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NetBSD 7.0 amd64 boot failure on KVM

I tried to fire up a 64bit version of netbsd on KVM (using the latest Proxmox build 4.1-1). The KVM version is QEMU emulator version 2.4.1 pve-qemu-kvm_2.4-17. I'm also using the Linux kernel module for kvm (kvm_intel).

Here's what happens when the system boots (last 5 lines that matter from the kernel ring buffer):

vmt0 at cpu0: Unknown
vmware: open failed, eax=564d5868, ecx=0000001e, edx=00005658
vmt0: failed to open backdoor RPC channel (TCLO protocol)
esiop_intr: I shouldn't be there !

I know how you feel, Mr. Kernel. I shouldn't be there either :-P

I'm guessing I need to set a real CPUID or something rather than letting it be generic. On the surface, that's what seems to be aggravating the kernel.

Anyone else seen this?


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