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bnx(4) thread consumes 100%+ of CPU.

In the thread starting here:

I wrote:

> Driver issue?  Hardware failing?  I could switch to its second interface,
> "bnx1" and see if it does the same thing.

Indeed, "bnx0" would fail sooner and sooner after reboot.  I switched to
"bnx1" and it had been rock solid since then.

The operative words are "had been".  Today, the "bnx1" system service
thread started using all CPU and slowing the machine to a crawl.

Thus, it looks like failing hardware is to blame.

As before, rebooting the machine has it behaving for now, but it will
eventually do this again and the fault will become more frequent.

It will unfortunately be a while before I'm able to install an add-in
ethernet interface and disable the on-board devices.

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