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Re: HUION tablet

On Fri, 19 May 2023, adr wrote:
Note how the button 1 is activated when the pressure exceeds the threshold.
But applications (azpainter, drawing) don't detect the pressure...

I'll take a look at the driver an how applications use the xinput2
extension. So close...


Azpainter was using the XIValuatorClass label "Abs Pressure" to
select pressure axis. This come from wacom if I'm not wrong. Other
software may depend on these labels so I modified usbtablet to set
"Abs X", "Abs Y",  &c. There is a problem I haven't resolved with
this program, the brushes are not shown so the pressure (even been
correctly reported, I checked this) is of not use. Drawing is not
responding to pressure either, so I thought there was another
problem. But I tried inkscaped and gimp, pressure is working

There seems to be no interest in this and I don't like making
monologs in maling lists. After cleaning an getting the tablet's
buttons working I'll put something on my sdf space, it will be at, in case someone find this thread
in the archives.


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