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Re: on itself installation

On Wed, Dec 01, 2021 at 01:32:00AM +0100, Lizbeth Mutterhunt, Ph.D wrote:
> I tried several ways to install NetBSD 9.2 and make it CURRENT afterwards.
> But it is an obstacle, as installation program always writes on itself
> until the memory of the stick is full.
> I tried: a) extended partition (didn't work, thoughts needs a primary!)
> b) gave the primary /dev/dk2s4, didnt't work
> c) took another USB-Stick with size of 16GB.
> what to do?

Please explain in much more detail what you are trying to do and how.
I have no idea from your above message, you did not even mention the
architecture/machine you are trying to install and what install medium
you are trying to use and which image you downloaded.

To add to the confusion things like /dev/dk2s4 do not exist on NetBSD
usually, and it is unclear if you are doing the installation
preparations on some other system or if that is a typo.


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