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Re: Contribute/Volunteer

On Sat, 27 May 2023 12:54:30 +0100
neimsaci <> wrote:

> Hi NetBSD users,
> Can someone point me to the right direction?
> I want to contribute/volunteer for NetBSD,
> particulary, I am interested to learn how
> to perform security audits.
> Maybe someone is interested in making
> NetBSD to run on Purism Librem5?
> Thank you,
> Regards

	I don't really know the answer to your questions, but I am also
curious about the answers you will get and might have some suggestions.

	First of all, I suggest you start by scratching your own
itch...  You may find that people are willing to help you do that.  The
first project you start on will probably be a very interesting rabbit
hole.  Even if it only helps you learn how to help, that's helpful.

	Do you have a Purism Librem5?  What about that laptop appeals
specifically to you (I've been looking for one too).  If there were a
very modern laptop that folks had taken pains to make everything work
on, it would be interesting for many people.  It might require donation
of a few of these laptops, or a similar effort.  I am curious if
supplying hardware to the correct people, or if having enough people
interested in testing and learning how to support hardware all working
on the same goal would be the better long-term strategy.


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