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Re: NPF error in /var/run/rc.log

    Date:        Sun, 3 Dec 2017 01:51:00 +0700
    From:        Gua Chung Lim <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | How is it possible? In /etc/rc.conf, dhcpcd=YES with dhcpcd_flags="-b"
  | are nearly the first line. And npf=YES with npf_rules="/etc/npf.conf"
  | are nearly the last line.

The order of the lines in rc.conf is completely irrelevant to anything,
they're just variable settings (I guess unless you set the same one twice,
in which case the last would win.)

You can see the order the startup scripts are run either by watching them
when you boot, or bu running
	rcroder /etc/rc.d/*

On my -current system, npf is started just after the network is
configured (and the dhcp client is started)

  | wm0 should have got IP prior to running NPF, shouldn't it?

Not necessarily.   dhcp can be slow sometimes - especially if it thought
it had a valid lease, which turns out not to be (that is, the dhcp server
does not agree...)

Running dhcpcd with -b would allow it to continue in the background, so
the following scripts (which includes npf, very soon after) don't wait
until addresses are assigned before starting.   You might want to try without
the -b

  | At least it did not occur on 6_STABLE. (Now I'm on 7_STABLE.)

Different dhcp client.


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