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Re: pkg/40039 (sysutils/hal compilation errors (NetBSD 4.0))

    Date:        Sat, 29 Nov 2008 09:06:35 -0500
    From:        "Jared D. McNeill" <>

  | Does the following patch work for you?

Yes, that looks fine.  Or more accurately, the content of the patch
looks fine, for reasons that I didn't bother to try to understand my
patch program (standard NetBSD version from a while ago) didn't like
the format of the patch, so I just applied it manually.  With that
the package built fine.

I have no idea why my brain fixated on the var name being LIST_SRC instead of 
PLIST_SRC - obviously I used he correct one when I tested my version of
the fix...

And lastly, while I'm here, when the package built, it told me ...

The following files should be created for hal-0.5.11nb10:

        /usr/pkg/etc/dbus-1/system.d/hal.conf (m=0644)

(and /etc/rc.d/hal but that one is fine).   That looks incorrect, I
have PKG_SYSCONFBASE set, so /usr/pkg/etc isn't where conf files should
be placed.   I see no use of the CONF_FILES mechanism in hal's Makefile,
so I assume it hasn't been made to deal with PKG_SYSCONFDIR yet?


ps: I deleted gnats-admin from the list of recipients of this message.

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