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Re: NetBSD 7.1.1 instability - hangs


On 09/03/2018 17:14, wrote:
I strongly suspect you are running out of RAM due to lang/rust not
respecting MAKE_JOBS and linking in parallel, killing Xorg.

I've seen the same.

You can tell if normal shutdown works fine and you get a message in UVM
about Xorg being killed

So it's three bugs:

- lang/rust doesn't respect MAKE_JOBS
- Xorg being killed like so is exceptionally fatal, we don't recover from it
   ... this should be possible to fix now.
- We could try to avoid killing Xorg in these circumstances

(this behaviour is caused by something called 'memory overcommit')

as a short term solution:
- Add more swap, so it doesn't blow up

I don't think that is the case - the machine hangs: hitting the power buttons does not power-down gracefully, I need to hold it for 5 seconds and then at reboot a filesystem check.
X does not get "killed" either, I do not return to console.
On this system usually the X driver is decently well-behaved, so while things work I can switch to terminals, if X was being killed by out-of-swap, I'd expect to get to the console again.

I fear that the kernel panics/goes into debugger and I cannot see it because X is running.

I can of course resume rust isntall and check in an xterm how the memory usage appears, but in case that is the issue, it is being handled much more ungracefully than it should.


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