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Re: Gateway server experiencing degraded performance

On 05/16, Andrew K Adams wrote:
> I've looked at traffic with tcpdump, but there is so much in both
> scenarios that I can't really say that one service, or a
> packet-of-death is triggering the degraded state.  But thinking in
> aggregate, if there was a way to monitor the average packets/sec the
> gateway is forwarding, in both scenarios, I'd at least know for
> certain that it is or is not my gateway (I guess it's conceivable that
> by rebooting I'm tweaking state in Comcast's next-hop during DHCP
> negotiation or something ...)

Hi, Andrew!

I doubt it's the same problem, but there's another thread where
rebooting helps:

Re monitoring in aggregate, I know there are people here way more
knowledgeable than me, but if you haven't been able to make any progress
on tracking this down, I wonder if periodically capturing the output of

  vmstat -CmW


  netstat -m

might help on the outside chance that they might show some statistic
change over time that could lead you to the source of the problem?



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