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Re: Still cant talk to USD ports (Todd Gruhn) writes:

>HMMMMMMM. I stuck a memory stick in a USB-3.0 port connected to the motherboard.

>I did:

>mount /dev/sd0 /umass1

>it worked. But why didnt I need to specify partition 'a' ?

/dev/sd0 is the same as /dev/sd0d (the raw partition on x86 platform).

If that works then you probably don't have any partitioning at all
and both sd0d and sd0e represent the whole disk.

>If I stuck the stick in tha USB-3,0 port, why did it work? USB-3.0
>configured as USB-2?

USB-3.0 and USB-2.0 are logically and physically separate systems
that just share the same connector (one uses the pins on the lower
side, the other uses the pins on the upper side). For your host
adapter that's two separate ports, but usually only one is active.

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