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Re: NetBSD disk performance on VirtualBox

2018-03-20 00:05 időpontban ezt írta:
On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 02:58:06PM +0100, Fekete Zolt?n wrote:
Any setting which influence the test and I didn't apply?

yes, need to figure out what to make GNU dd behave the same.
It has different defaults.

Ok, I installed a precompiled binary of coreutils-8.26.

/usr/pkg/bin/gdd after 3 measurement average: 105 MB/sec. So there is no significant difference between BSD dd and GNU dd.

As an addition:

I've run this test on a hardware-installed NetBSD 7.1.2 with 1TB SATA drive, and the result is 153 MB/sec.
Intel Core2 Duo CPU, 8GB RAM.


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