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Re: TCP Timestamp Vulnerability

In article <000901d3c785$7e7486a0$7b5d93e0$>,
Richard Sass <> wrote:
>	"The remote host implements TCP timestamps, as defined by RFC1323. A
>side effect of this feature is that the uptime of the remote host can be
>sometimes be computed."
>I think the thought behind this is that if a person can determine the uptime
>of a system then this might be additional information that could be used to
>target an attack. For example: if a system has been up for a year then it
>probably hasn't been patched with recent security patches giving the
>attacker another piece of information on how to attack the system. I'm not
>sure if there may be more to it than that.

Oh no, not this again :-)

And we have not had the uptime issue in ~forever; look at how "tcp_now" is


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