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Re: NetBSD hdaudio @ HDMI

Hello all,

to my basic question whether HDMI audio also works in NetBSD 9.2_STABLE, I have received a positive experience report as private mail. Many thanks for that!

As far as my specific problem is concerned, I have to admit that I was far too naive. I should have looked at the PCI vendor and product IDs in the hdaudio driver - the selection of supported Intel chips is very limited and the ID of my chipset is not included:

/* Intel */
product INTEL           Q57_HDMI        0x0054  Q57 HDMI
product INTEL           G45_HDMI_1      0x2801  G45 HDMI/1
product INTEL           G45_HDMI_2      0x2802  G45 HDMI/2
product INTEL           G45_HDMI_3      0x2803  G45 HDMI/3
product INTEL           G45_HDMI_4      0x2804  G45 HDMI/4
product INTEL           G45_HDMI_FB     0x29fb  G45 HDMI/FB

So it can't work at all, and I'm afraid that adding the ID of my device to the G45 driver is not enough.

For now, I'm going to try a workaround with a USB audio interface and try my luck. If I have misunderstood anything else, please correct me.

Many greetings

On 05.07.21 01:08, Matthias Petermann wrote:
Hello everybody,

I have an Intel NUC7 that does not have an analog output for audio. Consequently, I have to rely on the output via HDMI. So far, I did not have luck with this. The following audio devices are recognised:

workstation$ audiocfg list
0: [ ] audio0 @ uaudio0: USB audio
        playback: unavailable
        record:   1ch, 48000Hz
       (-R) slinear_le 16/16, 1ch, { 8000, 11025, 16000, 22050, 32000, 44100, 48000 }
1: [ ] audio1 @ uaudio1: USB audio
        playback: unavailable
        record:   1ch, 48000Hz
        (-R) slinear_le 16/16, 1ch, { 16000 }
        (-R) slinear_le 16/16, 1ch, { 24000 }
        (-R) slinear_le 16/16, 1ch, { 32000 }
        (-R) slinear_le 16/16, 1ch, { 48000 }

The two devices detected are USB microphones (webcam and another microphone). The hdaudio device is missing.

In the kernel log, at least the following is output:

workstation# grep hd messages

Jul  4 23:23:02 localhost /netbsd: [   1.0088516] hdaudio0 at pci0 dev 31 function 3: HD Audio Controller Jul  4 23:23:02 localhost /netbsd: [   1.0088516] hdaudio0: interrupting at msi4 vec 0 Jul  4 23:23:02 localhost /netbsd: [   1.0088516] hdafg0 at hdaudio0: Intel product 280b Jul  4 23:23:02 localhost /netbsd: [   1.0088516] hdafg0: DP00 8ch: Digital Out [Jack] Jul  4 23:23:02 localhost /netbsd: [   1.0088516] hdafg0: 8ch/0ch 48000Hz PCM16*

I already have a self-built kernel with options HDAUDIO_ENABLE_HDMI in use[1]. However - this option is only documented in HDAUDIO(4) in current. I myself use NetBSD 9.2_STABLE here. Should this also work with it, or is this already my misunderstanding?

Kind regards


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