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NetBSD-8/i386 SMP Panic? (was: Re: Netbsd-7/i386 won't boot on new motherboard/CPU)

Thanks for all of the responses!

On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 8:52 AM, Robert Elz <> wrote:
>   | I rebooted and confirmed that it works (other than complaints about
>   | the disks which don't exist). ACPI appears to be working.
> NetBSD- (Beta) will have a newer ACPI in it than your old -7 kernel.

I'm actually using netbsd-8 from the 201711131530Z directory on nyftp.
I downloaded the install kernel from there and then did a full install
from the ftp site.

I tried booting with and without -2 and I'm not sure if it affects the
new problem I'm having.

>   | So now it hangs here:
>   |
>   |
>   | (last message is kern.module.path=/stand/i386/8.0/modules)
> That's the last of the normal kernel printfs during boot, at that point,
> init should be running, and running /etc/rc
> If I had to guess, I'd say that your /dev/console isn't correct, as the
> next messages should be appearing there.   Check what's there (using the
> method you used to install to get your real root filesystem mounted and
> visible.)

I booted the install kernel and mounted the root disk and did sh
MAKEDEV all in /mnt/dev and it seems to have got me past that point.

Now I see "white" boot messages, but it sometimes hangs in fsck,
probably on /dev/rwd0e which is /usr. This happens if I use the
generic kernel I just installed or with the install kernel and do fsck
manually on /dev/wd0e.

Here's the hokey part. Sometimes ctrl-c hangs. Sometimes it dumps me
back to a prompt. Sometimes it panics.

If I boot with "boot -1 -2" it seems to solve the hangs during fsck,
but I'm not 100% sure about that.

I took photos of the panic at:

I think this is SMP related, but I'm not sure.

I got 2 panics that looked pretty similar to this when I did ctrl-c
during fsck which seemed to hang.


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