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Re: pkg/39879: libX11 canoot build on systems with non-GNU 'cpp' (in this case, IRIX)

On Fri, Nov 07, 2008 at 05:45:00PM +0000, wrote:
... which is because the pkgsrc 'cpp' wrapper actually invokes MIPSpro
CC, and this doesn't understand '-undef'.  The options '-ansi',
'-cckr', '-xansi' all specify different sets of standard definitions
which could be present.

I'm not 100% but it likely wants to have a traditional C preprocessor or
at least something very near to that. What can you offer? :)

'cc -E' or 'CC -E' seem fairly traditional to me...

There is 'cpp', which the man page describes as:

     cpp is a K&R C language preprocessor (not an ISO/ANSI C language
     preprocessor) designed for standalone use and to be invoked as the
first pass of all Fortran compilations and any K&R mode C compilation with the -mp option. Thus, the output of cpp is designed to be in a
     form acceptable as input to the next pass of the C compiler.
     Standalone use of cpp on C code is not recommended, because the
     functionality of cpp has been incorporated into the C compiler.

I don't know whether -traditional and -undef are GNU parameters, but they smell that way to me. With the two problematic tests removed, libX11 builds and tests just fine - so I'd have thought that the best approach would be an IRIX-specific patch which simply removes the tests (or even just the two resulting 'exit 1's) from the configure script.

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