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NetBSD 7.1.1 instability - hangs

Hi All,

I upgraded 7.1.1 on my ThinkPad R51 (this means x86 32bit single core), the machine was rock stable 7.1, it is not with 7.1.1 In a couple of hours it crashed several times: it means it "hangs", I need to power-cycle.

What I do is starting a package upgrade (in specific, rust, which takes days) and start working inside X11 and at one point the computer will hang.
Since X11 is running, I cannot switch consoles either.

If I check "dmesg" there is no information on the previous run/crash.

Once I crashed into the debugger while I was still setting up the machine, but I did not think at that moment to get a trace, it could have been meaningful.

Anybody else has such a bad experience from 7.1 to 7.1.1 ?


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