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Re: vt100

On 2017-12-30 21:56, John Nemeth wrote:
On Dec 30,  7:56pm, Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
} On 30.12.2017 19:39, Thomas Dickey wrote:
} > ----- Original Message -----
} > | From: "Valery Ushakov" <>
} > | To:
} > | Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2017 1:28:53 PM
} > | Subject: Re: vt100
} > |
} > | Kamil Rytarowski <> wrote:
} > ...
} > |
} > | > I've uploaded screen shot of xterm and script(1) recording.
} > | >
} > | >
} > |
} > | The typescript looks strange.  Are you sure there was not accidental
} > | conversion(s) to/from utf-8 somewhere along the path?
} >
} > That might be part of it, but the 233's are pretty clear.
} > The host is responding with C1 controls, and that seems to be the main issue.
} > Either make it work properly (I'd do that...) or back off and just be a VT100/VT102.
} I use the default options and I assume that something is wrong on the
} NetBSD side.

      Why would you automatically assume that?  That's a pessimatic
viewpoint towards NetBSD.


} My only host change in my env(1)/NetBSD-host that might affect something is:
} LC_ALL=pl_PL.UTF-8

      Given what Thomas Dickey said about the 8-bit controls earlier
it sounds like you're failing to tell the OpenVMS side what type
of terminal you have (i.e. it thinks that you have a VT220 or newer
model when you only have a VT100).  If this is the case, then it
is user error on your part and not NetBSD's fault at all.

In general, I agree.

If I got everything right in this thread, the OP is trying to use xterm and other programs. And it fails both in some output (fail to parse some escape sequences) and input (fails with delete).

There are several issues and problems with the whole thing. First of all, as others have mentioned, TERM is not for telling xterm how to work, but telling other programs what kind of terminal (in this case xterm) you are using, so that the program can send the correct sequence of characters to clear the screen (for example). The second problem is that the OP seems to have logged into a VMS system, and either explicitly told the system to use 8 bit control, or told the VMS system that he has a VT200 or newer. Both alternatives in the end makes VMS use 8 bit control characters. Meaning a sequence like CSI is not made up from ESC + "[", but instead 0233 (octal), which is the equivalent 8-bit control character for CSI. Now, getting UTF-8 anywhere near this is just going to cause total destruction. In general, if you want to talk to older systems, the first thing you need to kill is anything related to UTF-8 And then you still need to make sure that your terminal type that you use is correctly reflected in the terminal settings of the VMS system in this case (or the TERM variable, if you are on Unix). Finally, the delete problem, which is caused by people and programs today commonly using the BACKSPACE character for deleting, while older systems (especially non-Unix) using the DEL character for deleting. xterm can be made to use either, and you can even change by accessing a manu (CTRL+left mouse).


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