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Re: Using a 4TB (Now 3TB) SATA disk with i386?

On Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 3:42 AM, Michael van Elst <> wrote:
> Use the gpt tool to create a GUUID Partition Table and add a ffs partition
> covering all free space, aligned for 4k physical sectors.
> - gpt create wd1
> - gpt add -a 4096 -t ffs -l A_unique_name_for_it wd1
> On older NetBSD, add the wedge manually as instructed by gpt, or reboot
> to let autodiscover do it. On newer NetBSD, gpt runs 'dkctl makewedges'
> for you.
> Use newfs to format the wedge.
> - newfs -O2 NAME=A_unique_name_for_it
> Add it to fstab.
> - NAME=A_unique_name_for_it /my/mount/path ffs rw,log 1 2
> Mount the filesystem
> - mount /my/mount/path

That was exactly what I needed, I have the new disk mounted and I'm
copying data to it now.

I'm having lots of problems trying to get this old machine onto newer
hardware, but I'll start a new thread about that.



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