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Re: vt100

On 2017-12-30 15:53, Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
How to setup correctly vt100 in a terminal?

A real vt100, or some emulator running under some windows system? There is a huge difference...

I've set exported TERM=vt100, called tset and stty and I keep observing

What kind of artifacts?

I was trying to run and it does not
work well.

Define "not work well" and exactly what you are doing.

I've tested py-terminator and xterm with the same results.

I'm working around the problems with vt100 with putty right now and this
program works well.

I've tested lots of different emulators, and so far only xterm and DEC's powerterm have worked fully correct. With xterm, you obviously need to configure it to actually work like a vt100, and not some other funny thing.

putty works fairly well, and I have only one known issue with that one.


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