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Re: NetBSD-8/i386 SMP Panic? (was: Re: Netbsd-7/i386 won't boot on new motherboard/CPU)

On Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 3:53 AM, Robert Elz <> wrote:

Thanks, as always, for your detailed responses.

>   | I think this is SMP related, but I'm not sure.
> That might make the issue more likely to occur, but is probably not
> directly related (that is, the busier the system gets, the more likely
> the pmap issues are to happen).

Yes, the machine is nearly unusable when booting with SMP (I think). I
booted it with -1 -2 last night and it's still running this morning.
All it has done is a few cvs checkouts and updates though.

Another detail, not sure if it's related:

I have a wm network adapter and performance with it was horrible, I
was getting +4000ms pings to my gateway on a wired gigabit network. I
switched to USB3 gigabit adapter (cdce) and things are working

I am checking out -current right now and I will build a kernel and report back.

There are no PRs about this recently, I'm willing to open one for this
panic if this will help.


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