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Re: I/O error using autofs "-hosts", "-noauto" special maps

On Tue, 6 Jul 2021, John D. Baker wrote:

> On Mon, 5 Jul 2021, John D. Baker wrote:
> > The special maps "-hosts" and "-noauto" fail with "I/O error".  When I
> > was first trying 'autofs', I just used the default "auto_master" which
> > only defined the special map
> > 
> >   /net 		-hosts 		-nobrowse,nosuid,intr
> > 
> > and this failed as described above when I try to access any machine
> > which is exporting filesystems via NFS.
> Hmm.  After having the "/net" map active but idle for a while, it suddenly
> started working when I accessed it just now.  There seem to be some
> glitches when accessing a server for the first time, but it eventually
> works.

This seems unreliable.  Accessing "/net/servername/path/on/server" as
defined by the "-hosts" special map continues to fail with a generic
"Input/output error".  Sometimes it works after repeated attempts, but
mostly it does not.

Running 'ls /net/servername/path/on/server' under ktruss shows:

  2612      1 ls       CALL  __stat50(0x7f6cecd19070,0x7f7fff4780a0)
  2612      1 ls       NAMI  "/net/servername/path/on/server"
  2612      1 ls       RET   __stat50 -1 errno 5 Input/output error
  2612      1 ls       CALL  __lstat50(0x7f6cecd19070,0x7f7fff4780a0)
  2612      1 ls       NAMI  "/net/servername/path/on/server"
  2612      1 ls       RET   __lstat50 -1 errno 5 Input/output error

where the calls to __stat50() are the only observable operations on
the specified path.

Any hints for debugging?

Also, since using the "autofs" system, it appears that local filesystems
are not being properly unmounted at reboot.  The 'dmesg' output shows
the "/" and "/var" filesystems to have relied on having been mounted with
the "log" option when the system restarted.

This is on netbsd-9/amd64.

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