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Trying to run hostapd as solely a stand-alone Radius server


I'm trying to run hostapd as a standalone Radius server without any of the wireless functionality. /usr/src/external/bsd/wpa/dist/hostapd/hostapd.conf has the following:

# Driver interface type (hostap/wired/madwifi/test/none/nl80211/bsd);
# default: hostap). nl80211 is used with all Linux mac80211 drivers.
# Use driver=none if building hostapd as a standalone RADIUS server that does
# not control any wireless/wired driver.
# driver=hostap

But the only option for driver that doesn't cause hostapd to generate an error on startup is bsd, and you have to supply a physical interface (not lo0) which stops working when you run hostapd.

I'm running NetBSD 6.1.5 on port-i386. As a test I'm running on a full installation of NetBSD, but the target is an embedded appliance.

Is there a way to disable the wireless portion of things and still have a functioning radius server? Sorry if this is the wrong group. If so, please let me know where I should send this to.


Jason M.

P.S. Please copy me on any replies, I'm not subscribed to netbsd-users. Thanks again!

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