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Re: vt100

Kamil Rytarowski <> writes:

> How to setup correctly vt100 in a terminal?
> I've set exported TERM=vt100, called tset and stty and I keep observing
> artifacts.
> I was trying to run and it does not
> work well.
> I've tested py-terminator and xterm with the same results.
> I'm working around the problems with vt100 with putty right now and this
> program works well.

The VT100 had a specific series of escape sequences.  Memory is fuzzy on
timing/ordering, but we ended up with an ANSI standard for terminal
escape sequences that is mostly the same as VT100.  There are some DEC
things in vt100 but not ANSI,  and later ANSI grew color support (VT100,
VT220, VT320 are monochrome)

xterm tries to implement the ansi sequences, more or less.  I am not
aware of a way to make it be exactly vt100.

So if you want a true VT100 emulation, you will either have to tell
xterm to be faithful to vt100 (TERM=vt100 tells programs to generate
vt100 codes), or find some other terminal emulator which is switchable.

What are you really trying to accomplish?   Are you looking to see if
our xterm has bugs?

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