Added new conditions <isset>, <checksum>, <http>, <socket>, <contains>,


* <taskdef> and <typedef> will now emit a warning if a task/type of

  the given name already exists.

* A new revision of VAJ tasks: The most important new feature

  is the ability to execute VAJ tasks from the command line by

  exploiting the Remote Tool Access feature of VAJ.

* Improved support for Novell NetWare.

* Added an optional encoding attribute to <fixcrlf>.

* <apply> has a new attribute relative that allows users to pass the

  filenames as relative instead of absolute paths on the command line.

* References can now be copied into the child build by <ant> and

  <antcall> using nested <reference> elements or the new inheritRefs


* <fail> now supports builds to fail based on conditions via if and

  unless attributes.

* Ant now comes with two new BuildLogger implementations - one that

  can send emails containing a log of the build process (MailLogger),

  and one that colorizes the output based on message levels, using

  ANSI color code escape sequences (AnsiColorLogger).

* A "package" mapper type has been added to allow package directory

  names replaced with the dotted form.

* You can now specify environment variables in the <java> and <junit> tasks

  if the fork attribute has been set to true.

* -propertyfile command-line option has been added to load an entire

  property file just as -D properties are declared (as user properties).

  -D properties take precedence over -propertyfile specified ones.

* You can now set an ANT_ARGS environment variable to hold arguments you

  always want passed to the 'ant' command -- for example, if you always

  want to use a different logger or the -find flag.

* <tstamp> now supports a new "prefix" attribute to prefix properties set.

* You can now specify the -sourcepath for <javac> explicitly.

* <javac> now supports a new "listfiles" attribute to list the source

  files it's handing off to the compiler.

* The compiler implementation for <javac> can now be chosen on a task by

  task basis.  The new "compiler" attribute of <javac> can be used to override

  the value of the build.compiler property, if set.

* <javac> has a new nested element, <compilerarg>, which allows you

  to specify additional args for the specific compiler you're using.

* <javac>'s "source" attribute is now enabled for jikes as well.

* <propertyfile>'s <entry> now has a 'unit' attribute to specify the

  increment/decrement unit on date operations.

* <property> now supports a 'prefix' attribute when loading from a file

  or resource.

* In Ant 1.4, a feature has been added to the <junit> task that would

  add ant.jar, optional.jar and junit.jar implicitly to the classpath -

  this feature can now be disabled by setting the new includeantruntime

  attribute to false.

* <style> behaves differently from any other directory-based task, as it

  processes all files that it finds in included directories in

  addition to the files matched by your patterns.  There is now a new

  attribute, 'scanincludeddirectories', to suppress this behavior.

* <javadoc> now supports a <tag> nested element to provide the -tag option

  to the standard Java 1.4 doclet. The element is ignored when not running

  on Java 1.4.

* <ftp> can now chmod files on a remote server that supports

  "site chmod", as well as set the umask before transferring files, if

  the server supports "site umask".

* New <serverdeploy> "optional" task.

* <patternset> now supports nested patternsets.

* Perforce tasks now support a "failonerror" attribute (defaults to "true").

* Open Source application server JOnAS support:

    EJB hot deploy and deploy with <serverdeploy> and <ejbjar>

* Added new DirSet (<dirset>) datatype.

* <path> now supports nested <dirset> and <filelist> elements.

* <pathconvert> now supports nested <dirset> and <filelist> elements.

* <pathconvert>'s "dirsep" and "pathsep" attributes now accept

  multi-character values.

* <copy> task now has a 'failonerror' attribute to allow keep-going

  behaviour when the file to be copied is not found (defaults to "true").

* <uptodate> now has a 'srcfile' attribute to allow specifying a

  full-path filename.

* <exec>, <sql> and <java> now support append attributes to allow

  appending the output to an existing file.

* <java> now supports a timeout attribute analog to <exec> - it is

  highly recommended to only use it together with fork="true".

* <javadoc> now supports a source attribute to enable javadoc to

  handle assertions present in JDK 1.4 source code.

* <replace> supports a new replacefilterfile attribute that

  automatically turns all properties of a given file into


* An alias of <xslt> has been added to refer to the <style> task.

* The compiler implementation for <rmic> can now be chosen on a task by

  task basis.  The new "compiler" attribute of <rmic> can be used to override

  the value of the build.rmic property, if set.

* <rmic> has a new nested element, <compilerarg>, which allows you

  to specify additional args for the specific compiler you're using.

* now is a BuildLogger, rather than just

  a BuildListener. It can operate in either mode successfully.

* <junit> has a new attribute "showoutput".  If set to true, output

  generated by tests will be sent to Ant's logging system as well as

  to the formatters (instead of sending it to the formatters


* Ant has now a pluggable way to prompt users for input, which is used

  by the new <input> task.  IDE integrators can provide an

  implementation of the InputHandler interface to decouple Ant's input

  from the console.  An implementation that gets its input from a file

  for unattended builds is part of Ant's distribution.

  For more details see docs/manual/inputhandler.html.

* <patch> has a new attribute that selects the directory in which to

  run the command.

* <javadoc> now supports two new nested elements, <fileset> and <packageset>.

Changes from Ant 1.4 to Ant 1.4.1


Fixed bugs:


* <ant>'s antfile attribute will now also be considered an absolute path on

  Windows systems, if it starts with a \ and no drive specifier.

* The fullpath attribute of <zipfileset> has been ignored if you used

  the src attribute at the same time.

* The manifest file is now always placed as the second entry (after /META-INF)

  in generated jars. This allows the manifest to be read by JarInputStreams

* Fixed bug in depend task which would fail with a NullPointerException if no

  dependency cache was specified.

* sql task now handles REM statements correctly so that lines starying with rem

  but which are not comments are actually processed.

* XMLLogger now uses the task's name rather than the classname

* <mapper>s will now work as expected if the to pattern expands to an

  absolute pathname.

* <javac> didn't ignore memory settings in non-fork mode

* <cab> didn't split the options attribute into several command line

  arguments correctly.

Other changes:


* New source attribute for <javac> to enable assertion in JDK 1.4

* XmlLogger and <antstructure> now add an encoding declaration to the

  XML files they generate.

* <fileset> has a new attribute "casesensitive" to make it match

  filenames in a case insensitive way (if you set it to false) - by

  default filesets remain case sensitive.

Changes from Ant 1.3 to Ant 1.4


Changes that could break older environments:


* JUnitReport now uses the xalan redirect extension for multi-output.

  With Xalan 1.2.2 it forces the use of bsf.jar in the classpath.

  (Available in the xalan distribution). It is recommended to switch

  to Xalan 2.x that do not need it.

* Zip.setWhenempty() has changed its signature.

* <rmic> is now implemented using a factory. This makes extending

  rmic to use a new compiler a lot easier but may break custom

  versions of this task that rely on the old implementation.

* several Zip methods have changed their signature as we now use a Zip

  package of our own that handles Unix permissions for directories.

  Furthermore <zip> will now use the platform's default character

  encoding for filenames - this is consistent with the command line

  ZIP tools, but causes problems if you try to open them from within

  Java and your filenames contain non US-ASCII characters. Use the new

  encoding attribute of the task and set it to UTF8 to get the old


* The <pvcs> task has been moved to a package of its own.

* JUnitResultFormater has two additional methods that must be

  implemented by custom formatters.

* Ant will no longer use the canonical version of a path internally -

  this may yield different results on filesystems that support

  symbolic links.

* The output generated by the xml formatter for <junit> has changed

  again, it doesn't format the numeric value in the time attribute anymore.

* Pattern matching rules have changes slightly, the pattern foo*

  doesn't match files contained in a directory named foo - use foo/*


* <fixcrlf> will not remove trailing whitespace at the end of lines anymore.

* The Classloader usage has been changed for the taskdef, property, available

  and sql tasks so that it delegates to the parent classloader. This may cause

  ClassNotFoundExceptions to be thrown if a system class attempts to load a

  class in the taskdef's classpath (typically factory objects).

* Ant now allows multithreading of tasks and the containment of tasks within

  other tasks. This can break customer listeners which do not expect messages

  from a task before the previous task has finished.

* Ant now installs its own ouput stream into System.out to route output to the

  task currently executing on the current thread. This also means that all

  output is now routed as Ant message events. Customer listeners and loggers

  should not call System.out at any time. This has always been true but such

  usage now will cause problems due to possible recursion.

* Invalid manifest files will now cause build failures in the <jar> task.

* Ant Introspection now looks for methods with method names starting with

  addConfigured. When called these methods are passed an argument after it has

  been configured from the build file. Custom tasks supporting nested elements

  starting with the name configured will no longer function.

* The environment variable JAVACMD that can be used to specify the

  java executable to Ant's wrapper scripts must not contain additional

  command line parameters any longer - please use the environment

  variable ANT_OPTS for such parameters now.

* Ant's wrapper scripts now quote the CLASSPATH environment variable, thus

  supporting classpaths which refer to directories containing spaces. This means

  that the CLASSPATH environment variable cannot have quotes. Any quotes should

  be removed. This will not affect the operation of the CLASSPATH environment

  variable in other contexts.

* A delete task like

  <delete includeEmptyFilesets="true">

    <fileset dir="somedir" />


  will now remove "somedir" as well, unless there are still files left

  in it (matched by the default excludes).

* The copy task will now fail if the file to be copied is not found.

* Ant properties defined in properties files now behave the same way as

  properties defined in the build file. In particular the $ character needs

  to be escaped in property values by doubling it to $$. So, to define a

  property with the value $hello, you need to define it in a properties file



  This was not the case in Ant 1.3

Other changes:


* New tasks: ear, p4counter, record, cvspass, vsscheckin, vsscheckout,

  typedef, sleep, mimemail, set of tasks for Continuus/Synergy, dependset,

  condition, maudit, mmetrics, jpcoverage, jpcovreport, jpcovmerge

* Ant now uses JAXP 1.1

* rmic now supports Kaffe's and Weblogic's version of rmic.

* new magic property build.rmic to chose the rmic implementation

* <tar> will now add empty directories as well

* you can now specify a description for <p4change>

* <touch> can now work on <fileset>s

* <uptodate> now supports a value attribute

* <fail> supports nested text

* <fixcrlf> won't override files that are already in the correct


* <sql> now supports REM comments as well as // and --

* <jar> now has a nested <metainf> element following the same idea as

  <war>'s <webinf>.

* <pvcs> can now handle multiple projects.

* <available> now has a "type" attribute you can use in conjunction

  with the "file" attribute to specify whether the "file" you're

  looking for is a file or a directory.

* New <junit> formatter named "brief"

* <ejbjar> changes

  * Add support for Borland Application Server to the <ejbjar> task using

    a <borland> nested element.

  * Add support for iPlanet Application Server to the <ejbjar> task. Also

    includes some iPlanet utility tasks

  * Add support for JBoss Application Server to the <ejbjar> task.

  * Add a naming attribute to control the naming scheme that

    ejbjar uses to name the generated EJB jars.

  * Weblogic element now sets the compiler class for EJB 2.0 beans

  * <dtd> elements can be specified at the <ejbjar> level for building generic


  * <dtd> elements can now be URLs

  * Allow the manifest to be specified for the generated jars

  * The weblogic element now supprts an attribte noEJBC to skip the processing

    of the jar by ejbc. The ejbc step will then occur at deployment

  * weblogic will tell ejbc to use Jikes compiler if build.compiler is set to

    jikes. It can be restored to the default, javac, operation if desired.

* Allow the <sql> Delimiter to be set in the so that Oracle stored procs may be


* <execon> and <apply> can now optionally skip empty filesets.

* <javadoc> has a new useexternalfile attribute that makes it use a

  temporary file for sourcefile and package names - helps to defeat

  command line length limitations.

* Data types like <path> can now be defined inside of <target>s

* you can now specify a classpath for <style> - the XSLZ processor

  will be loaded from this path

* added a force attribute to <style> to support dependencies that the

  task cannot determine itself (dependency on parameters, not file

  modification times for example)

* added vmlauncher attribute to exec tasks. This defaults to true. If

  it is set to false, the VM's ability to launch commands in bypassed

  and the OS shell, either directly or through the auxillary antRun

  scripts is used.

* regexp mapper now supports the java.util.regex package of JDK 1.4.

* New filesonly attribute for <zip> and friends to suppress directory


* New update attribute for <zip> and friends - update an existing

  archive instead of creating a new one.

* <apply> and <execon> have been merged into a single task.

* added vssver.scc to the default excludes

* <available> has a new filepath attribute/nested element that allows

  you top search for a file in a given path.

* <junit> can now optionally set a property on test failure.

* <taskdef> can now define several tasks at once, reading the

  name/classname pairs from a property file or resource.

* <unzip/unjar/unwar> and <untar> now have an overwrite attribute that

  defaults to true.  If set to false, files that are newer than the

  files in the archive will not be replaced.

* <patternset> and <fileset> now support nested <in/excludesfile>

  elements - using these you can have more than one in/excludes file

  per <patternset>.

* Three new supported compilers for javac: kjc for kopi, gcj for the

  gcc frontend and sj for Symantec's compiler.

  In addition extJavac or the new fork attribute can be

  used to run the JDK's javac in a JVM separate from Ant.

* <fixrlf> can now with CR only line-ends and can use an arbitraty

  between 2 and 80.

* The .NET tasks have been adapted to the beta2 release of the framework.

* <move> will now try to rename() files before copying them byte by

  byte - only if filtering is of, of course.

* <ant> and <antcall> tasks now support a new attribute inheritAll. When set to

  false, only user properties are passed through to the target Ant instance.

  This includes properties set on the command line and properties explicitly


* <javadoc> now skips off line links if the package list cannot be found.

* <wlrun> now allows the security policy file to exist outside the weblogic


* <java> task will set the Thread contextClassLoader under JDKs 1.2+ to the

  classloader for the class being executed.

* Introduce the concept of a TaskContainer - a task or element which can contain

  Ant Tasks.

* Add new tasks implementing the TaskContainer interface <parallel> and

  <sequential> which allow parallel execution of tasks to be specified.

* <depend> task will now take into account dependencies on jar files and class

  files from a given classpath.

* <jar> manifest entries may now be specified in the build file either

  completely or to be merged with a manifest file.

* <tstamp> task custom formats now support locales.

* Added a listner which will forward events to Log4J. The log4j configuration

  file should be in the directory from which Ant is run or passed as a system

  property using a JVM argument.

* Introduced the concept of <filtersets> to allow for more control in which

  filters get applied in a <copy> or <move> operation.

* Added nowarn attribute to javac and deprecated the Jikes-magic property


* The <depend> task cache format has changed and all dependency information is

  now stored in a single file.

Fixed bugs:


* Testcases have been made independent of current working directory.

* Input ZIP-Files will be closed when using a <zipfileset>.

* p4 tasks now don't fail if user, port or client have been omitted

  (and this is acceptable for the context of the command).

* <javah>'s outputfile attribute will be resolved as relative to the

  projects basedir.

* <antstructure> should create a valid DTD for propertyfile.operation.entry

  and omit tasks it fails to load.

* won't try to pass a -bootclasspath flag to javac 1.1 anymore

* <style>'s style attribute no handles absolute paths correctly.

* <delete includeemptydirs="true"> now deletes more than just the leaf


* You can now specify a <fileset> for a directory that doesn't exist at

  declaration time but will created before the fileset gets used for the

  first time.

* If the quiet attribute has been set, <delete> will handle <fileset>s

  with non-existing directories gracefully.

* Output written by testcases will now be captured by the <junit> task

  and passed to the formatters.

* Quote the -group parameter to Javadoc as per the specification

* Initialise classes when loaded through the AntClassLoader - that is, run

  static initializers

* Implement getResource() and getResources() in AntClassLoader

* Create the <ejbjar> weblogic command line as a set of arguments rather than

  as a single line. Avoids problems with paths which contain spaces.

* <ejbjar> now fails when the weblogic ejbc compiler reports an error.

* Make the AntClassLoader load resources in the same order as it currently

  loads classes.

* Handle classpaths with spaces

* Make sure XSLT processors close their output files in <style>.

* perform proper uptodate check in <rmic> when compiling for IIOP.

* <jjtree>'s uptodate test works even if outputdirectory is not the

  parent dir of target

* <copy> will remove target file (if it exists) before writing to it -

  this avoids problems with links on filesystems that support them.

* <ftp> now properly recurses remote directories.

* <ftp> closes remote connection when it's done.

* <junit> tries to include all necessary classes for the task itself

  to the classpath when running in fork mode - doesn't work for JDK 1.1

* <apply> and <execon> do now execute the command only once, if you

  specify the parallel attribute - instead of once per fileset.

* directory based tasks and fileset could miss some included files in

  directories that have been excluded

* <fixcrlf> failed for large files.

* <move> removed files you tried to move to themselves.

* <sql> task will not trty to print the result set unless the query succeeded.

* Ant classloader will now ignore paths which are invalid relative to the

  project base

* <ejbjar> weblogic elements check for jar file changes has been fixed.

  Previously some changes would not be included.

* properties loaded from properties files are now resolved internally. This

  removes the spurious warnings about usage of properties which have not been


* <jar> task and friends now process the JAR manifest to ensure it is valid.

* The task finished event now includes any exception thrown by the task.

* <java> task now supports a jvmVersion attribute so that if another JVM is

  being used, Ant can determine which options to use for features such as the

  VM memory limits

Changes from Ant 1.2 to Ant 1.3


Changes that could break older environments:


* Ant doesn't search for the buildfile anymore, unless you use the new

  -find argument.

* <perforce> has been replaced by a number of new tasks.

* <javac> is now implemented using a factory. This makes extending

  javac to use a new compiler a lot easier but may break custom

  versions of this task that rely on the old implementation.

* The output generated by the xml formatter for <junit> has changed a

  little, it doesn't append " sec" in the time attribute anymore.

Other changes:


* A GUI Frontend: Antidote. This is currently in development. At this

  time, this is not part of the Ant release, although the source is

  included if you are interested.

* New tasks: stylebook, propertyfile, depend, antlr, telnet, csc,

  ilasm, apply, javah, several clearcase tasks, junitreport, sound

* Added output attribute to <java>.

* Added nested zipfileset element to <zip>

* Changed <sql> so that printing is at the task level rather than

  the statement level.

* javadoc task will pass -d flag to any doclet if the destDir attribute is

  given. If the doclet does not accept the -d flag then omit the destdir


* <cab> can work on non-Windows platforms with the help of libcabinet.


* <ftp> now supports passive mode.

* New <mapper> data type that can be used to get influence on the

  target files for some tasks like <copy> or enable new types of tasks

  like <apply>.

* <execon> provides more control over the command line now, the names

  of the source files are no longer required to be at the end of the


* Style tasks will now support TraX compliant XSL processors if one is present

  in your classpath.

* Added a failonerror to the javac task. If set to false, the build will

  continue even if there are compilation errors.

* Added nested format elements to the tstamp task allowing additional time

  formats to be defined for arbitrary properties.

* Added classpath attribute and nested classpath element to <property>

  to make the resource attribute more powerful.

* ${} property expansion will now be performed on the patterns read

  from files specified as includesfile or excludesfile attributes.

* The <tar> and <untar> tasks now support GNU format for handling paths

  which are greater than 100 characters in length. In addition the <tar>

  task now supports nested filesets through which the file permissions

  may be controlled.

* wlrun, wlstop and ejbjar now support Weblogic 6.0

* The MPasre task has been updated to work with MParse 2.0

* The documentation has been significantly updated.

Fixed bugs:


* <signjar> no longer uses deprecated methods.

* javadoc's failonerror attribute works again

* javadoc's additionalparam attribute will now be split into separate

  parameters (on spaces) to allow for more than one parameter.

* Changed <sql> task so that printing result sets works on Oracle

* Changes to ddcreator and ejbc helper to respect the descriptor hierarchy

  keppgenerated in ejbc can now be turned off

* ejbjar now correctly ignores <ejb-ref> elements in the deployment descriptor.

  CMP files are included by parsing the weblogic deployment descriptor rather

  than relying on the naming convention used in ant 1.2

* ejbjar includes super classes and super interfaces into the generated ejb

  jar files. The <support> nested element allows support classes to be

  included in the EJB jar. The toplink element should now correctly locate

  the toplink descriptor.

* <vssget> now correctly deals with spaces in arguments

* <jar> fails early if a given manifest file doesn't exist

* <rmic> doesn't search for the _Skel file anymore when stubversion is

  set to 1.2.

* <rmic> uses the the same classpath to verify a class can be rmic'd

  as it passes to the compiler.

* (and therefore <mail>) can now

  handle SMTP servers sending multi line responses.

* nested <classpath> elements of <taskdef> now work for <taskdef>s not

  nested into <target> as well.

* <property> and <available> will search for the resource "foo" instead

  of "/org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs/foo" when given a relative resource

  name foo.

* Handle build files in directories whose name contained a "#" character

* <junit> can now log to files whose name contains a comma as well.

* The AntClassLoader now refers to the loader which loaded it, any

  requests it does not handle itself. Previously these went to the

  primordial loader.

Changes from Ant 1.1 to Ant 1.2


Changes that could break older environments:


* Semantics of <property> has changed again in the hope to be more

  intuitive. ${} expansion now happens at runtime and <property> tags

  living inside of targets only take effect if they are visited at


  As a side effect of this change, task's attributes get set at runtime

  not at parser time as well, which might change the results of

  <script>s or other custom tasks that reference other tasks by their id


* copying of support files in <javac> has been removed - as well as

  the filtering attribute.

* the <expand> and <keysubst> tasks have been removed.

* the ignore and items attributes of directory based tasks have been removed.

* the command line switches _not_ starting with - have been removed.

* Path and EnumeratedAttribute have been moved from to

* the class attributes of <available>, <java>, <rmic> and <taskdef>

  have been removed.

* the src attribute of <chmod> has been removed.

* <patch> and <javadoc> have lost some of their attributes.

* <java> and <cvs> have lost some undocumented attributes.

* the Unix antRun script would search for in the directory

  it changed to and invoke this instead of command if present. This

  behavior has been dropped.

* <ejbjar> task syntax has been changed significantly

* <exec> is no longer implemented by org.apache.tool.ant.taskdefs.Exec.

  Custom tasks that rely on Project.createTask("exec") to return an

  instance of this class are going to fail.

* nested <include> and <exclude> elements expect the value of their

  name attribute to be a single pattern, they don't accept multiple

  patterns anymore. Split them into multiple elements of the same type.

* <delete dir="somedir" /> will now delete the directory itself as

  well as all included files. If you just want to clean out the

  directory and keep the empty one, use a nested fileset.

Other changes:


* New tasks: antstructure, cab, execon, fail, ftp, genkey, jlink,

  junit, sql, javacc, jjtree, starteam, war, unwar, uptodate,

  native2ascii, copy, move, mparse.

* copydir, copyfile, deltree and rename are now deprecated. They

  should be replaced with the new copy, delete and move tasks.

* <java> uses a ClassLoader of its own in no-fork mode if a classpath is


* <style> will create the necessary target directories and reprocess

  all files if the stylesheet changes.

* New data types fileset and patternset - expected to get a broader use.

  They, as well as PATH like structures, can now be defined on a global

  level and later be referenced by their id attribute.

* You can specify environment variables to <exec>.

* <get> can check whether a remote file is actually newer than a local

  copy before it starts a download (HTTP only).

* Added a -logger option to allow the class which performs logging to be

  specified on the command line.

* Added a -emacs option to tell the logger to leave out taskname adornments

  on log output.

* <chmod> works on all files in parallel and supports multiple filesets.

* <replace> can now use tokens and/or values that cross line boundaries.

* build.compiler supports now jvc as well.

* project specific help can now be obtained with the -projecthelp option.

* Added a -debug option to make -verbose less verbose (and more useful)

* Ant will now search for a file named build.xml in the parent directory

  and above (towards the root of the filesystem) if you didn't specify

  -buildfile and there is no build.xml in the current directory.

* <echo> can now write to a file and accepts nested text.

Fixed bugs:


* <chmod> didn't work when used as a directory based task.

* Path, Available, Property didn't resolve relative filenames with

  respect to the Project's basedir.

* Project didn't interpret the basedir attribute correctly in all


* Nested <src> in <javac> caused NullPointerException.

* Corrupt Zip- and Jar-files ar now deleted if the task fails.

* many more fixes we've forgotten to document here ...

* The packagelistloc attribute of <javadoc>'s <link> child will be

  resolved as a file (i.e. it is either absolute or relative to

$ diff -ruN Makefile.orig Makefile
--- Makefile.orig       2010-08-13 12:05:39.000000000 +0000
+++ Makefile    2010-08-13 12:13:02.000000000 +0000
@@ -1,23 +1,24 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.26 2009/01/19 00:38:17 christos Exp $
+# $NetBSD$
-DISTNAME=      apache-ant-1.8.0
+DISTNAME=      apache-ant-1.8.1-bin
+PKGNAME=       ${DISTNAME:S/-bin//}
 CATEGORIES=    devel java
 EXTRACT_SUFX=  .tar.bz2
 COMMENT=       Apache Project's Java-Based make(1) replacement
+LICENSE=       apache-2.0
 # Up to version 1.5.1 inclusive this was known as "jakarta-ant".
 CONFLICTS=     jakarta-ant>=0
 PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT=   user-destdir
+WRKSRC=                ${WRKDIR}/apache-ant-1.8.1
 USE_JAVA=      run
 USE_JAVA2=     yes
 USE_TOOLS+=    pax
@@ -36,8 +37,6 @@
        ${INSTALL_SCRIPT} ${WRKSRC}/bin/antRun ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin
        ${INSTALL_DATA} ${WRKSRC}/lib/ant.jar ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/lib/java/ant
        ${INSTALL_DATA} ${WRKSRC}/lib/ant-*.jar ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/lib/java/ant
-       ${INSTALL_DATA} ${WRKSRC}/lib/xercesImpl.jar 
-       ${INSTALL_DATA} ${WRKSRC}/lib/xml-apis.jar 
        cd ${WRKSRC}/docs && pax -rw -pmp * 
        ${INSTALL_DATA} ${WRKSRC}/README ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/share/doc/java/ant

$ diff -ruN PLIST.orig PLIST
--- PLIST.orig  2010-08-13 11:59:25.000000000 +0000
+++ PLIST       2010-08-13 12:14:46.000000000 +0000
@@ -20,13 +20,9 @@
@@ -96,6 +92,7 @@
@@ -265,7 +262,6 @@
@@ -425,6 +421,7 @@
@@ -460,6 +457,7 @@
@@ -749,7 +747,6 @@
@@ -950,7 +947,6 @@
@@ -1495,11 +1491,13 @@
@@ -1508,6 +1506,7 @@
@@ -1570,6 +1569,8 @@

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