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Re: on itself installation

On Wed, Dec 1, 2021 at 12:37 AM Lizbeth Mutterhunt, Ph.D
<> wrote:
> I tried several ways to install NetBSD 9.2 and make it CURRENT afterwards. But it is an obstacle, as installation program always writes on itself until the memory of the stick is full.
> I tried: a) extended partition (didn't work, thoughts needs a primary!)
> b) gave the primary /dev/dk2s4, didnt't work
> c) took another USB-Stick with size of 16GB.
> what to do?

It would help to know what type of system you tried to install on.

Also, were you able to follow the install instructions here?:

Very basically:

Write an install image from whatever version you want to an install
medium. That medium can be CD or USB, or virtual machine can boot
directly from the image.

Boot the machine from the image.

Follow the prompts from the installer to install the system.

What part of this are you stuck on?


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