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Re: vt100

Kamil Rytarowski <> writes:

>> xterm tries to implement the ansi sequences, more or less.  I am not
>> aware of a way to make it be exactly vt100.
> Are the ANSI sequences conflicting with DEC VT100?

No.  The common subset betweeen what's implemented by VT100 and the ANSI
spec is basically the useful part.  There are then some things only in
VT100 and ANSI.  It may be that VMS is the only thing to use VT100
non-ansi sequences.

>> So if you want a true VT100 emulation, you will either have to tell
>> xterm to be faithful to vt100 (TERM=vt100 tells programs to generate
>> vt100 codes), or find some other terminal emulator which is switchable.
> How to do it? I've tried to export TERM=vt100 without success.

I am not sure that it's doable.  But, I really would expect xterm to do
the right thing for all actual VT100 sequences, plus to respond to
sequences from later terminals.

>> What are you really trying to accomplish?   Are you looking to see if
>> our xterm has bugs?
> I'm attempting to login to OpenVMS and it's breaking the screen with
> vt100 sequences. Command line mostly works, but editors and other
> programs aren't usable.

Ah, software retrocomputing!

> I've only managed to login to the machine and get sane output with
> putty, but it's not a convenient terminal of mine - I want to use
> py-terminator.

I guess you can log the sequences and figure out what's going wrong.
Not that "debug it" is actually a helpful answer :-)

I would ask on OpenVMS lists/forums.  People use xterm all the time
without issues, and it seems like a lot of effort went into it doing the
right thing.  So I suspect OpenVMS is doing something that is unusual.
Still, I'd be surprised if there were any documented VT100 escape
sequences that xterm didn't do right.

But it is interesting if vttest and our xterm don't play well together.

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