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Re: pkg/40153 (pkgsrc/devel/binutils fails to build on solaris 10 sparc)

On Mon, Mar 08, 2010 at 03:15:05AM +0000, Tim Zingelman wrote:
 >  > =A0Does adding
 >  >
 >  > =A0 =A0.include "../../devel/gettext-lib/"
 >  >
 >  > =A0to the package makefile solve the problem?
 >  No change.

ah well, guess it wasn't likely to be that easy.

 >  I think the problem may be that the compile 'sees' the pkgsrc include
 >  files but then links against the builtin libintl.
 >  If I add -L/usr/pkg/lib -lintl to the end of the failing link
 >  manually, it links ok.
 >  I see the compile line for size.o includes:
 > -I.././binutils/../intl -I../intl even when compiled without the
 > added: CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --with-included-gettext so maybe the
 > bad include file is found there?

Could be.

Does explicit --without-included-gettext change that?

Looking in config.log (this being binutils there will probably be
several of them) to see what it's thinking about libintl may be
helpful also.

David A. Holland

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