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pkgin does not install anything after upgrade to 9.2

Hi All,

I've just upgraded from 9.0 (amd64) to 9.2 via sysinst successfully from ftp. Everything seems to work fine as earlier and surprisingly faster what is quite noticeable when starting firefox. However, after changing repositories.conf to point to amd64/9.2/All and upgrading all packages, nothing seems to have been upgraded and pkgin does not seem to install anything. There are many warnings about the platform difference (built for 9.0 vs 9.2) but no errors (except one maybe, see later). However, when e.g. installing firefox-86.0.1 pkgin acts as if it was doing its job, displays in the end the number of warnings (48 platform diff warns) and errors (0) but when I check the version with 'firefox --version' I still get 84.0.

The only error I see in pkg_install-err.log (which is not shown as error) which seems to block each pkg install is:

pkg_admin: Cannot read +CONTENTS of package p5-Net-SSLeay-1.88nb1

Does anyone have any hint?



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