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Re: pkg/39763 (www/libgtkhtml has unstated dependency upon devel/gail)

On Sun, Nov 02, 2008 at 08:47:55AM +0700, Robert Elz wrote:
 > No objection - the PR was only on libgtkhtml and that's fixed.

Ok. And thanks for responding quickly. :-)

 > I didn't investigate the others at all really, certainly not enough
 > to have an real idea what was happening - just impressions.  I only
 > mentioned them because I was asked where else I'd seen the same
 > kind of thing as in libgtkhtml.  eog just happened to be one where
 > the nature of the error I saw looked much more like the libgtkhtml
 > one (as compared to the others where it was fairly clear that gail
 > was being demanded by something else that was being included.)

Right. Well, it was worth looking into.

 > Last time I tried building eog it wasn't even getting this far, some
 > dependency it needed wasn't building (this is at least several days
 > ago now, perhaps a week) so I don't know what state it's in (nor what
 > would happen if I fed it an older gtk2+ library instead of the
 > current one.)

It seems to have passed the most recent bulk build I can find, but I'm
not sure if that's recent enough to be meaningful. But anyway, if it
breaks we can see to it then.

David A. Holland

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