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Questions about NetBSD!


I am looking for a safe, secure, fast, and reliable *BSD variant that
isn't "woke", and will let me talk about "trannies" every so often (I
can't help it!).

I was considering OpenBSD, but it's extremely slow and bloated, but
there's just... something about NetBSD which attracts me to it, despite
(probably) sucking even more than OpenBSD in terms of
documentation/package management (you could say the same about

Here's what I really want to know:
1) Is NetBSD ran by progressive/pro-LGBT (not LGB) people?
2) Does NetBSD have a CoC like FreeBSD's?
3) Can NetBSD be made into the "perfect" one-fits-all OS, like GNU/Linux
(Devuan in my case)?


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