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Re: Meaning of file flags

Rocky Hotas <> writes:

>> +The
>> +.Va arch
>> +flag is only used in connection with certain
>> +filesystems (e.g., MS-DOS), where it indicates whether
>> +a file has been modified since it was last backed up.

I find that very surprising.  AIUI, these flags date from 4.4BSD, and
there was not a strong culture of interoperating with MS-DOS
filesystems.  And, people were aware of TOPS-20 and more mainframe type
systems, where there was an idea that a file would be migrated to tape
but still have an entry in the filesystem.

I would suggest reading the 4.4BSD sources, or our own history, to see
what the flags did.  It is also possible they were defined as a possible
future good idea and never really used.

> Considering the first lines of the section `Usage' here:
>  <>

That's about

  "CP/M, Microsoft operating systems, OS/2, and AmigaOS"

according to the article.  I do not expect the authors of the BSD code
to have considered themselves to be implementing a compatible feature
from CP/M.

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