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Re: Meaning of file flags

First of all, thanks to both for your help. The meaning of nodump is
clear now.

On mag 22 18:45, Jan Schaumann wrote:
> Does the attached diff help?

Yes! I still have a couple of doubts.

The difference between "system flag" and "user flag". The former can be
applied by the super-user and the latter by the non-privileged user. Is
there any other difference between them?

> +The
> +.Va arch
> +flag is only used in connection with certain
> +filesystems (e.g., MS-DOS), where it indicates whether
> +a file has been modified since it was last backed up.

Considering the first lines of the section `Usage' here:


I suggest considering to write: ``in connection with certain filesystems
(e.g., MS-DOS), where it is related to the creation or modification of a
file before its backup'', or something similar: there is no homogeneous
use of the archive bit across these filesystems.



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