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Re: Option -p in apropos(1)

Rocky Hotas wrote in
 |On mag 16 18:11, Rocky Hotas wrote:
 |> Am I doing something wrong?
 |perl5320delta (1)       what is new for perl v5.32.0
 |...Configure  4 For clang++, add "#include <stdlib.h>" to Configure's
 |probes for "futimes", "strtoll", "strtoul", "strtoull", "strtouq",
 |otherwise the probes would fail to compile.  4 Use a compile and run
 |test for "lchown" to satisfy clang++ which should more...
 |--More--(byte 3792)myhostname$
 |Where `myhostname$' is my bash prompt. So, more(1) tries to start, but
 |it immediately exits.

I have no idea but does the program combo honour $LESS and if so
does it contain use of alternate screen and quit-at-eof?
What does "LESS= apropos X" do?
And are there terminal controls somewhere in the one page.
Other than that it gets more complicated.

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