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Re: pkg/41044: x11/alacarte (and, hence, gnome) build broken said:
> This is simply a broken test case.

Yes, maybe, but there are likely many more in pkgsrc
which go unnoticed because it just works in the
common cases.

I'd really prefer to understand what causes Greg's problem
before drawing any conclusions. said:
> My compiler is: 
> [...]

So can you try to compile some little test program which
throws a warning with -Werror and see whether it gets
the hard error? I don't assume that the compiler as
such is broken but we should rule it out first.
I'd rather suspect something in the buildlink wrappers.
What's in mk.conf? Where does the "-pipe" come from?
Is there anything helpful in ${WRKDIR}/.work.log or
the other wrapper and log files around there? said:
> The enclosed change gets py-gobject building

I'm afraid the check does always fail now because
it doesn't have a library to link against.
We can have the same effect easier, eg with a
CONFIGURE_ENV setting... (That's not necessarily
bad because we don't have a Python version in
the tree for which the check would succeed.)

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