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Re: sysctl and screen brightness

On set 10 10:39, Benny Siegert wrote:
> It depends on what the exact machine is. Try looking through the
> output of "sysctl hw" or "sysctl machdep" for options with
> "brightness", "backlight", or similar in their names.

I have (in a laptop)

000:02:0: Intel Sandy Bridge (mobile) GT2 Integrated Graphics Device (VGA display, revision 0x09)
001:00:0: ATI Technologies Radeon HD 6400M (VGA display)

I think the first one is not used. According to your suggestion, the
only relevant items in the whole `sysctl -a' seem to be:

hw.acpi.acpiout1.brightness = 100
hw.acpi.acpiout2.brightness = 100
hw.acpi.acpiout6.brightness = 100
hw.drm2.i915.invert_brightness = 0
hw.drm2.radeon_backlight = -1

If I try (as root) to change the values of any of them, the operation is
permitted, but it has no effect (hw.acpi.acpiout* still remains at their
value 100), or it is not permitted:

sysctl: hw.drm2.i915.invert_brightness: Operation not permitted

sysctl: hw.drm2.radeon_backlight: Operation not permitted

In fact, I am not able to modify the brightness of my screen: if I press
the F2-F3 keys which should do this, nothing changes.

This is just FYI, as another example of hardware. Maybe the NetBSD driver
still doesn't offer a full flexibility with some configurations like
this one.



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