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NetBSD taking part in Google Summer of Code 2018

Hi, lists!

If you, or someone you know, wanted to dive deep into NetBSD or pkgsrc,
are currently a student, google's summer of code is a great opportunity.

You can get a stipend (paid for by Google) and spend a few months getting
to know and improving the insides of NetBSD or pkgsrc.

The schedule is:
12-27 March             Applying
23 April                Find out if you were accepted
14 May - 22 August      Do the project!

We have some suggestions for suitable projects:
- ARM EFI bootloader
- Using libFuzzer on base tools
- Refactoring ALTQ (QoS implementation) and integrating with NPF
- Testsuite for libcurses
- Improve pkgin

Other suggestions and details are at:

These projects are suggestions; you can come up with your own.
Suggestions for other suitable projects are welcome.

Note that NetBSD is not the only project participating, you can see
the others that do here:

Feel free to contact, or chat around on IRC: #netbsd #netbsd-code #pkgsrc

- Maya

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