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Re: Regarding the boot process. (Riza Dindir) writes:

>This would have to be on the same drive (HDD). meaning the UEFI boot
>loader and the OS root partition?

The EFI bootloader checks the paths:


the first is on the EFI sytem partition ("esp:").

the second is relative to the boot partition, which in netbsd-9 is
the EFI system partition but was changed in -current to the assumed
root partition.

Using this, you could make it load the kernel from any disk
that EFI understands (using "bios" partition names like hd0a:)
by adding a boot menu entry like 'menu=boot hd1a:netbsd').

The EFI bootloader can also resolve wedge names ("NAME=xxxx:") and
in -current also raidframe units ("raidNx:").

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