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Re: bozohttpd: user.domain URL (instead of ~user)

Is there any way in bozohttpd to redirect a URL of "user.domain" form to
a user specific directory - (just like how domain/~user is).

Will this do: virtual hosting + .bzabsredirect ?

$ tail -n2 /etc/hosts  x202e.localdomain       x202e  rvp.localdomain         rvp

$ mkdir ~/public_html
$ mkdir /tmp/www /tmp/vroot
$ cd /tmp/vroot
$ mkdir rvp.localdomain; cd rvp.localdomain
$ ln -sf "http://x202e.localdomain/~rvp"; .bzabsredirect

# bozohttpd -f -H -s -u -X -v /tmp/vroot /tmp/www

$ curl -s http://rvp.localdomain/
<html><head><title>Document Moved</title></head>
<body><h1>Document Moved</h1>
This document had moved <a href="http://x202e.localdomain/~rvp";>here</a>


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