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Re: pkg/37581: more missed tools in USE_TOOLS

> | Since when reimplementing upstream csh scripts in bourne shell becomes
> | "fixing something properly"? I don't see any reason for this kind of
> | work unless csh scripts are REALLY tiny. Do you?

> I do. I would not want my code
Your code ;-)
My code also doesn't depend on csh and will not depend on it.

> to depend on a non-posix tool
GNU make and BSD make. Most today's software relies on these make's
features and therefore depend on non-posix tools.

Neither gzip (.tar.gz) nor bzip2 (.tar.bz2) are a part of Std
1003.1-2008 (2008!). At least 95% of software sources are distributed in
these two formats.

> that has been proven buggy time and time again.
If you know csh is _completely_ broken (I don't) speak to upstream.

> | Build time dependency on csh is not a big problem.
> | So, we understand "right thing" term differently in this particular case.

> Do we have a package for csh in pkgsrc?
AFAIK shells/tcsh is backward compatible with csh.

> Do all unix systems come with a csh?
Do all unix system come with GNU make?
Do you want to rewrite GNU Makefiles for POSIX make?
I don't.

P.S.  We dispute about mere trifles. There is more helpful pkgsrc work
than reimplementing csh scripts, e.g. pkg/41297.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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