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Re: pkg/37581: more missed tools in USE_TOOLS

 >> > Do all unix systems come with a csh?
 >> Do all unix system come with GNU make?
 >> Do you want to rewrite GNU Makefiles for POSIX make?
 >> I don't.

> I would put quite a bit of time into rewriting gmake makefiles for
> bmake if it would help make gmake go away.
For the last two years or so I also prefer bmake for _my own_ tools but
bmake is not POSIX too.

> The situation with csh is similar except that csh scripting has been
> widely deprecated for years and years.
True, but this is not good enough reason to reimplement csh scripts in
sh within pkgsrc. It is much better to talk to upstream first.
There you may find csh-lover. The same for tcl/perl/gmake etc.

Many people treat shell/awk/unix_tools programming deprecated for years
and years. The same for perl. They push python, ruby and tons of other
things. So what? Upstream developers choose whatever they like.

 >> P.S.  We dispute about mere trifles. There is more helpful pkgsrc work
 >> than reimplementing csh scripts, e.g. pkg/41297.

> It does not take much work, time, or thought. The last of these is the
> significant part sometimes, especially after a long stressful day. Or
> week.

> -- 
> David A. Holland

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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