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Re: : in file's name using mount_ntfs (not fuse)

On Fri, 10 Nov 2017, trebol wrote:

Hello Michael.

The only thing you are achieving using find in this way, is passing the correct name to cp. If you have problems with your shell, or your environment (terminal, etc...) passing some characters to your commands, this may be useful for you. But that is not the problem I'm talking about (In fact, with linux and sh if some file name has a ':' you can just type it). The problem is that if the name contains ':' the netbsd implementation of ntfs is going to treat it as a query of attributes.

For example, ls will show the file names (e.g. file:h.ext), but 'ls -l' or 'ls -i' is going to give the error:
	ls: file:h.ext: No such file or directory

As I see it, and please correct me if I'm wrong, the problem is that the implementation of the file system is taking for sure that ':' can't be in a file name, so is fine to use it for querying attributes.

You seem to be correct, the in-kernel NTFS driver does not seem to know
how to deal with files with ':' in the filename.  I tried with the
NetBSD and (gnu)coreutils and findutils, none of them could get any
usable information about that file.

This limitation seems to be in the NTFS code, as I can
create/edit/copy/etc/ a file with that name on an FFS mount without any

I was able to install the fuse-ntfs-3g stuff out of pkgsrc and it was
able to mount the NTFS formatted USB stick and then I was able to access
the file as 'file\:.ext' and copy it off.

I know your subject line said 'not fuse', but that might be the only way
to get this file off the USB stick and onto your NetBSD system.

Michael Parson
Pflugerville, TX

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